How to Set up Residential Proxies for ScrapeBox

Learn how to set up residential proxies on ScrapeBox.

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Smartproxy integration with ScrapeBox

ScrapeBox integration:

  • Open the ScrapeBox application.
  • Check the Use Proxies checkbox in Select Harvester and Proxies settings.

Smartproxy integration scrapebox
  • Click the Edit button found in the same settings menu in order to start setting up your proxies.

  • Smartproxy integration scrapebox
  • Depending on the authentication method you would like to use, type in the information of your chosen proxy authentication method as in the example below:

  • Smartproxy integration scrapebox
  • Save the proxy settings and you should see them appear in the Select Harvester and Proxies settings field.
  • Select all of the proxies you have entered and click the Modify button.

  • Smartproxy integration scrapebox
  • Select the option Mark all Proxies as Non-Socks proxies. If done correctly, you should see the letter “N” under each entered proxy the “S” field in the proxy table.

  • Smartproxy integration scrapebox
  • Configure the rest of your ScrapeBox settings and run a test to see if you are using the proxy. To do this, simply check if the Harvester Status shows Proxies Enabled.

  • Smartproxy integration scrapebox
  • NOTE: Make sure you are not checking the proxy status in the Proxy Editor itself, as you will get a negative result. This happens because ScrapeBox does not support checks on backconnect proxies used by Smartproxy.

Choose Smartproxy:

Never get

Avoid getting detected by using our vast pool of residential exit nodes.

Unlimited connections

Use an unlimited number of connections, threads and countries at once.

City and Country level targeting

Use residential IPs from as many countries or cities as you like. Change locations as often as needed.

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