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Who are we?

Smartproxy is a premium proxy provider and data extraction platform. We've been unlocking publicly available data and creating data gathering tools since 2018. 

Smartproxy is a premium proxy provider and data extraction platform.

We’re all about data

We’re all about data

Smartproxy kicked off as a self-service-based proxy infrastructure, offering 40M+ ethically sourced residential and datacenter proxies worldwide. Soon that wasn't enough for our tech appetite, so we started to dream bigger. Having a bunch of powerful full-stack data scraping solutions in our product portfolio, today we aim to become the leading web data extraction platform and dominate the data-as-a-service market. We have served more than 50K users: Fortune 500 companies and solopreneurs alike find just what they need with us!

Our vision

Our vision

Making public data accessible to everyone and facilitating data-driven businesses.

Our mission

Our mission

To help our customers unlock a full web potential by developing easy-to-use data scraping infrastructure. 

Smartproxy’s here to provide ready-made data scraping and proxy management tools for anyone – data scientists, developers, performance marketers, and simple folk who don’t have coding skills. We’re smart about scraping – we do it every day, know how to make money from it, and want to share this knowledge with you. We have top-notch technical documentation with useful tips & tricks and offer bussin’ 24/7 tech support.

Smartproxy exit nodes

How do we source our proxies?

We acquire our exit nodes ethically from various providers. Some of them are wholesalers who receive their exit nodes from the app users. We ask these providers to ensure that end users are both reasonably informed and have consented to such use of their devices' IPs. As for datacenter IPs, we gather them from data centers all around the world.

Smartproxy - Get to know our team

Get to know our team

Being a remote-friendly company with an international employee base, we are true digital nomads. Many of our colleagues are based in Europe, in the Baltic states – a quickly emerging high-tech market. But you can also hear us talking in Ukrainian, French, Chinese, or Nigerian. In Smartproxy, we bond over our passion for finding user-friendly solutions for complex data-gathering challenges.