About us

Smartproxy is a public data access platform currently focused on providing a proxy server rental service for the highest quality IP addresses.

We offer a pool of 40+ million IPs with country and city level targeting for marketing research, social media account management and online retail.

Smartproxy-reddit proxy network


We’re Smartproxy, the only decentralized data access platform among all major residential proxy networks. We’re here to provide easy to use data access solutions and proxy management tools for anyone. With us, you level the playing field against huge data hoarding companies and more technically-able competitors.

Our pride is that we’re smart about proxies – we use them every day, we know how to make money with proxies, and we’re open to sharing this knowledge with you. Our documentation is the best in the market, and we have banging customer service.

Smartproxy history

Once upon a time...

Smartproxy started back in 2018, when a group of international entrepreneurs got fed up with waiting for weeks to access proxies from the “best” providers. We knew we could “do this s*it better.” Initially, the 4 of us managed to partner up with a secure provider, who we bought proxies from. Since then, we’ve expanded into a team of close to 30 people, an ever-growing client base and proxy network.

We source some of our proxies independently, but we also use other providers to build and maintain our proxy pool. Our R&D team is careful to choose only legitimate IPs. We’ve done a bang-up job rising from no-name proxy hustlers to a pandemic-immune squad of leaders serving Fortune’s 500 companies and sneakerheads alike.

Smartproxy exit nodes

Smartproxy vision


To create an environment that facilitates growth of data-driven businesses.

Smartproxy mision


Smartproxy has a mission to provide the highest quality proxies for public data access and any other lawful usage without tiring and slow processes.


Helpfulness - for customers to build businesses, earn money and make them happy.

Youthfulness - the cutting edge and the freshest clients.

Smartness - innovating, mixing and matching, applying unorthodox solutions in the industry.

Fun, hustling, friendly – like a friend you need to hang out with because you get cheered up, inspired and love.

Smartproxy values