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intercepting proxies

What Is a Transparent Proxy

Transparent proxies are everywhere these days. You’ve been on one if you ever used public Wi-Fi. Transparent proxies are also called forced proxies, inline proxies or intercepting proxies. You see, a transparent proxy restricts Internet access to its users. This is how hotels and airports force their Wi-Fi users to accept usage Terms and Conditions. An inline proxy might also gather phone numbers, email addresses or let you enter a code for authentication.

wechat - smartproxy proxy network

How to Unblock With Residential Proxies is a major dating site for lonely people and players alike. Nevertheless, one day you might find yourself locked out of the site with nowhere to turn. There are many reasons why that might happen to you, but unblocking is not as hard as it might seem.

wechat proxy network

Do You Need a WeChat Proxy?

Ni hao, want to connect to your friends in China on Weixin? Create multiple WeChat accounts or a mass following in your Chinese audience? Want to advertise on WeChat? You can do all of these things and much more with proxies for WeChat.

SER GSA Proxies

How to Pick the Best SER Proxies

SEO is a vital part of any digital business. Hundreds of elements go into search engine optimization, from sitemaps to meta descriptions. Arguably, the most important part of the puzzle are links to your domain. There are many SEO tools that let you research, crawl, scrape and produce content. A few of them even let you automate backlinks. One of those tools is Search Engine Ranker (SER), made by GSA. It really shines when you set it up with good SER proxies and automatically create thousands of links every day.

anonymous proxy network

What is an Anonymous Proxy?

An anonymous proxy is the type of proxy that does not send your identification information to your target server. It is the opposite of transparent proxies, which send your information in the connection request header. Anonymous proxies that are set up on web sites are sometimes also called anonymizers or anonymizer websites.


Why Rotating Proxies are the BEST

Rotating proxies speed up countless online tasks, including web scraping, data mining and security. Proxy rotating is the reason why clients choose Smartproxy over outdated and inflexible proxy lists from other providers.

IP hopping with residential proxies

How IP Hopping Can Help You Bounce Your IP Address

IP hopping is the practice of using one IP address for a little while and then changing it to another one. IP hopping or IP bouncing lets you avoid flags and bans. It is an important part of many online services.

private proxy network with smartproxy

What is a Private Proxy?

Private proxies are a type of proxy that lets only one client use it at any time. For example, a private proxy will never let two users connect through it at once. There are a many of other proxy types you can find online, but private proxies remain one of the most popular ones. This popularity is well-earned, because there are some major features of private proxies that everyone is excited about.

voting proxies

Do You Want to Get Online Votes?

Have you ever wondered how some people get online votes for Facebook competitions, Twitter giveaways and online lotteries? These are the same people who know how to vote multiple times on Strawpoll. They seem to get all the likes and retweets, but how do they do it? The short answer is: a vote bot. But usually, the reality is a bit more complicated than running a simple autovote bot, so let’s jump in.

scrapebox with Smartproxy

Buy Proxies for ScrapeBox

ScrapeBox really is the Swiss army knife of SEO. It lets you do dozens of tasks that an SEO agency would charge a premium for. And the best part – the whole suite is a single-payment deal. Still, there is one part of Scrapebox that isn’t included in that payment. That part is a good proxy network. You see, everyone has to buy proxies for ScrapeBox to work with it properly and unlock its true potential.

be anonymous with proxy network

Are Residential Proxies Better Than a Fake IP Address?

There are dozens of reasons why you would want a fake IP. By hiding your real IP, you can stay anonymous and safe. But to change your IP address, you have to use a proxy. While you can get a single proxy at a reasonable price online, you should really look into proxy networks. Why? Proxy networks let you use millions of IP addresses – a huge pool that lets you generate IP addresses at scale. Our rotating proxy network is a great example – it lets you use over 10 million residential IPs. Every one of them hides your identity and location, but together they make you untraceable.


How a Residential Proxy Network Helps Ad Verification

Ad verification is a broad term for things digital advertisers do to make sure their ads appear on appropriate sites. It also checks for ad fraud, fake impressions and fake ad clicks. If you are buying ads online, there are many techniques you can use to verify your ads. Two common ones done with an ad proxy are: localized ad verification and ad vendor verification. The first one checks how ads appear in other countries, while ad vendor verification protects you from ad fraud.

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How You Can Buy Multiple Tickets With a Proxy Network

Buying tickets online is crazy difficult. Livenation sells out blockbuster concerts in minutes. Tours are booked as soon as they are announced. This happens because everyone is using automated software, also known as ticket bots, to buy many tickets at once. These bots buy multiple tickets on Ticketmaster through several accounts, each of which possesses a unique IP address – a tickets proxy – and cannot be easily detected or blocked.

selenium proxy network

Looking for a Selenium proxy?

Selenium is the perfect web development and testing tool. It lets you access every major browser and access any site or service you want to test. This versatility makes Selenium indispensable for more uses than just testing. For example, you can use Selenium with Python to scrape websites. Of course, you will need a proxy service to not get blocked. This is why we are doing this short introduction about how a Selenium proxy network can help you.

soundcloiud proxies with smartproxy network

How Promoters use Soundcloud Proxy to Get Unlimited Plays

Soundcloud is a perfect site for music enthusiasts and creatives. Too bad it, like so many social media sites, is dominated by the fortunate few. If you want to make your name known on Soundcloud, you have to use Soundcloud promotion agency, a tool like SCPlanner or create your own Soundcloud like bot with a rotating Soundcloud proxy service.

SEO proxies with smartproxy network

SEO Proxies – When You’re Serious about Your Search Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a massive industry, driving most online businesses. There are countless methods in practice today for doing the bread and butter of SEO: keyword research, technical optimization of a site and rank tracking. Everyone is trying to rank higher in Google Search by hiring SEO agencies, consultants and technicians. It’s no surprise there is a whole industry centered around search engine ranking. SEO proxies are a vital part of this ecosystem, so read on to find out the ways in which they are used to improve your search engine ranking.

Smartproxy SSL proxies

What is an SSL Proxy and How It Can Help You?

If you are looking for proxies, you might find yourself baffled by the abundance of proxy types: residential proxies, rotating proxies, data center proxies, backconnect proxies and SSL proxies. These are just a few of the more popular terms used to define a very similar thing. First and foremost, a proxy is the intermediary between your device and the server, website or service you are connecting to.

Amazon proxies

How an Amazon Proxy Helps Scrapers and Analysts

Amazon is a dominant retail force. Many smaller businesses either work under Amazon’s brand or try to compete with it. Your business cannot go up against Amazon in terms of pricing data that you have access to. Marketing agencies can use Amazon price scraping methods to gather data on relevant Amazon products. Nevertheless, this approach is risky, because it goes against Amazon’s terms of service. The online retail giant’s system is also very vigilant to outright ban any visitors that try scraping techniques. This is why you need an Amazon proxy server to scrape it successfully.

Craigslist proxies with smartproxy

What to Do If Craigslist IP Blocked You

Craigslist has been synonymous with posting ads online for over 20 years. Millions of people from 70 countries and over 500 cities use Craigslist daily. Sadly, thousands of them get Craigslist IP blocked every day. This can happen because they try to post too many Craigslist ads or post them for another city or region. If your IP is blocked on Craigslist, read on to find out what you can do.

Jarvee social media automation bot review instagram (2)

Review: Jarvee – Everything You Need to Know

Jarvee is an automated social media management software most often used as an Instagram bot. It lets you manage multiple social media accounts automatically. This article will tell you what you need to know about Jarvee and Jarvee proxies.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Proxies Deal

2018 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Proxies Deals

It’s that time of the year again – everyone is searching for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to get the best prices either for Christmas gifts or for products or services for their home. If you are like countless of others who frequent the Internet, Smartproxy has just what you need.

Proxies for cybersecurity and brand protection

Protecting Your Brand with a Proxy Network

Cybersecurity is a prominent concern for any business. The range and sophistication of threats facing the modern business is growing by day. Unless appropriate steps are taken to put defenses in place against future attacks, and to respond to current threats as they are detected, businesses will remain vulnerable to external intrusions.

sneakers proxies

How do Proxies Work for Buying Sneakers

Bots are the most common and most effective tool for skipping the queue and increasing the chances of being able to nab highly sought-after goods. But how to combine a bot with a proxy network to reach the best results?

What is Smartproxy residential proxies network

What are Residential Proxies?

Residential proxies conceal your IP by replacing it with another, legitimate IP. Whether needed for online anonymity or data scraping, here’s all you need to know about residential proxies.