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Get Search Results Data on Autopilot With Scraping API 

Access data from major search engines with our full-stack tool, complete with a proxy network, scraper, and parser. Try your first month for free – no credit card needed.

Any country, state, or city
100% success rate
Easy integration
Start a free trial
14-day money-back option
Get Search Results Data on Autopilot With Scraping API 

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SERP Scraping API use cases

Unleash the potential of SERP Scraping API to excel in your endeavors. Gain valuable insights into the latest and most relevant results on Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yandex.

Research SEO

Research SEO

Extract paid and organic search results on search volume, keyword competition, its related terms, and most popular topics.

Monitor brands

Monitor brands

Track how you and your competitors are doing by collecting brand mentions, featured snippets, ranking positions, and more.

Generate leads

Generate leads

Find your future customers by gathering contact information straight from search result pages.

Targets you can scrape with SERP Scraping API

SERP Scraping API lets you scrape such search engines as Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yandex.



From the king of search engines our API will bring you ad, search, shopping search, shopping product, and shopping pricing data in HTML or JSON.

You can also gather data of hotels, Google travel hotels service, Google images, and search term suggestions in HTML.



The API allows you to access search rankings from the hipster alternative search engine in HTML or JSON. You can scrape a specific Bing URL or query.

The output includes the result’s position, title, description, linked URL, and other details.

More targets available via our Scraping APIs:

What makes SERP Scraping API the right choice for businesses

  • Maximum control

    Customize search queries, filter search results (by pagination, locale, geo, etc.), and specify the output data format (HTML or JSON) to meet your specific needs.

  • Huge cost- and time-savings

    Save time and money with our full-stack solution that provides 65M+ rotating and sticky IPs to fetch you structured data with a 100% success rate.

  • Data accuracy

    Be assured that our API will get you real-time or on-demand and always up-to-date data, which is essential for making informed business decisions.

  • High scalability

    Handle large volumes of data without sacrificing performance – perfect for businesses of all sizes. Don’t even stress over traffic-heavy scraping as you’ll only pay for successful requests.

Maximum control
Huge cost- and time-savings
Data accuracy
High scalability

Real-time & callback requests

Want the data now or prefer things a little more planned out? No problem. Pick real-time or on-demand data updates with our synchronous or asynchronous requests.


Peek under the hood of SERP Scraping API

Flexible output options

Flexible output options

Choose between raw HTML or parsed JSON results to fit your style.

Unlimited connections & threads

Unlimited connections & threads

Reach your target by sending as many simultaneous requests as you wish.

Real-time or on-demand results

Real-time or on-demand results

Pick synchronous or asynchronous requests for your targets.

Easy integration

Easy integration

Go for real-time or proxy-like integration with our code samples and Postman collections.

Pagination & batch queries

Pagination & batch queries

Scrape multiple queries and result pages at once with a single API call.

Proxy integration

Proxy integration

Built-in 65M+ proxies ensure you’ll avoid blocks and CAPTCHAs while collecting data.

API Playground

API Playground

Test drive our API with an interactive API Playground.

Free month trial

Free month trial

Try your first month of SERP Scraping API for free – no credit card needed.

From engineers to engineers

GitHub: your code resource

Postman collections: effortless API testing

Build and test requests with ease using our Postman collections.


Quick start guide

Get off on the right foot with Smartproxy’s scraping solutions. All the essentials, all in one place.


Test it out for free with API Playground

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SERP API?

A SERP API is an application programming interface meant for targeting search engine result pages. Our SERP Scraping API is a tool for gathering data from search engines.

Which search engines can I scrape with SERP Scraping API?

With our SERP Scraping API, you can target Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex.

How long does it take for the SERP Scraping API to give the results back?

It takes milliseconds! We give you the results real-time so our scraping API will satisfy even the most impatient users.

Is scraping SERPs legal?

Yes, scraping search engine result pages is legal because SERP data is publicly available.

What are the common use cases for our SERP Scraping API?

SERP Scraping API is mainly used for SEO and market research purposes. Our tool is helpful if you’re building your solution and want more advanced features, such as tracking real-time rankings. That’s why it’s great for large enterprises with custom needs.

How does SERP Scraping API differ from proxies?

Our all-inclusive scraping tool is more than just a pool of proxies! Here, we’re talking about a complete API for scraping all major search engines. It’s a full-stack solution: a network of 65M+ residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies together with a web scraper and data parser. It’s not only easier but also a cheaper way to gather all the data and spare you a headache from all those extra tools.

How much does SERP Scraping API cost?

It depends on how many monthly requests you need. Check out the pricing page, but don’t forget that you pay for successful requests only.

Do I need a crawler or scraper to gather SERP data?

If you have our SERP Scraping API, you don’t need any extra tools to gather SERP data, whether it’s a crawler, scraper, or parser. Our SERP Scraping API functions as a complete scraping API, which combines a proxy network, scraping infrastructure, and parser in a single product.

What are the technical requirements for SERP Scraping API?

Our scraping API works with most software programs and scripts. When in doubt, drop a line to our 24/7 support team.

How can I integrate your SERP Scraping API?

Integrating an API might go completely over your head if you’re not a programmer. That's why we designed two ways to integrate our API – choose the one that you can crack best!

Real-time integration will let you send a parameter set to the API endpoint and get the requested result. This integration is easier, especially if you’re not that tech-savvy because we’ll build the URL ourselves and select all the relevant details (e.g. the right proxy, device, etc.), based on the parameters you’ve indicated.

Proxy-like integration is the best and easiest choice if you’ve used proxies before (note that you need to have a full URL list for this.) Just replace your proxies with our entry node, send your URLs as usual, and we'll take care of the rest. If you like, you can send some additional preferences in your request headers, too.

Is the number of requests limited?

Yes, it is, but we’re scalable. Our SERP Scraping API supports high volumes of requests, but the exact number of maximum requests varies from time to time. We can also adjust the limit per user depending on your tasks so that it doesn’t disturb your scraping projects. If you face any issues with sending requests, contact our round-the-clock support team.

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