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195+ locations for geo-targeting

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Highest Quality YouTube Proxy

Let’s be honest. How many times have you encountered that annoying YouTube message saying “Video Unavailable”? Well, probably a nice handful that you’re here seeking help.

When you need to stay under the radar on YouTube, you have to use the highest quality YouTube proxy. A proxy server is like a middle-man between you and any website, such as YouTube, you want to visit. The proxy will hide your IP address and will ensure flawless anonymity. Just be sure to use residential proxies as they are real devices’ IPs. With such proxy you’ll look like an average YouTube user and avoid any possible blocks or bans.

It’s never been easier to unblock YouTube in different countries, collect relevant data, or improve your brand’s visibility. Isn’t this just lit?

Forget about YouTube proxy list

You can access our 40+ million proxy pool through single-address gateways. Just use the gateway on your device, browser, or other software and get a unique IP address from our global pool or any chosen location. Forget YouTube proxy lists and never worry about dead proxies, as all our proxies are pre-checked to provide the highest quality experience.

We have proxies from every country around the world and 8 major cities on our list. Want to get some proxies from the land of the free? No worries, we have them. In fact, from Alaska to New York, we have all 50 US states up our sleeve!

Recently, Proxyway awarded Smartproxy as the Best Value Provider, so you can be sure that with us you’re getting quality services while saving some cash on the way.

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Sticky and rotating sessions

Our advanced rotation automates proxy changes, so you don’t need to worry about that too. Just choose which session type suits your needs best, and you’re good to go.

Our sticky sessions that last for 1 minute, and up to 10 or 30 minutes are best for views and subscribers’ generating bots. Staying with the same IP address won’t trigger YouTube’s security, and you won’t get blocked. As for rotating sessions, they are great for YouTube scraping. In this case, the IP address will change with every connection allowing you to collect that precious data swimmingly.

Scrape YouTube

If you’re a YouTube marketer or a researcher, the chances are that you’ll need to scrape YouTube at some point. Maybe you’ll need to automatically collect comments for sentiment analysis, track YouTube videos’ ranking, or create a database of video descriptions and other data – we got your back, buddy.

Yup, you’ll need to have a high-quality YouTube proxy to avoid any blocks and IP bans. No kidding, YouTube scrapers scale only with robust proxy networks that allow you to set up millions of unique IP addresses. We use real devices’ IPs registered with internet service providers that look exactly like an average Joe on the internet.

Scraping YouTube with our network is a breeze, pinky swear. Just don’t forget to use rotating sessions for the best YouTube scraping experience!

Scraping YouTube
generate YouTube subscribers with a bot

Generate YouTube subscribers

If you’re on a mission to grow your business with the help of YouTube you’ll need a good ol’ YouTube proxy to gather that nice bundle of subscribers. And hey, we aren’t saying that the old-fashioned way of gaining popularity is dead. We’re just saying that YouTube’s algorithm favors channels that have a massive number of subscribers already.

Don’t worry, to set a subscriber bot with our proxies is easy as pie. Simply set up a sticky IP session for each of your YouTube accounts and start subscribing to target channels through automated YouTube sub bots. These bots can also increase your channel’s count of video views, likes, and comments. Just chill, create your content, watch some music videos and leave the rest for a YouTube proxy!

By the way, if your bot can’t use user:pass authentication, there’s no need to panic. We let you whitelist your IP address for a reason: set your device to route traffic through our gateway, whitelist its IP, and your bot will access YouTube through our proxies automatically.

The only safe YouTube proxy

Use Smartproxy’s HTTP(s) proxies for YouTube to take advantage of the SSL encryption, ensure your privacy and keep your data safe. These proxies protect you from harmful content and malware. They can also potentially save you a lot of bandwidth by recognizing and bypassing ads.

And yes, extra security never killed nobody! Smartproxy’s X Browser allows you to change not only your IP address but also your fingerprint. This tool has a great unique fingerprint galore and offers multi-profile management that is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Use safe YouTube proxies

Unrivaled customer service

We know you’re a special snowflake, and we love you like no one’s business. So our self-service is exceptionally intuitive, we have a super user-friendly API, and our tech team is always there for you in case of an emergency!

Honestly, we win Best Customer Service awards for this stuff.

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3 day money-back guarantee

Get proxies now. You’re 100% safe!

We offer a 3-day money-back option (except for BTC payments) for accounts under our terms of refund policy. Simply order any residential package, test it for three days, and in the unlikely case, if you won’t be satisfied with our product, we will refund you.

Residential proxies are full of awesomeness

Unlimited targets

40M rotating IPs

IPV4, HTTPs addresses

Over 195 locations

Up to 30 min. sticky sessions

Unique devices from all the word

Awesome 24/7 customer support

3.1 s average response time

Easy proxy setup

Traffic usage statistics

People ask us

What are residential proxies??

One of the most popular proxy type is residential one. Residential proxies are real devices’ IP addresses, so they appear as an average user to all websites and are almost impossible to detect.

Can a proxy help avoid bandwidth throttling?

Yes, a good-quality proxy can help to avoid bandwidth throttling. Unlike VPN services, we don’t limit bandwidth use, meaning you can use as much as you need. This helps to fight bandwidth throttling. Of course, keep in mind that your speed and browsing experience can be slightly affected when you use residential proxies. These proxies are from real devices, so they directly rely on that gadget.

Will using a proxy slow down my internet connection?

Yes, it will. When you’re web browsing with a proxy, your device is not communicating directly with a website you want to visit. This means that a proxy server accesses a website and just then transmits data to you. These additional steps slow your internet speeds.