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Use real IP addresses of desktop and mobile devices to access real prices on eBay. Our residential proxy network lets you mask your scraper instantly: use IP whitelisting if you cannot use user:pass to authenticate.

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Want to boost some vanity metrics? Generate unlimited views and run multiple accounts as watcher bots with proxies to stay undetected on eBay.

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faq support

Frequently asked questions about eBay proxies

How to use a proxy for eBay

Set up your device or browser to use a proxy to hide your IP on eBay. Our network uses both IP whitelisting and user:pass authentication methods, so you can pick the one you prefer for your eBay scraper bot.

Why can I only connect to eBay via an anonymous proxy

eBay is either blocked in your country or you have been banned on eBay. Set up our anonymous rotating proxies to hide your IP and access eBay instantly.

How fast can an eBay bot outbid you

Bots are automated programs that run numerous tasks at the same time. They act in lightning speed, and no human can outbid an eBay bot. Especially if it is using high quality residential proxies that hide the bot from eBay’s detection algorithms.

How to sell anonymously on eBay

While you can hide your IP and stay anonymous on eBay with a proxy, you still need to register on the site to become a seller. Refer to eBays Terms of Service for more information.