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Are you tired of low success rates, bans and dead proxies? Try our residential proxy network to get 23% better proxy performance when targeting all major data sources, including Amazon and Google. Move quickly. Get rapid results with a residential proxy server that’s twice as fast as the industry average.

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"Your service is awesome. We used quite a bit of other services before using yours. Not only is your service the most reliable, it’s also the simplest to use. Keep up the great work."

Mordechai, SEO specialist

Why use residential proxies

smartproxy residential proxy Ips

Web scrape freely

We do not price per proxy, so you can access the whole pool with unlimited connections and put your scrapers into max gear.

Scale your marketing

Register and manage unlimited social media accounts.

Automate anything

Use residential IPs of real devices to purchase goods like sneakers, tickets and more.

Access local data

Geo-target over 195 locations globally, including 8 major cities.

Residential proxy features:

Residential proxy features:

Try our residential proxies with a 3-day money back guarantee

How it works?

How Smartproxy Proxy network Work

smartproxy testimonials
"I am totally into Instagram marketing. Most of the times Instagram detects ipv4, ipv6, dedicated or other types of server proxies but with Smartproxy’s residential proxies I never got any types of error. Very friendly support from Elliot!"

Ted, Instagram Marketer

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3day money back guarantee

You're 100% safe with our 3-day money-back guarantee

We offer a 3-day money back option for accounts in accordance to our terms of refund policy.

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With our residential proxy network you will be:

residential proxy network


Use proxies with any device – see our configurations page to set up proxies on any browser or device.


Each plan lets you use the whole network. Pricing is based on traffic use per month. All plans are recurring, but you can cancel at any time. If you need more proxy bandwidth – upgrade your plan in minutes! Enterprise plans available via live chat.


We are using the best proxy server technologies that optimize your connection speed and residential proxy performance beyond anything else in the market.


Use a simple backconnect node to target IPs in any location on the planet. Geo-targeting with our proxy network is a breeze!

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Frequently asked questions about residential proxies

Can I select proxies from a specific location?

Residential proxies can be accessed through country-specific or city-specific ports by using your login credentials (username and password) or via whitelisted IPs.

Can I track my proxy usage?

Yes you can. Once you have a subscription plan in the dashboard, go to the Subusers tab and create a subuser. You will be able to set limits, dedicate traffic for different tasks, locations, etc. for every subuser.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments with Credit Cards, PayPal, and BTC. All orders are processed by our online reseller which is a Merchant of Record for these orders. To contact Paddle’s support team reach out via

Where can I use residential proxies?

You can use our proxies with almost any application that supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxies. Smartproxy residential-level IP addresses work great with all search engines, ScrapeBox and many other bots.

What our customers say

smartproxy testimonials

Proxies are residential, so that lowers the possibility of being blocked. Dashboard is simple and easy to get all the information you need.

Multiple social media account owner

smartproxy testimonials

Ability to grab residential proxies from any country. All of the proxies I checked against spamhaus & other blacklists came back clean.

Residential IPs user

Choose your plan

You can use an unlimited number of connections, threads, and countries at once as our pricing model is based on bandwidth usage. The cheapest residential proxy plan starts at $75 for 5GB per month. Enterprise residential proxies cost $3 per GB.

$75 per month +VAT
$15 per GB
5 GB included
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$400 per month +VAT
$8 per GB
50 GB included
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$600 per month +VAT
$6 per GB
100 GB included
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All our plans are based on recurring monthly payments

Accepted payment methods:

smartproxy payment methods

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