Get Started With eCommerce Scraping API

Collect structured data from online marketplace platforms. Follow our guide to get started with this scraping solution right away.

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Get Started With eCommerce Scraping API

What is eCommerce Scraping API?

Our eCommerce Scraping API is a powerful scraping solution tailored for major eCommerce websites. It integrates 65M+ built-in proxies with an advanced web scraper and a data parser, enabling you to fetch real-time raw HTML or structured JSON data efficiently.

Most popular eCommerce Scraping API use cases

Empower your eCommerce strategy using our cutting-edge scraper.

Price aggregation

Price aggregation

Monitor pricing changes in real time and adapt your pricing strategy accordingly.

Market research

Market research

Perform your competitor analysis and stay on top of the latest market trends.

Product data gathering

Product data gathering

Position, URLs, product title, price, pagination, discounts, availability, coupons, images, ratings, etc. – the sky’s the limit.

How to set up eCommerce Scraping API

Get started with your eCommerce Scraping API configuration by following our guide.


Choose a subscription

After creating your account, navigate to the eCommerce section under the Scraping side menu.

Next, click the Pricing tab and select a subscription plan that suits your needs. Alternatively, start a free trial to get 1K requests for 7 days.


Authenticate with username:password

In the API Authentication tab, click on either the username or password to copy it. Use the buttons on the right to reveal your password or generate a new one.


Create a request command

Go to the Scraper tab, where you can select a target, enter your search query, and specify parameters like device type, browser, page number, and more. Find more parameter options in our help documentation.

Below, you can send your request directly or go to the Request tab to copy the code in cURL, Node.js, or Python format for use in your environment.


Copy or download the result in JSON

After sending a request using the Scraper features on the dashboard, you can copy or download the response in JSON format. Click on the appropriate buttons located at the top of the Response screen.


Track scraping usage

To track your scraping API usage, navigate to the Statistics tab. There, you’ll find traffic usage details for each user over a selected timeframe, along with cumulative data on uploads, downloads, and requests.

Easy to integrate scraper

Our eCommerce Scraping API works with all popular programming languages, ensuring a smooth connection to other tools that are in your business suite.

import requests
url = ""
payload = {
"target": "amazon_search",
"query": "laptop",
"page_from": "1",
"parse": True
headers = {
"accept": "application/json",
"content-type": "application/json",
"authorization": "Basic [your basic authentication token]"
response =, json=payload, headers=headers)

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