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Best Value SOCKS5 Proxies

Undetectable shield to keep you safe and sound! Get the SOCKS5 residential, mobile, or dedicated datacenter proxy list from the best value proxy provider.

65M+ IPs
3 possible proxy types
Worldwide locations
Sticky & rotating IPs
Unlimited connections & threads
99.99% uptime
24/7 live support
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What is a SOCKS5 proxy?


SOCKS5 proxy is the freshest version of SOCKS, aka Socket Secure, proxies. It’s 5th gen – the latest and a better-faster-stronger SOCKS than ever before.

At Smartproxy, SOCKS5 proxies come in the form of residential, mobile, and dedicated datacenter proxies.

SOCKS5 is the best choice for maximum anonymity and bypassing firewalls to reach restricted content. Interested? Try it starting from only $7.5!

Choose the smartest plan for SOCKS5 proxies


2 GB

Save 14%



Total: $14

$12 +VAT billed monthly


2 GB

Save 6%



Total: $16

$15 + VAT billed monthly

14-day money-back


3 IPs



$7.5 + VAT billed monthly

14-day money-back

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Premium SOCKS5 proxies to make you an internet master


SOCKS5 supports all kinds of protocols: TCP, UDP, SMTP, FTP. Therefore, SOCKS5 proxies are exceptionally universal for all kinds of actions you may wish to perform online. 

But that’s not all – we’ve got 65M+ residential, mobile, and dedicated datacenter proxies that support SOCKS5 and offer phenomenal performance and compatibility with various applications and devices.

Our SOCKS5 residential, mobile, and dedicated datacenter proxies are highly anonymous and the fastest in the market – better than any VPN!

Enjoy unlimited connections and threads, unmatched speed, IP randomization, IP replacement options, 99.99% uptime, and other fantastic features.

SOCKS5 proxies are full of effectiveness

Unlimited threads

Unlimited threads

Unlimited GBs

Unlimited GBs

Static & rotating IPs

Static & rotating IPs

Any user:pass combination

Any user:pass combination

0.3s response time

<0.3s average response time

Worldwide locations

Worldwide locations

24/7 customer support

Awarded 24/7 customer support

99.99% uptime

99.99% uptime

How to get a SOCKS5 proxy list?

How to get a SOCKS5 proxy list?
  1. Register or login to the dashboard.
  2. Choose a Residential, Mobile, or Dedicated Datacenter proxy type under the Residential Proxies and Datacenter Proxies menus on the left.
  3. Go to the Pricing tab.
  4. Choose a proxy plan that best suits your needs within the Regular or Enterprise plans. (If you’re interested in dedicated datacenter proxies, select the IP type to be SOCKS5 before buying a plan.)
  5. Go to the Proxy setup tab and set up your proxies with the username:password authentication method. (If you intend to use residential or mobile proxies, select SOCKS5 in the OUTPUT FORMAT dropdown menu in the Endpoint generator to find your SOCKS5 proxy list.)
  6. You're all set. Happy proxying!

How to set up SOCKS5 proxies?

Light up your SOCKS5 proxies in your Windows of Mac computer!

Note that the latest versions of browsers (Chrome, Firefox) send you directly to your PC/laptops’s network settings so you wouldn't have to double your configuration process. Besides, you can use tools, such as Chrome Extension or Firefox Add-on, to make configuration even easier.

Set up SOCKS5 proxy on Windows 10/11

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Hit Network & Internet.
  3. Choose Proxy.
  4. Turn on Automatically detect settings.
  5. Under Manual proxy setup, click Edit.
  6. Turn on Use a proxy server option.
  7. Enter your IP and port number you’ve got from your SOCKS5 proxy list.
  8. Save your settings.

Enable SOCKS5 proxy on Mac OS (Ventura 13)

  1. Open System Settings.
  2. Click Network. 
  3. Open Proxies.
  4. Turn on Auto proxy discovery.
  5. Turn on SOCKS proxy.
  6. Enter your server and port details.
  7. Click OK.

Have any issues or questions? Don’t sweat – we’re always here for ya, pal. Feel free to explore our quick start guide, rely on the documentation, or drop our 24/7 tech support a line.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SOCKS5 Proxies

What is a SOCKS5 proxy server?

SOCKS5 proxy is a server that uses SOCKS type of internet protocol. SOCKS5 is the latest version of this type of protocol and that makes it the fastest of all the SOCKS. As any other proxy server, it stands as a middleman between you and the internet. SOCKS5 has additional privacy and speed-related benefits.

Can I get the SOCKS5 protocol with residential proxies?

Of course! At Smartproxy, residential proxies come with both HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 protocols. Choose which one you’d like to use in the Endpoint generator section of the dashboard. Learn more about residential proxies here.

Is the SOCKS5 protocol capable of supporting mobile proxies?

Certainly! Our mobile proxies fully support the SOCKS5 protocol. Whether you're looking to maintain your anonymity, bypass firewalls, or access restricted content, our proxies have got you covered. Learn more about mobile proxies here.

Does the SOCKS5 protocol work with dedicated datacenter proxies?

Yes, you can get SOCKS5 proxies with our dedicated datacenter proxies with 400K IPs originating from the USA.

Do your dedicated datacenter proxies only support SOCKS5?

For your convenience, our dedicated datacenter proxies support both SOCKS5 and HTTP(s) protocols.

How to buy a SOCKS5 proxy?

At Smartproxy, you can use dedicated datacenter proxies, residential proxies, or mobile proxies with the SOCKS5 protocol. If you’d like to use dedicated datacenter proxies, make sure to select the SOCKS5 IP type before purchasing a subscription on our dashboard.

Best Value SOCKS5 Proxies to Keep You Safe and Sound!

Get the SOCKS5 residential, mobile, or dedicated datacenter proxy list from the best value proxy provider.

14-day money-back option

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