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Unlock, collect, and extract global web data, bypass CAPTCHAs, geo-restrictions, IP bans, and anti-bot systems with our ethically sourced proxy servers.

65M+ global IP pool
195+ proxy locations
24/7 support
HTTP(S) & SOCKS5 protocols
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Explore proxy types

  • What is a proxy

    A proxy server is an intermediary between your device and the internet. It serves as a gateway for requests, handles data traffic, and provides anonymity and security.

  • Residential proxies
    Residential proxies from $2.2/GB

    55M+ ethically-sourced residential proxies across 195+ global locations, ensuring your anonymity online and access to any data you need. Learn more

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  • ISP Proxies
    ISP Proxies from $2/IP

    Authenticity of residential proxies and the stability of datacenter ones with IPs from premium ASNs and forever website sessions. Learn more

  • Mobile proxies
    Mobile proxies from $4.5/GB

    10M+ IPs featuring extensive location coverage and 700+ ASNs, 3G/4G/5G support, advanced targeting options, and highest success rates. Learn more

  • Datacenter proxies
    Datacenter proxies from $0.09/IP

    500K+ shared & dedicated datacenter proxies worldwide with <0.3s average speed and 99.99% uptime. Learn more

  • Site Unblocker
    Site Unblocker from $6/GB

    Dynamic rendering and advanced browser fingerprinting, powered by 65M+ IPs, retrieve real-time data with just a few simple clicks. Learn more

Choose a proxy for your need


Web scraping

Collect public web data to generate valuable insights and scale your business.


Market research

Collect comprehensive data from multiple sources, allowing for in-depth analysis of market trends.



Smooth streaming performance, and efficient management of high traffic volumes demand.

Learn how proxies work

Proxies route your internet requests through a server before reaching the target. By masking your original IP address, proxies allow you to avoid geo-restrictions, CAPTCHAs, or IP bans.

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Enjoy global proxy coverage

We cover a range of locations across the globe. Get an IP from various countries, cities, zip codes, ISPs, ASNs, and collect public data you need, no matter your actual region.

Proxies that fit any target



Track your Google search query rankings and position changes, automate 

SERP analysis, and get the full picture of your performance.



Monitor Amazon’s real-time pricing changes for similar products, follow the latest trends, gather trending keywords, and stay ahead of your competition.



Keep informed of real-time price fluctuations on eBay, monitor new products, changing buyer behavior, and leverage collected web data for your growth.

Easily integrate into your workflows

Get started with our infrastructure and plug in third-party tools with our easy setup guides.



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Frequently asked questions

What is the best proxy to buy?

When you want to buy proxy servers, you should base your decision on:
a) speed – to ensure speed and responsive browsing or data scraping;

b) high uptime – to prevent connection errors;

c) reliability, expansive location coverage, security, and compatibility with the specific websites or services you need to access.

We recommend following the use case guidelines, for instance, choose residential proxies for web scraping, multiple account management, ad verification, sneaker copping, and more; use datacenter proxies for market intelligence, entertainment, cyber and brand security, etc.

Cost should also be reasonable and provide good value for money.

What are the risks of using the free proxy servers?

  • Free proxy servers may pose risks such as lack of encryption, data logging, exposure to malware, and potential privacy breaches.
  • Free proxies are typically overcrowded with users, leading to slow connection speeds and reduced performance, which can be detrimental for business applications requiring real-time data access.
  • Free proxies are often less reliable, with frequent downtimes and connection issues. This unreliability can disrupt business operations and lead to productivity losses.

Do proxies really provide anonymity?

Yes, proxies can provide anonymity by hiding your original IP address and location from the websites you visit.

What are the premium proxies?

Premium proxy is an elite-quality proxy server designed with advanced features and superior performance compared to a standard or a free proxy. Premium proxy servers may provide additional features such as automatic rotation, unlimited bandwidth, advanced security, and 24/7 customer support. These proxies offer superior performance to standard or free proxies, reliability, and security, making them ideal for businesses and individuals who need high-quality proxies for their online activities. You can buy such proxy servers from proxy providers.

Where to buy mobile proxies?

Look for a trusted vendor with high proxy performance. Smartproxy’s mobile proxies have the best IP reputation among all proxy types, they’re ethically sourced with 10M+ IP pool and 99.99% uptime, in addition to 160+ locations and 700+ mobile carriers. So the issue ‘where’ is resolved, right?

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