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Why Do You Need Proxies for Discord?

Let’s agree: the internet and communication go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s simply a powerful combo that makes our lives easier. However, to connect these two elements, we need intermediaries. One of the tools to make communication via the internet easier is *drum roll*... Discord!

Discord is an app that allows you to join servers and interact with private and public communities via voice, video, or text. It may sound epic, however, every coin has two sides. To enjoy the benefits of Discord fully, you may need proxies.

Ella Moore

Apr 22, 2022

10 min read

Proxies for Discord

What is Discord?

Long story short, Discord is a web-based communication app. It was released in early 2015 and gained popularity due to its extra simple voice chat feature. Even though the app was initially intended to be used by gamers, with time, it got additional features and attracted other peeps who wanted to communicate about different topics.

Currently, Discord users can participate in voice and video chats, send private text messages, and take part in communities, called ‘servers’. The majority of servers are private, invite-only spaces for members to stay in touch with each other. There also are some larger and more open servers that focus on specific topics.

Discord is, indeed, red-hot. It has over 100 million monthly active users, and its largest servers have millions or hundreds of thousands of members. Sounds gucci, doesn’t it?

How do proxies for Discord work?

Basically, a Discord proxy is a regular proxy optimized for the app, so they work as any other proxy type. A proxy is a server that acts as a gateway or intermediary between any device and Discord. It forwards your connection requests to the app without revealing your data but still gathers the information you need. 

How Smartproxy network works

Why do you need proxies for Discord?

There are a couple of reasons why you may need proxies while you use Discord:

• Account localisation

We live in a world where some nations don’t allow their citizens to access Discord. It usually happens because of political and censorship policies, and it’s deffo a strict limitation of freedom.

However, we’re all about the freedom to choose if you want to use Discord or not. So, we got some great news – with proxies, you can bypass any geo-restrictions. The United States, Canada, Germany, Japan… choose any country you want to connect from, and enjoy Discord as much as you like.

• Bypass blocks in workplaces

Not only countries forbid their citizens to use social platforms. Some workplaces, schools, and libraries block Discord too. However, situations where you need to use the app exist. And so do the ways to go around the restriction: simply use a proxy and connect from the place that allows the usage of Discord.

• Protect privacy and security

An IP address is a sensitive and quite vulnerable piece of info, as it pinpoints your location and internet service provider. Let’s be honest – not everyone wants their IP to be seen by web services, including Discord. To make yourself private and secure, give proxies a shot as they hide your sensitive data from potential threats. 

• Manage multiple accounts

Wanna create and manage multiple Discord accounts without getting banned? By now, ya know where it’s going – simply use proxies. It allows you to go beyond Discord’s limitations and use hundreds of accounts on a daily basis. Additionally, proxies work perfectly with other social media platforms.

• Enjoy speed

Some proxy providers really do take care of their customers. For instance, we use advanced proxy server technologies that optimize your connection speed and performance to the max – and we’re talking about automated proxy rotation and 99.99% uptime. Access and manage your accounts as fast as light.

Quality Discord proxies

What proxies to use?

OK, let’s set the record straight. To enjoy proxies to the fullest, you gotta choose a trustworthy provider. We don’t recommend sites that offer free proxies. First of all, they often are inefficient and prone to get blocked, so you won’t get the benefits you need. Secondly, never forget – if you don’t pay for the product, it’s most likely that you’re the product. Most free proxy networks are known to harvest users’ data and insert malicious code, and that ain’t it. 

Discord isn’t an aggressive fighter, so you can use shared datacenter proxies. They’re cheap, fast, and undetectable; they may also have additional advanced features, including rotating, sticky sessions, etc. However, you can always explore other options, such as residential proxies that give you even more power and anonymity, or dedicated datacenter proxies that let you own private IPs.


Discord is the way to go due to its epic features, but some restrictions can make its user experience quite negative. Proxies may solve your problems and, in some scenarios, will make the Discord experience possible. Don’t forget to choose the right proxies and the provider, and we wish you all the best in your Discord journey!

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Frequently asked questions

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No, it’s not possible to obtain someone’s IP on Discord. Only the app itself has your IP. 

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