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Blazing Fast Proxies for AdTech

Use our #1 in IP quality proxies with precise geo-targeting to test ads, optimize CPA, and verify links effectively.

65M+ ethically-sourced IPs
99.99% uptime
ASN, OS, and city-level targeting
195+ locations
14-day money-back option
Blazing Fast Proxies for AdTech

What is AdTech?

AdTech, also known as advertising technology, is the use of technology and data in advertising. It combines a range of tools and platforms that enable marketing gurus to plan, target, deliver, and optimize digital advertising campaigns.


Leverage targeted advertising

Use a 65M+ IP pool, specific targeting options, including IPs filtering with 700+ ASNs, such as Verizon or O2, pick an operating system, and access city and country-level targeting.


Prevent fraud and save budget

Detect and mitigate illegitimate, non-human ad impressions, clicks, or conversions, and don’t let your advertising budget go to waste.


Test affiliate links with ease

Evaluate affiliate links placements & performance in different locales. Avoid bans, throttling, or CAPTCHAs to make automated link testing run as smoothly as possible.

Fast proxies for AdTech

Need a robust proxy solution for ad verification? Our AdTech proxies are here to help. With real IP addresses from around the world, sourced from residential devices, you can quickly and smoothly verify ads at scale. Our high-quality anonymous proxies are perfect for ad verification software. Plus, they offer precise targeting options, including device type or mobile carrier targeting.


Ensuring accurate ad performance measurement

Evaluate your ad campaigns effectiveness and make informed decisions.


Real-time ads verification

See how your ads are displayed to users in different regions and make tweaks by hopping through 195+ locations.


AdTech proxies for app testing

Simulate real user experiences and accurately assess the app performance through different IP addresses.


Harnessing the power of affiliate marketing

Optimize affiliate campaigns, track competitor strategies, and gain valuable insights.

Overcome AdTech hassles easier with Smartproxy solutions


All your proxy usage statistics – powered up

Effortlessly access comprehensive usage statistics such as traffic and popular targets, easily whitelist IPs, add new users, and upgrade your stack with just a few simple clicks.


All the support you might ever need

Get started faster with our quick start guide, visit our frequently updated knowledge library and developer-friendly documentation, or reach us 24/7 via LiveChat.


Integrate your favorite third-party tools

Reach top-notch performance by assembling the ultimate AdTech toolbox. Combine our proxies with GoLogin, PVA Accounts, and other integrations in just a few easy steps.


Equip Browser extension working will all proxy types

Smartproxy offers a free Chrome extension and Mozilla Firefox add-on to get instant proxy access in just a click. Handy proxying features will help you access geo-restricted content and complete AdTech tasks faster.

Best products for AdTech tasks

Pinpoint any location using our city-level targeting at no extra costs and reach the highest conversion rates.


Residential proxies


55M+ IP pool

HTTP(S) & SOCKS5 support

Sticky & rotating sessions

By utilizing real IPs from household devices connected to a local network, residential proxies enable accurate ad verification, localization testing, and customer tracking. With the ability to simulate user experiences from different locations, our residential proxies with a 99.68% success rate help you optimize your ad campaigns and ensure their success, all while maintaining a block-free approach.


Mobile proxies


10M+ IP pool

700+ mobile carriers

160+ locations

Mobile proxies assign you an IP address from a phone or tablet connected to a cellular network, allowing you to switch between locations, different mobile carriers, and test mobile applications seamlessly. Our mobile proxies offer the fastest response time in the market of <0.8s and an excellent success rate of 99.48%, ensuring that you can run your AdTech tasks without experiencing CAPTCHAs or IP bans.

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Frequently asked questions

What is considered AdTech?

AdTech is the integration of technological advancements and data-driven strategies in the realm of advertising. It comprises various tools, platforms, and techniques that empower marketers to strategically design, execute, and refine their digital advertising initiatives.

AdTech enables advertisers to effectively plan, target, deliver, and optimize their advertising campaigns to drive the best return on investment.

What is an example of AdTech?

There’s a range of AdTech tools marketing gurus can equip, including:

  • Retargeting and behavioral targeting tools;
  • Native advertising solutions;
  • Ad verification and fraud detection tools;
  • Attribution and analytics platforms;
  • Cross-device tracking technologies;
  • Ad blockers and ad viewability tools;
  • Contextual advertising platforms.

What is ad verification?

Ad verification ensures digital ads are displayed correctly and reach the desired audience. It involves leveraging various tools to verify ad placements' quality, validity, and performance across various channels and devices.

Ad verification aims to detect and prevent ad fraud, viewability problems, brand safety concerns, and various ad placement discrepancies. By monitoring and analyzing ad campaigns, advertising gurus can ensure that their ads are displayed as intended, reach the right audience, and generate the desired results.

What are the four core pillars of ad verification?

The four core pillars of ad verification are:

  • Ad fraud detection focuses on identifying and preventing fraudulent activities in digital advertising, like bot traffic, non-human interactions, or click fraud.
  • Viewability measurement ensures that ads are being displayed in a viewable manner to users. It tracks metrics such as the percentage of an ad that is visible on the screen and the duration of its visibility.
  • Brand safety monitoring involves protecting advertisers' brands from association with inappropriate or harmful content. It includes monitoring ad placements to prevent them from appearing on harmful websites.
  • Ad verification analytics provide in-depth insights into the performance and effectiveness of advertising campaigns. It includes metrics such as impression delivery, click-through rates (CTR), engagement rates, conversion rates, and other key performance indicators.

How to prevent ad click fraud?

Although there’s still a risk, you can minimize ad click fraud risk by following these key tips:

  • Utilize click fraud detection tools or services;
  • Implement conversion tracking to monitor user actions;
  • Monitor click metrics for suspicious patterns or irregularities;
  • Target specific demographics and relevant websites;
  • Monitor traffic sources and exclude low-quality or suspicious ones;
  • Regularly review ad placements for reputable platforms.

Can proxies block ads?

While some proxies may have built-in ad-blocking capabilities, the primary purpose of a proxy is to provide anonymity or bypass certain restrictions, not block ads.

Get proxies for AdTech and forget CAPTCHAs and IP bans forever.

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