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1. The Package: What you get

smartproxy geotargeting

Unlimited geo-targeting

Unlimited connections and threads to 40+ million residential IPs from 195+ locations with a 3-day money-back guarantee.

smartproxy 24:7 customer support

24/7 customer support

We are here to help you in any way we can! Let's chat!

smartproxy HTTPs; IPV4


Send unlimited HTTP requests through our proxies or use an encrypted communication protocol. Use standard IPv4 addresses to access any target easily and quickly.

smartproxy Unlimited connections

Unlimited connections

Both residential and datacenter proxies have backconnect nodes for unlimited connections.

2. Monthly subscriptions: Basic information

  • You can use an unlimited number of connections, threads, and countries at once. Our pricing model is based only on traffic usage.

  • Change your plan at any time or add more GB if you ever run out of traffic.

with Smartproxy Access local data

smartproxy auto-renewal-payments

3. Proxies: How they work

Residential IPs are private IP addresses associated with internet service providers (ISP). Our network routes your requests through real desktop and mobile devices when accessing the web.

How Smartproxy proxy network works

You can use rotating “gateway” proxy ports that allow you to use a different proxy (IP address) for each connection. Connect to specific gateways to access proxies from particular countries or cities. Use residential IPs from as many countries or cities as you like. Change locations as often as needed.

4. The Smartproxy dashboard: an overview

  • Traffic usage
    See traffic statistics and subscription details.

  • Proxy user
    User:pass authorization. Create proxy users and passwords for different tasks to track and limit traffic usage.

  • Whitelist
    Create a list of trusted IP addresses that do not need a proxy user. These IPs can access proxies without user:pass.

smartproxy dashboard

What you will find in the dashboard

Traffic usage

In the ‘Traffic usage’ section you will find basic info about your pricing plan and subscription details. If you’re already using proxies - you will find your daily traffic use statistic.

smartproxy traffic usage

Overal traffic details - Track your traffic usage and know how many GB you have left. You will be updated via email once you use 80% of your plan.

Filter statistics - Select a period and check your usage statistics.

Subscription details - Want to change your plan? Go to the ‘billing’ tab on the left.

Proxy user

Create a proxy user (subuser) to track traffic dedicated for different tasks, locations or projects. Check a proxy user's status and traffic usage. If you want, add a GB limit to control their traffic use.

smartproxy dashboard-proxy user

Total users - The total number of proxy users you can create and how many are used up (active). The number depends on your plan.

Create a proxy user - Username: you can use upper/lower case, letters, numbers and ‘_’. The minimum length of the username is 6 characters. Please do not use ‘@’ in the password. To change any proxy authentication credential, click ‘Edit’.

Change password - To change a proxy user's authentication credentials, click ‘Edit’.

Buy additional users - Get additional proxy users at any time.


IP whitelisting allows you to create a list of trusted IP addresses. For example, you can whitelist a device you are using and it won’t need user:pass authorization to connect to our proxies. This authentication method lets you use proxies for software and devices that do not support user:pass authentication.

smartproxy whitelist IP

Add a whitelisted IP - Enter an IP address you want to whitelist or add your current IP.

Proxy server

In the 'Proxy server' tab on the left side menu you can choose between residential / datacenter proxy endpoints ('gateways') or get a cURL command example.

In the ‘cURL test example’ tab, the system will generate an endpoint example in the domain:port format (see the ‘shell example’ box). To get the cURL command example, you will need to: a) select your authentication method, b) choose port parameters, c) and enter your target website.

smartproxy dashboard-endpoints 15.06.13

Choose a session type - ROTATING SESSION – assigns a new IP for each new connection request. STICKY SESSION – assigns an IP for up to 10 min. (Datacenter proxies - 30min)

Choose a location - RANDOM – get a random IP from the whole pool. SPECIFIC LOCATION – target IP addresses in the country or city from the menu.

Choose an authentication method - If you choose a whitelisted IP - you won’t need to use credentials. If you choose USER:PASS authorization - you can insert your credentials in the 'Ports' section below to get the full cURL command example.

Get a shell example: - ENDPOINT – this is the address you must use to connect to the selected proxy pool. PORT – add the port number to your endpoint to connect to the proxy server. PORT RANGE – use any port(s) in this range to connect to the endpoint.

5. Usage: How to set up ports and choose the right proxies

5.1 Choosing a session

ROTATING session - To change your IP with each new request.

STICKY session - The default session time is up to 10 min, starting with the first request sent (datacenter - 30min). A sticky session gets terminated if the IP address does not respond or if there's no activity for 60s for that session. If a session gets terminated, you will receive a new sticky IP and the same rules apply again.

5.2 Choosing proxy location

For a rotating session, random location

The gate.smartproxy.com:7000 endpoint will rotate your proxy to an IP address from a random location with every new request.

curl -U user:pass -x gate.smartproxy.com: 7000 https://ipinfo.io

For a rotating session, specific location

To rotate your proxy with each request to a new IP address from a specific location, you need to choose ports from the proxy server list.

As in the example below, you can use a single city/country specific proxy endpoint to get a random proxy in that city/country with every query. For example, use us.smartproxy.com:10000 for IP addresses in the US.

curl -U user:pass -x us.smartproxy.com: 10000 https://ipinfo.io

For a sticky session, random location

Your new IP address will not change with each new request but will stay the same for a longer period.

When you need to establish sticky sessions with IP addresses from random locations, use a single backconnect entry node with the sticky session parameter.

curl -U user-user:pass -x gate.smartproxy.com: 10000 - 49999 https://ipinfo.io

For a sticky session, specific location

You need to choose sticky ports to keep an IP address from a specific location for up to 10 minutes.

The most popular countries have up to 10,000 ports for sticky IPs. For example, it.smartproxy.com: 25762 will give the same Italian IP address for up to 10 minutes. Please note that this endpoint (it.smartproxy.com) has 10,000 sticky ports, from 20001 to 29999.

curl -U user:pass-x it.smartproxy.com: 20001 - 29999 https://ipinfo.io

6. Backconnect proxies: Available parameters

Smartproxy also offers proxy access through a single backconnect endpoint: gate.smartproxy.com:7000. To use this endpoint you need to pass all parameters in a string alongside your username and password. Here is the list of all available parameters with their descriptions and usage.


Provide the country code in a two-symbol ISO format. To get a random country, simply exclude this parameter from the string.


Adding this parameter to the authorization header enables you to specify which city IP to use to process the request. Use this parameter together with the country information.


The session parameter lets you set a random string to create a session. This random string works like a separate sticky IP session. When you use the same session string, you get the same sticky IP address. Note that the sticky session length and other rules apply to sessions with the session parameter. After one sticky session ends, a new IP will be assigned to this session ID.

7. cURL: Examples with parameters

To get a random proxy from a random country/city

curl -U username:password -x gate.smartproxy.com:7000 https://ipinfo.io

To get a random proxy from a specific country and random city

curl -U user-username-country-it:password -x gate.smartproxy.com:7000 https://ipinfo.io

To get a proxy in a specific country with a sticky IP address

curl -U user-username-country-us-session-randomizedstring999: password-x gate.smartproxy.com:7000 https://ipinfo.io

To get a proxy in a specific country and city with a sticky IP address

curl -U user-username-country-us-city-new_york-session-randomizedstring999:password -x gate.smartproxy.com:7000 https://ipinfo.io

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