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1. What is a proxy

How Smartproxy proxy network works

Proxy is an intermediary server between two devices on a network (read more about what is a proxy here). Residential IPs are private IP addresses associated with internet service providers (ISP). Our residential proxy network routes your requests through real desktop and mobile devices when accessing the web.

2. Smartproxy proxy network

proxy type selection

Our shared proxy network has the best proxy pool technology. It lets you use proxies in the pool concurrently, which means that you can use millions of IP addresses. You also get free advanced proxy rotation with every plan, which gives you a new IP address for every connection request.

  • Forget IP list. Our rotating proxy network (residential and datacenter) are rotating so there is no option to purchase individual/static IPs. Don’t worry – most of bots/tools accept domain:port format, plus we will rotate proxies for you without your effort.
  • Unlimited proxy (IP addresses). Once you sign up, you will get access to the whole pool of IPs no matter which plan you choose.
  • Automatically rotating proxies. You will use automatically rotating proxy ports that will rotate proxy address (IP addresses) for each connection.

There are two IP pools in our network: datacenter and residential. Datacenter proxies have exceptional speeds and come cheaper than residential proxies, which give you advanced flexibility. Read this blogpost and find out more about residential and datacenter proxies.  

smartproxy proxy products
  • Shared proxies. Our advanced proxy network technology allows a small handful of users to share the same IP address at a time.
  • Flexible. Use proxies with any device – see our configurations and integrations to set up proxies on any browser, device or tool.
  • Fast. We use the best proxy server technologies that optimize your connection speed and residential proxy performance beyond anything else in the market.
  • Unblocked. Use a simple backconnect node to target IPs in any location on the planet. Geo-targeting with our proxy network is a breeze! We will cover this topic in section 9 called “Residential backconnect proxies”
  • Anonymous. All proxies in our pool are anonymous. They never give away your real IP address or location.
Proxy type: Residential Datacenter
Shared rotating IPs > Yes Yes
Static IPs No No
Dedicated IP list No No
Rotating session > Yes Yes
Sticky session > Yes, up to 10min Yes, 30min
Proxy authentication > Username:password / Whitelist Username:password
Domain:port format > Yes Yes
HTTP, HTTPs and IPV4 > Yes Yes

3. Where you can use proxies

Join thousands of universities, web developers, NGOs and entrepreneurs who use Smartproxy every day. Our network supports proxy usage for data scraping, ad verification, various bots and automation tools, web browsers, sneaker bots, and any other applications that support HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

Use proxies

Adapting our network to a variety of different use cases ensures that sharing proxies between two or three users does not impact the connection success rate to any target server. You can find our clients’ success studies here.

We have the fewest blocked targets out of all major proxy networks.

4. The Package: What you get

Both our products (residential proxies and datacenter proxies) work like semi-dedicated proxy networks: you can use the same IP for a longer period of time with a sticky session. These proxies are cheap just like shared ones, and high-performing as only a few clients can use the same proxy at a time. 

  • Only real device IPs. All proxies in our residential pool come from real desktop and mobile devices. They do not share subnetworks and are extremely hard to block.
  • Shared private proxies. Our proxies are not public. Only paying clients get access to our IP addresses.
  • Unlimited IPs. We are the only major shared proxy provider that lets you use the whole proxy pool regardless of the price level. You can use an unlimited number of IPs, connections, threads and countries at once. Our pricing model is based only on traffic usage.
  • 24/7 customer support. We are here to help you in any way we can! Let’s chat!
Shared rotating proxy type: Residential Datacenter
IP pool 40M+ 40k
Unlimited IPs > Yes Yes
Locations > 195+ USA
Chrome/Firefox extension > Yes No
Proxy generator > Yes Yes
Public API > Yes Yes
Referral program > Yes No
Subscription starts at > $75/monthly $50/monthly
3 day money back > Yes Yes

5. Monthly subscriptions

subscription management screen
  • Plans. Our pricing model is based only on traffic usage. You can choose from residential or datacenter plans.
  • Auto-renewal monthly subscription. When you purchase a Smartproxy plan, you create an auto-renewal monthly subscription. Payments are made automatically on a monthly basis at the beginning of every billing cycle. The billing cycle begins on the day of your first payment.
  • Subscription management. You can change your plan by upgrading / downgrading / renewing it any time. If you don’t upgrade your subscription plan, unused GBs (traffic) will not be transferred to the new billing cycle. Read more about GB transferring here.
  • Traffic management. Use auto top-up functionality or purchase extra GBs if you ever run out of traffic. Extra traffic is added to your current subscription. It does not extend the subscription period.
  • Trial and refund policy. Trial memberships are not available due to abuse. You’re 100% safe with our first order’s 3-day money-back guarantee (except for BTC payments). Read more about our refund policy here.
  • Opt-out of subscription. As each of our plans create an auto-renewal monthly subscription, you have to opt-out of the monthly subscription before the next billing cycle starts. Read more about the cancellation flow here.

Purchased a plan. What’s next? Read here.

6. Smartproxy dashboard overview

dash overview
  • Pricing. Choose subscription monthly plan to start using proxies instantly. Upgrade or downgrade your plan with a few clicks. You can choose from 7 residential plans and 4 datacenter plans. We accept payments with credit cards, PayPal, and BTC.
residential pricing
  • Proxy user (proxy authentication) a.k.a. user:pass authorization. With one proxy user you can connect to as many locations and concurrent sessions as you want which means – access the whole proxy pool! In case you want to track and limit traffic usage for different tasks/projects, creating multiple proxy users (subusers) might be helpful too. If you want, add a GB limit to control the subuser’s traffic use. We will cover this topic in section 7.1 called Proxy authentication.
proxy user tab

Total users – the number of proxy users you can create and how many of them are active. The number depends on your plan.

Create a proxy user for the username you can use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and ‘_’. The minimum length of the username is 6 characters. Please do not use ‘@’ in the password. To change any proxy authentication credential, click ‘Edit’.

Buy additional users get additional proxy users at any time.

Whitelist (proxy authentication. Only for residential proxies). You can create a list of trusted IP addresses (a.k.a. trusted devices). These IPs can access proxies without user:pass. With one whitelisted device IP you can connect to as many locations and concurrent sessions as you want. We will cover this topic in section 7.1 called Proxy authentication.

NOTE: Datacenter proxies and IPv6 whitelisting is not supported.

whitelist tab
example of the Smartproxy rotating endpoint for the Netherlands
  • Traffic usage. Traffic is the sum of incoming request size and outgoing content size (request headers + request data + response headers + response data). You can see your traffic statistics and subscription details in this tab.
smartproxy traffic usage

Overall traffic details – track your traffic usage and find out how many GBs you have left. You will get an update via email once you use 80% of your plan.

Filter statisticsselect a period and check your usage statistics.

  • Referral program. Invite your besties to the Smartproxy family and get 10% of the residential plan size your friend purchased! The referral program will launch automatically after 32 days of your subscription’s activation.
referral dashboard

7. Choosing the right proxy (authentication and proxy server)

When you use our services, you will connect to a specific proxy pool by using the domain:port format (endpoint:port), e.g. us.smartproxy.com:10000 and your authentication method.

domain port format explained

Need IP:port format? We do not recommend using IP:Port format unless it’s absolutely necessary (e.g. if your application does not accept the default endpoint:port format) because our server’s IP may change at any time. If have questions please contact support team.

Purchased a plan. What’s next?

To be able to connect to a specific proxy pool and get proxies there, you need to decide on:

  1. Proxy authentication method: Proxy user (username:password) or whitelisting (whitelisting trusted devices’ IPs). Will cover this in 7.1 Proxy authentication.
  2. Location you want to target. That is defined by proxy address (endpoint) in the ‘Proxy server’ tab. Will cover this in 7.2 Location: proxy address (endpoint).
  3. Session type you will use: sticky or rotating. This is defined by the port number in the ‘Proxy server’ tab. Will cover this in 7.3 Session type: port.

7.1 Proxy authentication

Our residential proxies can be accessed via two different types of authentication: user:pass and whitelisting.

  • Proxy user a.k.a. username:password (residential and datacenter proxies).
proxy user explained

One proxy user is enough to connect to the whole proxy pool and use as many concurrent sessions as you want. In case you want to track and limit traffic usage for different tasks/projects, creating multiple proxy users (subusers) might be helpful too. Thats why with each plan you get different amount of proxy users or can purchase extra proxy user at any time.

If you choose this authentication method, you will need to use ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ credentials together with your selected proxy server (domain:port). To set up this authentication, go to the ‘Proxy user’ tab.

NOTE: Your first proxy user password is the same as dashboard login. We strongly recommend changing it. If you do some changes to your proxy user, please wait for 10-15min before using it again.

RESI proxy user
  • IP-based whitelisting (residential proxies only).

IP whitelisting allows you to create lists of trusted IP addresses (trusted devices). If you choose whitelisting as your authentication method, you won’t need to use your username:password together with your selected proxy server. To set up this authentication, go to the ‘Whitelist’ tab. How many devices you can mark as ‘trusted’ depends on your plan.

NOTE: whitelist options does not work on datacenter proxies and IPv6 whitelisting is not supported.

RESI IP whitelist

Once the authentication is ready, you can move on to filtering the right proxy server for you. To form the correct domain:port format (a.k.a. endpoint:port), use the ‘Proxy server’ tab in your dashboard. Proxy addresses are different for residential and datacenter proxies. You can filter them out and use them later on your tool / bot.

how smartproxy works

7.2 Location: proxy address (endpoint)

domain example

You need to use the proxy address to connect to the proxy pool (a specific location). For example, if you need residential IPs from any location, you will use a random proxy address (endpoint) gate.smartproxy.com and for a specific location, for example USA, us.smartproxy.com. We will talk about how it looks in cURL a bit later.

smartproxy proxy address

Use the proxy location filter to find a specific country or city. With the residential plan you can choose from over 195 locations and 8 cities, while with the datacenter plan we offer US proxies.

RESI proxy sever and location is city

7.3 Session type: port

Final step – choose the port. Its number determines your session type:

port example
  • Rotating IP session.

The IPs will change automatically with each new request from the proxy pool you specified. You don’t need to have IP list anymore or rotate proxies manually as one port will cover it all behind the scenes.

The port number depends on your chosen session. When you’re using the rotating session, the port will be covered by one number, for example a rotating proxy in a random location will use the 7000 and USA 10000.

proxy port number
  • Sticky IP session 

Sticky session rotate proxies slower that means keeps the same IP for a longer period of time: up to 10 mins for residential IPs and 30 mins for datacenter IPs.

A sticky session provides you with a port range. Same as with rotating session, you don’t need to have IP list anymore or rotate proxies manually as port/port range will cover it all behind the scenes.

If you use sticky session, you can use any port(s) in the ports range to connect to the proxy server (endpoint). You can also download your filtered list of domain:ports by clicking on ‘Download the list’.


Now you have everything: the authentication, the proxy address (domain), and the port (or port range) to integrate our proxies to your tool / bot / scraper whenever you want.

If you need specific integrations or configurations with our most popular tools, check out our help doc or chat with us!

Now let’s see how you can use these parameters with cURL.

8. Test proxies with cURL. Examples in domain:port format

cURL is a command line tool that lets you transfer data from or to servers with URL syntax commands. Use cURL to make sure your authentication and proxies really works fine before using proxies within your tool/bot.

Generate cURL example in dashboard

In the ‘Proxy server’ > cURL test example tab, the system will generate a proxy server (endpoint) example in the domain:port format (see the ‘shell example’ box) that you can paste to your operating system terminal.

1. Go to dashboard page: https://dashboard.smartproxy.com/endpoints
2. Click on Curl test example;
3. Enter all of the required information there. shell example is ready to copy to clipboard!
4. Copy the command that is generated (Shell example);
5. Open the Terminal or Command prompt on your device;
6. Paste in the command and run it. If have questions please contact support.

curl test example

More cURL examples

  • For a rotating session with a random location.
random rotating port

The gate.smartproxy.com:7000 will rotate your IP to an IP address from a random location with every new request. cURL (with user:pass authorization) will look like:

curl -U user:pass -x gate.smartproxy.com:7000 https://ipinfo.io
  • For a rotating session with a specific location.
rotating country port
curl -U user:pass -x us.smartproxy.com:10000 https://ipinfo.io

As shown in the cURL (with user:pass authorization) example above, you can use a single city/country specific proxy address (endpoint) to get a random proxy in that city/country with every query. For example, use us.smartproxy.com:10000 for IP addresses in the US.

  • For a sticky session with a random location. Your new IP address will not change with each new request but will stay the same for a longer period of time (residential proxies up to 10min, datacenter proxies up to 30min). cURL (with user:pass authorization) will look like:
curl -U user:pass -x gate.smartproxy.com:10000 https://ipinfo.io
curl -U user:pass -x gate.smartproxy.com:10001 https://ipinfo.io
curl -U user:pass -x gate.smartproxy.com:10002 https://ipinfo.io
curl -U user:pass -x gate.smartproxy.com:49999 https://ipinfo.io

When you need to establish sticky sessions with IP addresses from random locations, use a single backconnect entry node with the sticky session parameter. We will cover this in section 9 called “Residential backconnect proxies”.

  • For a sticky session with a specific location. You need to choose sticky ports to keep an IP address from a specific location for longer periods of time.
curl -U user:pass -x it.smartproxy.com:20001 https://ipinfo.io
curl -U user:pass -x it.smartproxy.com:20001 https://ipinfo.io
curl -U user:pass -x it.smartproxy.com:20002 https://ipinfo.io
curl -U user:pass -x it.smartproxy.com:29999 https://ipinfo.io

The most popular countries have up to 10,000 ports for sticky IPs. For example, it.smartproxy.com: 25762 will give you the same Italian IP address to use for up to 10 minutes. Please note that this endpoint (it.smartproxy.com) has 10,000 sticky ports, from 20001 to 29999. You can download them them all by clicking ‘Download this list’.

9. Residential backconnect proxies

A backconnect proxy is configurable residential proxy access. You can add specific parameters such as the session type, country, city and fully control your connection.

Smartproxy offers a single backconnect endpoint: gate.smartproxy.com:7000. To use this endpoint you need to pass all parameters in a string alongside your username and password (whitelist authentication does not work here). For example, a location-targeted backconnect proxy server parameter lets you access IPs only from a certain country or city.

As a backconnect proxy only works on the residential pool, it assigns a new IP address for each rotating request or a sticky IP for up to 10 minutes. If you want to use a sticky session, use Session ID. Otherwise, just ignore that part to receive a rotating proxy.

The backconnect entry node can be used in various applications. You will need to pass every parameter for your session alongside the username in the username field like this: user-username-country-country_code-city-city_name-session-randomstring. A few examples:

  • To get a random proxy from a specific country and a random city
curl -U user-username-country-it:password -x gate.smartproxy.com:7000 https://ipinfo.io

To get a proxy in a specific country with a sticky IP address (using session ID).

Example of sticky Portugese proxy using session ID randomstring123 – session ID defined by string of your choice.

curl -U user-username-country-pt-session-randomstring123:password -x gate.smartproxy.com:7000 https://ipinfo.io

To get a proxy in a specific country and city with a sticky IP address (using session ID)

Example of sticky US – New York proxy using session ID randomstring123 – session ID defined by string of your choice.

curl -U user-username-country-us-city-new_york-session-randomstring123:password -x gate.smartproxy.com:7000 https://ipinfo.io

10. Public API

With Smartproxy API you will be able to access proxies and take full control over your account.

  • Create, update, delete, and set traffic limits for your proxy users.
  • Pull out reports for traffic usage.
  • Create and delete whitelisted IPs to simplify authentication.
  • Filter and list all endpoints with ports.
  • Check the status of your current subscription.

Any questions?

We are here to help you
in any way we can!