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How to Set Up a Proxy on iPhone in Less Than One Minute

Say goodbye to blocked websites and hello to internet freedom with our guide on how to set up a proxy on your iPhone. Access content without restrictions with iOS proxies.

Use our proxy server to hide your IP address and change location. Here's the easiest way to configure a proxy server on your iOS device.

How to setup a proxy on iPhone
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Why should you protect your iPhone with a proxy server

Want to change your iPhone's IP address with the best proxies and protect your personal data? Then don't fall for free proxies that steal your data! Start using our highly anonymous proxy network and get a new anonymous IP address with every connection request. You can be 100% sure we'll protect your online identity and won't disclose your location.

What else? Select proxies in any location to access content and websites in any country, city, or state without restrictions.

How to configure iPhone proxy settings

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Proxy settings for iPhone
  1. Open your iPhone settings;
  2. Select Wi-Fi;
  3. Choose your Wi-Fi network to configure a proxy;
  4. Scroll down to the HTTP Proxy option and choose Configure Proxy;
  5. Tap on Manual configuration;
  6. Provide proxy details – server and port;
  7. Check if the HTTP proxy works here.

Note: You can also automatically configure your iPhone proxy. Choose Automatic configuration option – you'll see a spot to enter the web address (URL) of the proxy auto-config script. Type in the address and hit Save. Your device will now use the script to activate the proxy server.Put the website address for the proxy configuration in the URL field.

residential proxy for iPhone

If you're setting up a residential proxy for iPhone and iPad

In case you've chosen Smartproxy as your residential proxy service provider, follow this example to edit your proxy details. 

Example: Server –, port – 10101. This will let you connect through our US proxy servers.You can also try with the 7000 port to reach the whole 40M+ IP pool.

Turn on authentication if your network IP isn't whitelisted in the dashboard, and add your username and password.

datacenter proxy configuration for iPhone

Datacenter proxy configuration for iPhone and iPad

If you're using a datacenter proxy server, try the endpoint to reach a massive list of 100K datacenter IPs. Need a US proxy server address? Then endpoint should be your choice. Besides, the authentication is a breeze – just turn it on, enter your username and password, and you're good to go!

Using private proxy servers? No problem –the steps remain the same. And for the dedicated datacenter proxy server and its port, find them on our dashboard on the left menu (Dedicated Datacenter > Proxy setup). Note that this setup works only for HTTP(S) proxies.

How to turn off a proxy server on iPhone

turn off a proxy server

Done with you proxying or reaching the target with an automatic proxy detection? To stop using a proxy server, just go to the proxy settings (Go to Settings > select Wi-Fi > choose your current network > scroll down and press on Configure Proxy) and tap Off.

Why Smartproxy is the best value proxy provider

Unlimited connections and threads

Unlimited connections and threads

Wanna go all-in with countless threads and connections at once? Go on, we won't limit your bandwidth.

City-level targeting

City-level targeting

Use Smartproxy IPs from as many countries or cities as you like. Change locations as often as needed.

24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support

Experienced 24/7 online technical support via LiveChat. Some say our proxy gurus solve problems in seconds! See it yourself.

3-day money-back option

3-day money-back option

Don't like it? No sweat! We've got a 3-day, no-questions-asked money-back option (terms apply, of course).

Frequently asked questions

What is an iPhone proxy server

A proxy server is like a middleman between your iOS device and the internet. It lets you bypass pesky location blocks, hide your IP address and strengthen your online security. And if you ever wondered if you can use a proxy server on iPhone, then yes! We're about to show you how.

What is the best proxy server for iPhone?

Not all proxy services are equal. Don't settle for just any Joe Schmoe. Make sure you pick a reputable provider with a solid reputation for keeping your info safe and private. And no, you don't need extensive research for proxy servers – Proxyway has been doing it for you for years. Besides, they awarded Smartproxy the best value provider twice in a row!

How do I get SOCKS5 on my iPhone?

Unfortunately, iOS does not natively support setting up a SOCKS5 proxy through the settings. To use a SOCKS5 proxy on an iPhone, you will need to use a third-party app or browser extension that supports it, or use a VPN service that offers the SOCKS5 protocol.

Should configure proxy be on or off on iPhone?

Keep the proxy server on if you want to hide your IP and surf anonymously. Else, turn it off. Keep in mind that using a proxy server can slow down your internet and use up more data.

How to use a proxy server on iPad?

The formula is the same as using a proxy server on iPhone. Just head to Settings > choose Wi-Fi > press on your current network > scroll down to HTTP proxy > select Configure proxy > press Manual. Then your task is to fill your proxy server and port information and turn on the authentication if your IP isn't whitelisted.