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Earn money by inviting your friends

Invite friends to Smartproxy and get 30% of their first transaction for both of you!

Earn money by inviting your friends
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    Earn 30% of your friend’s first purchase
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    Unlimited referrals
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    No expiration date

Earn rewards in 3-2-1

1. Get your referral link

Head to your dashboard's "Referral Program" bar to find your unique referral link.

2. Invite your friends

Share the link anywhere you want to bring people to Smartproxy.

3. Get rewarded

After people register following your referral link and make a purchase, you get 30% of their first transaction each.


How does the Smartproxy referral program work?

If you've been an active Smartproxy user for at least 5 days, you can invite your friends to join the Smart side. When your friend makes their first purchase, you'll both receive a bonus of 30% of their transaction amount added to your Smartproxy wallet after 5 days.

There's no limit to the number of friends you can invite, and the referral links never expire! Plus, the bonus applies to all first-time wallet top-ups and self-service subscription plans, except custom and enterprise.

So what are you waiting for? Share your referral link to collect these whoopin' rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Smartproxy referral program rewards?

The referral bonus is 30% of the friend's first transaction with Smartproxy and is added as wallet credits for both: the advocate (you, a current Smartproxy user) and your friend (a person who follows your referral link to join Smartproxy). 

Who can participate in the referral program?

To be eligible, you must use our services for over 5 days (topped up your wallet, purchased self-service proxy plans or scraping tools), and your friend must be a newbie to Smartproxy. That means they've never had an account or used our services before.

How can I start inviting my friends?

To invite a friend, copy the referral link you find in your dashboard, referral program section. The link has to be shared with a friend, and the friend has to follow the referral link to sign up for Smartproxy. When that friend makes a purchase, after 5 days, the referral bonuses will be assigned to both parties.

How many people can I invite?

There is no limit to how many friends you can invite and how much bonus you can earn. The more people follow your referral links, the more bonus you acquire.

Who can be invited to join Smartproxy?

Referral bonuses will be paid only for those referrals who are new Smartproxy customers. Creating separate accounts for the same person and inviting the same person over and over again will not earn a referral bonus.

Where can I share my referral link?

Anywhere! Your referral tracking link is unique and custom-made for you. That means wherever you share it, we will know that referrals come from your efforts. Therefore unleash your imagination and try to reach as many people as possible.

When will we get the referral bonus?

Referral bonuses are paid 5 days after the friend’s first purchase date.

How will we get paid?

Referral bonuses will be added as Smartproxy wallet credits.

What are the limitations of the referral program?

To start sharing the referral links, you must be a paying Smartproxy customer for at least 5 days. Only then the section 'Referral program' will appear on your dashboard. Your friend (a person who follows your referral link to create an account) must be new to Smartproxy and become a paying client after 5 days. Then you both get your 30% rewards in wallet tokens. Referral bonuses are paid for wallet top-up transactions and self-service subscription plan sales. Custom-made and enterprise plans (which have to be confirmed by sales or customer support teams first) will not grant a referral bonus. Bonuses are not paid for refunded or chargeback transactions.