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Mobile Proxies with Global Coverage Now up to 70% Off

Leave restrictions behind with IPs around the globe and the highest level of compatibility with all popular coding languages. 

160+ locations
OS filtering
24/7 support
10M+ IP pool
700+ mobile carriers
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3G/4G/5G Mobile Proxies

What are mobile proxies?

Mobile proxies route traffic through mobile IPs while acting as an intermediary between the user and the target. From accessing region-specific content to collecting valuable web data, mobile proxies are the synonym for reliability.

Advanced targeting

Advanced targeting

Filter 10M+ mobile IPs with 700+ ASNs, choose an OS, iOS or Android, and access data globally with 160+ worldwide locations.

Highest compatibility

Maximum compatibility

Integrate mobile proxies into your working environment using any popular programming language and take advantage of a user-friendly API.

High success rates

Highest success rates

Bypass CAPTCHAs and IP bans without navigating through a complex infrastructure. Pair superior reputation mobile proxies with a free X Browser.

Flexible plans for any demand

Truly the best entry point in the market and plans that suit your needs.


No commitment




14-day money-back

2 GB

Save 25%



Total: $40

$30 + VAT billed monthly

14-day money-back


8 GB

Save 58%



Total: $160

$68 + VAT billed monthly

14-day money-back

25 GB

Save 60%



Total: $500

$200 + VAT billed monthly

14-day money-back

50 GB

Save 63%



Total: $1000

$375 +VAT billed monthly

14-day money-back

With each plan you access


10M+ ethically-sourced IPs


OS filtering by iOS & Android


160+ locations & 700+ mobile carrier providers




Unlimited concurrent requests


3G/4G/5G mobile proxies


24/7 tech support


City-level targeting

SSL Secure Payment

Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL

Get mobile proxies and save up

Save big by purchasing a bundle of residential and mobile proxies

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Covering all top mobile proxy locations

Geo-restricted content and bans are things of the past. Travel virtually and get an American, European, or Asian IP with 99.99% uptime from our pool of 160+ locations.

Ease of use with any setup

No matter the programming language, mobile proxies ensure a smooth connection to other tools in your business suite.

curl -U 'username:password' -x '' ''

Access your targets without any hassle

Power up your toolbox with highly authentic mobile proxies and access a range of targets without CAPTCHAs.

Discover why users love Smartproxy

Over 1K reviews on Trustpilot – trusted by 50K+ clients and industry experts

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Configurations & integrations

Learn how to set up your mobile proxies by exploring our integration guides. Easily plug in Smartproxy solutions with the most popular third-party software.



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Complimentary tools to sharpen your proxies

Enhance your proxying experience with our unique infrastructure. Create multiple browser profiles and manage your proxies directly in the browser without a single hassle.

X Browser

X Browser

Easily juggle multiple profiles without lifting a finger. Our X Browser will create unique fingerprints and do all the heavy lifting for you.

Chrome Proxy Extension

Chrome Proxy Extension

Easy-to-use, damn powerful. A proxy wonderland in your browser, accessible in 2 clicks. Free of charge.

Firefox Add-on

Firefox Add-on

Simple to set up, even easier to use. The virtual world at your fingertips in 2 clicks with this freebie.

Most popular use cases

Web scraping

Web scraping

Elevate your business by harnessing valuable web data extracted from even the most advanced targets. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions.



Create and manage multiple accounts on various platforms. Grow your online presence without experiencing CAPTCHAs or IP blocks.

App development & testing

App development & testing

Test apps and websites across different devices, OS, and locations to ensure the best user experience and highest conversion rates.

Explore our other products

Discover the Smartproxy infrastructure and find a perfect proxy match for your use case.

Residential proxies

Our residential proxies network is perfect for overcoming geo-restrictions, CAPTCHAs, and IP blocks. We provide ethically-sourced IPs with expansive pools, extensive location coverage, advanced targeting, a high success rate, and complete subscription flexibility.

    • smartproxy

      55M+ IPs

    • smartproxy

      195+ locations

    • smartproxy

      HTTP(s) + SOCKS5

    Each residential IP is a real desktop device with a specific physical location. Our residential proxies are the fastest in the market, 99.47% successful, and versatile for any use case. Available with a monthly subscription plan or the usage-based Pay As You Go option.

    Learn more
    • smartproxy

      Rotating on-demand IPs

    • smartproxy

      Forever website sessions

    • smartproxy

      Unlimited threads

    Get the best of both residential and datacenter proxies worlds. Enjoy 99.99% uptime, blazing speeds, and stability by equipping ISP proxies. Scrape advanced targets, power up your social media marketing, and tame all AdTech tasks while avoiding IP bans and CAPTCHAs.

    Learn more
    • smartproxy

      10M+ IPs

    • smartproxy

      700+ ASNs and city-level targeting

    • smartproxy

      HTTP(s) + SOCKS5

    Our 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile proxies come from mobile devices connected to mobile carriers. They’re exceptional for their high success rate, security, and advanced targeting options. Choose between iOS and Android operating systems using the OS filtering feature. Select the plan that best fits your needs, or opt for Pay As You Go and pay per GB.

    Learn more

Fastest time-to-value with our dashboard

Hop on and use our user-friendly dashboard whenever and however you need. A straightforward way to generate endpoints, track usage, and assign team roles.

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Build knowledge on mobile proxies, or pick up some dope ideas for your next project – our blog is just the perfect place.

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Frequently asked questions

How do mobile proxies work?

Mobile proxies work by routing internet user’s traffic through mobile IPs, acting as intermediaries between users and their target websites.

What is a mobile proxy?

A mobile proxy is an intermediary server that forwards your connection requests to a target website and returns your public data. Mobile IP addresses come from real mobile devices connected to any mobile carrier, such as Comcast, T-Mobile, or Sprint, and run on mobile networks.

What are mobile proxies used for?

3G/4G/5G mobile proxies help with a range of use cases. Loved by users for their stability and ability to stay undetected even by most advanced anti-proxy software, they can work wonders when users need to bypass geo-restrictions, run automation tools or manage multiple social media accounts.

What is a 4G mobile proxy?

A 4G mobile proxy server routes internet traffic through a mobile connection using 4G cellular technology.

Do you offer USA mobile proxies?

Yes! Smartproxy offers a large 3G/4G/5G mobile proxy pool in the US and other 160+ locations with city-level targeting.

What is the difference between mobile and residential proxies?

Mobile proxies work by routing your traffic through 3G/4G/5G cellular networks, which gives the impression that the user is accessing the target directly from the mobile device. Residential proxies take a different approach as they use local network connections to create a proxy IP address.

Highly Compatible Mobile Proxies

Access 10M+ carefully vetted mobile IPs in 160+ locations worldwide.

14-day money-back option

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