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Advanced Web Data Collection Solutions

Get structured real-time data at any scale without worrying about CAPTCHAs or IP blocks.

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Advanced Web Data Collection Solutions

Explore our scraping infrastructure

Discover powerful web data collection solutions and find the perfect match for your use case.

Scraping APIs

Our ready-to-use scraping APIs simplify public data collection via synchronous, asynchronous, and batch requests. They ensure a 100% success rate, stable parsing, headers and cookies support, and handling of CAPTCHAs and JavaScript-heavy websites. Free 7-day trial – no credit card required!

    • smartproxy

      Numerous data endpoints

    • smartproxy

      Browser fingerprinting

    • smartproxy

      Results in HTML or JSON

    The all-in-one tool to extract structured data from social media platforms. Get usernames, profiles, posts, hashtags, and more in raw HTML or parsed in JSON format. The integrated advanced anti-bot protection ensures a seamless scraping experience.

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    • smartproxy

      All major search engines

    • smartproxy

      High scalability

    • smartproxy

      Results in HTML or JSON

    The full-stack solution for collecting structured data from major search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, etc. Extract organic and paid search, ad, image, video, and other results from 195+ locations in raw HTML or parsed in JSON format.

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    • smartproxy

      Multiple ecommerce categories

    • smartproxy

      JavaScript rendering

    • smartproxy

      Results in HTML or JSON

    The all-inclusive tool for gathering structured data from major eCommerce sites and marketplaces, such as Amazon and Wayfair. Get product information, prices, reviews, seller information, and other details in raw HTML or parsed in JSON format.

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    • smartproxy

      Choose your target

    • smartproxy

      Customizable headers & cookies

    • smartproxy

      Full HTML with JavaScript output

    Can’t find your desired target among our Scraping APIs? With Web Scraping API, you can collect data from various websites and receive your target’s full HTML with JavaScript results from any state, country, or city.

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Learn how Scraping APIs work

Don’t waste time coding custom scrapers – we’ve done all the work for you.

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API Playground Demo

TikTok post
TikTok post
Reddit post
USUnited States
UKUnited Kingdom
Additional configurable parameters



1curl --request 'POST',
2 --url: '',
3 -H: 'Content-Type: application/json',
4 -d: '
5 {
6 "url": "",
7 "target": "tiktok_post",
8 "geo": "United States",
9 "locale": "en",
10 }
11 '

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Scraping APIs for every use case

Your targets are your business – gather eCommerce, SERP, or any other data without facing restrictions.

Web scraping

Web scraping

Collect relevant data from the World Wide Web at scale with a 100% success rate. Learn more

Price aggregation

Price aggregation

Gather neatly structured pricing and market data by sending just one API request. Learn more



Enjoy a full-stack scraping solution for Google and other search engines. Learn more



Create and manage multiple accounts, and access localized content. Learn more

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is web scraping used in business?

The sky’s the limit here. Web scraping will prove handy in analyzing reviews, generating email leads, checking competitor sites, comparing prices across different providers, managing social media, gathering statistics, and improving SEO rankings.

What’s the best web scraping tool?

There are many different tools out there. Which one to choose depends on how advanced your coding skills are and what projects you’re working on. If you can’t code, go with No-Code Scraper, ParseHub, or Octoparse. If you prefer Python, try Scrapy or Beautiful Soup. And if you’re more of a Node.js kinda person, try Cheerio or Puppeteer.

Does Smartproxy have any tools for web scraping?

Yes, we do! We’ve developed No-Code Scraper, a no-code tool with smart selectors that’ll let you identify and choose multiple fields of the same value with a single click. No-Code Scraper allows you to use pre-made scraping templates, extracts data from any website, including dynamic ones, scrapes images, exports data in JSON or CSV, and conveniently schedules data delivery. Last but not least, No-Code Scraper has a free version called No-Code Scraper extension, which you can get on the Chrome store!

In addition to No-Code Scraper, we have a tutorial for a Python scraper or a library for Scrapy to help with Smartproxy residential proxy authentication.

Should I use proxies for web scraping?

Not should, but you must! Proxies are as important as a scraper. We recommend rotating residential proxies because each residential IP is a real mobile or desktop device. So, to any website, traffic from residential proxies looks like a request from an ordinary person. That’s why a constant supply of IP addresses that belong to real devices is a must.

What are some interesting web scraping projects?

Scraping the web is truly creative so let your imagination run riot. For example, how about creating something useful for your community or friends? Let’s say your friends are looking for a new flat. You could make a scraper that tracks the prices of flats in a specific location and gives alerts when prices drop or a new offer appears. This way, your friends will get the best offers first.

Check out our guide on web scraping project ideas for fun and profit.

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is the automated extraction of publicly available data from various targets, like SERPs and websites.

Cut Time on Data Collection

Gather structured data on any scale without worrying about CAPTCHAs or blocks.

14-day money-back option

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