Pinterest Proxies for Multiple Accounts and Bots

Buy Pinterest proxies to hide your real IP address.

Register and manage multiple Pinterest accounts or run autopin bots with ease.

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Smartproxy - Pinterest Proxies For Multiple Accounts And Bots

    Highest quality proxies

    IPs of real devices registered with ISPs

    Compatible with all Pinterest autopin bots

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Register accounts through our Pinterest proxy network

Use unlimited numbers of IP addresses to register and manage unlimited numbers for Pinterest accounts in every niche of the market.

Set Pinterest proxies up with any browser, device or automation software to manage multiple Pinterest accounts without blocks. Our network has over 40 million real IP addresses of desktop and mobile devices. These residential proxies are great for Pinterest and extremely unlikely to get blocked.

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Unblock Pinterest with proxies

Got a ban on Pinterest? Is it blocked in your workplace or country? Set up a proxy and unblock Pinterest easily. A proxy will act as an intermediary server and forward your connection requests. Pinterest will never see your real IP address, so you will be able to unblock it in case you were banned.

Unblock Pinterest with smartproxy proxies

If your network is blocking access to Pinterest, it will not see you are connecting to Pinterest, as your connection will go to the proxy server. Avoid further blocks on Pinterest by using the highest quality proxies – residential proxies.

Use Pinterest bots to autopin

Proxies let you use the real Pinterest’s marketing potential: you can set up Pinbots or other autopin bots with proxies for multiple accounts and create as many pins per day as you need.

Our proxies work perfectly for Pinterest marketing agencies which need to manage dozens of customer accounts on a daily basis. Use unlimited concurrent (parallel) connections with your bot and get a unique residential IP for each connection.

Use Pinterest bots to autopin

Pick Pinterest proxies in any location

Need only US Pinterest proxies? No problem! Our network lets you use IP addresses from around the globe or only from particular countries.

Pick smartproxy proxies in any location

Access entire pools of residential proxies with country or city targeting and easy-to-set-up proxy gateways. Our network works with any software or device. Try us for Pinterest today!

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Have questions about Pinterest proxies?

We are here to help you in any way we can!

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Frequently asked questions about Pinterest proxies

How to get a Pinterest proxy

You can get Pinterest proxies right now by registering on Smartproxy. Pick sticky IP (up to 10 minutes) or rotating sessions and pick any country or major city.

How many Pinterest accounts can I have on the same IP or proxy

Some people have up to 3 Pinterest accounts per IP address, but we recommend you register up to 2 accounts per IP. With our network it is easy to geo-target IP addresses and run multiple connections at once. You can set up each account with a sticky IP (for up to 10 minutes) and then manage it every day with a fresh residential proxy. See our documentation for more technical details.

How many Pinterest accounts per proxy do you allow

We do not limit you. Register as many accounts on Pinterest as you want, but we recommend using the same IP address for up to 3 Pinterest accounts. Use our advanced sessionID setting to get unique sticky IP addresses from a set location and register unlimited accounts with multiple IP addresses.

What is a Pinterest proxy

A Pinterest proxy is an intermediary server that acts as a gateway for your connection to Pinterest. Pinterest proxies hide your real IP address from Pinterest and let you use multiple accounts without detection or blocks. It also protects you from firewalls and geographic restrictions in case your workplace, school or country blocks access to Pinterest. Most people use Pinterest proxies for bots like Pinbot: these autopin bots allow users to use Pinterest for marketing and manage multiple accounts for clients.