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Case Studies

Wonder how to equip our proxies for good deeds? Grab some dope ideas for your next project that our existing clients shared. From SEO tricks to doubling your revenue from web scraping with Python!

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Case studies

Nothing Spent on Paid Advertising

Nothing Spent on Paid Advertising and a $15,000 Offer for the Product

We asked one of our clients, an American entrepreneur, to share his knowledge about how he decided to create his own flight fare comparison website.

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How to Double Your Revenue

How to Double Your Revenue from Web Scraping with Python

Small startup starting budget is around 14,000$. However, they managed to double their revenue and compete with other retail giants.

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Get Your Business Noticed

The SEO Trick That Will Get Your Business Noticed

Small vitamin supplement business with monthly revenue around 36k acquire links from high authority websites.

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Expect Inevitable Growth

Expect Inevitable Growth

Saving a leading SaaS company 3.8 years of support work in 6 months.

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Expect Inevitable Growth

Scaling Social Media Scraping

The client could not scale the number of requests and realized that he needed a proxy network with a rotating IP capability to handle his request scale.

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SEO/SERPS Scraping Success Case

SEO/SERP Scraping Success Case

The client had to retry their scrapers 4-5 times to get the results they needed, as their provider’s IP addresses were blocked by a major search engine.

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