Helping to Scale a Web Scraping
Social Media Data Business

First Proxy Provider Experience

The client:

Scrapes public data from a particularly popular social media platform.

The challenge:

They could not scale the number of requests and realized that they needed a proxy network with a rotating IP capability to handle their request scale.

web Scraping challenge

Residential and datacenter smartproxy dashboard

What we offered:

The client chose us because we are focused proxy providers and offered various proxy options: residential and datacenter IP addresses.

The result:

Our product removed the limits of requests our client could send. Proxies increased the scale of their business and solved a major problem for the core business. Their number of requests per minute increased 350%.

web Scraping challenge result

smartproxy 40m+ IPS

As a side note:

The client initially scaled up their operation with our datacenter proxies, and could grow further by moving on to the residential proxy plan, which offers a greatly larger pool of IP addresses (over 40 million weekly residential proxies versus 40,000 datacenter IP addresses).

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