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Collect Public Data with Our Advanced Airbnb Scraping API

Effortlessly gather Airbnb data in bulk, capturing the newest public info from Airbnb. Extract listings, search results, reviews, and host pages at scale with Smartproxy's Airbnb Scraper.

Real-time data collection
100% success rate
Synchronous or asynchronous requests
Results in raw HTML
Headless scraping
No CAPTCHAs or errors
Proxy-like integration
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14-day money-back option

What is Airbnb Scraper?

Airbnb Scraper is a tool that allows businesses and individuals to gather publicly available data. It’s a powerful web scraper combined with a massive proxy pool, helping users access vital information without experiencing IP bans or CAPTCHAs.


Amazing success rate

Get only ready-to-digest data. If the first request fails, we’ll keep sending ‘em until we deliver the 100% successful result.


Real-time data

Extract real-time data from Airbnb and other complex JavaScript websites with our advanced Airbnb Scraper.


Advanced targeting

Unlock the data from any country, state, or city with powerful targeting options. Hop around 195+ locations with our extensive IP pool.

How to scrape public Airbnb data?

With Web Scraping API, it’s an easy task. Just select the URL, tweak the parameters, start scraping the Airbnb target, and get 100% successful results in raw HTML. Gather real-time data on Airbnb listings, search results, reviews, and host pages with ease.


The most popular Airbnb Scraper use cases


Monitor listings

View Airbnb property listings in your selected area and receive real-time updates on pricing changes.


Identify the trends

Acquire valuable competitive insights within the travel industry and fine-tune your pricing to stay ahead of the competition.


Master seasonality

Utilize real-time data to forecast prices for various locations and prepare for price fluctuations during high seasons.


Analyze reviews

Conduct a thorough analysis of Airbnb customer reviews. Pinpoint areas of improvement and growth.


Unlock business growth

Identify up-and-coming, trendy destinations you can strategically target with your latest touring or lodging deals.


Become data-backed

Back your decisions with real-time data when adding new Airbnb listings and ensure your new place is a hit.


Give Web Scraping API a try

Get a 7-day free trial with 1K requests to see if this is your jam.

Choose Airbnb Scraping API plan that suits your needs

  • 14-day money-back
  • 100% success rate
  • Any location
25 K
Total: $50 +VAT billed monthly
Price / 1k requests
100 K
Total: $100 +VAT billed monthly
Price / 1k requests
275 K
Total: $250 +VAT billed monthly
Price / 1k requests
625 K
Total: $500 +VAT billed monthly
Price / 1k requests

Try Web Scraping API for free!

Get a 7-day free trial with 1K requests

Enterprise plans

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Total: $1,100 +VAT billed monthly
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I scrape Airbnb data?

Yes! Depending on your tech-savviness, there’re a couple of ways to collect publicly available data from the Airbnb platform. One option is to build a custom scraper, but remember that it might be challenging if you don’t have extensive scraping knowledge. Another route is faster – you can scrape Airbnb data using our advanced Web Scraping API. Our API returns 100% successful results in raw HTML format in just a few clicks!

How do I extract data from Airbnb?

Here’s how to collect public data from Airbnb using Web Scraping API:

  • Select your target’s URL;
  • Choose custom parameters like location, language, device type, or browser;
  • Depending on your needs, you can also enable headless scraping;
  • Click the magic Start scraping button and give Airbnb Scraper a few moments.

Voilà! Real-time Airbnb data is at your fingertips, go ahead and leverage it!

Does Airbnb have an API?

Airbnb only offers an API enabling users to connect booking software to the Airbnb platform. If you’re looking for a tool to scrape publicly available data on Airbnb, choose Web Scraping API with a free one-month trial.

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