Start Using Proxies in Seconds with Chrome Proxy Extension

Smoothly bypass IP and geo-restrictions with a cost-saving built-in tool.

Instant proxy access

One-click custom sessions

Compatible with any proxy provider

Any proxies with no added cost

Trusted by 20K+ users

How can Chrome Proxy Extension help your business?

Smartproxy’s Chrome browser proxy extension helps you to start and manage proxies easily. It changes your IP address to a different address, meaning that you’ll be difficult to be tracked or blocked by any website.

eCommerce intelligence

Monitor market trends, compare pricing, and consumer behavior across various platforms while staying anonymous.

Social media intelligence

Manage multiple social media accounts, schedule posts, and run automation tools without encountering blocks or restrictions.


Efficiently create and manage multiple social media and eCommerce accounts without risking being flagged or restricted.

Enjoy various benefits of Chrome Proxy Extension

Smartproxy ecosystem enhancement

Elevate your proxy experience by enjoying an ecosystem of quality proxies, free additional tools, quick start guide, and 24/7 tech support.

Newbie-friendly solution

Compatibility with any provider

Get a built-in tool, full of benefits

One-click IP rotation & connection

Any location restriction bypass

Simple proxy management

Customizable session length

Switching between multiple proxies

Any chosen proxy provider

How does Chrome Proxy Extension work?

Available with all residential proxy subscription plans

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Frequently asked questions

What is Smartproxy's Chrome browser extension?

Chrome Proxy Extension is a native built-in tool designed for Google Chrome that helps you to manage proxies easily.

What is the best proxy add-on for Chrome?

Does the Smartproxy extension have a toolbar?

Will I need a proxy changer on Chrome to stay anonymous?

How long does it take the Smartproxy's extension to change proxy servers?

Do I get instant proxy access with Smartproxy's Chrome Extension?

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