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FAQ: Getting started

Find out everything you need to know about using residential proxies with Smartproxy.

More questions are covered here: FAQ: Billing and Smartproxy overview.



  • Proxy location: country / city
  • Domain:port vs IP:port format
  • Proxy authentication: proxy user (user:pass) authorization or IP based whitelisting
  • Proxy server: filter right proxy pool
  • Proxy address: choosing location endpoint
  • Proxy ports: sticky and rotating sessions
  • Using domain:port format in cURL
  • Single backconnect proxies entry node and cURL examples
  • Public API
  • Configure proxies on a browser (extension), laptop or mobile device
  • Integrate proxies with 3rd party software, bots and automation tools
  • Error codes, warnings. Why proxies might not work or connect
  • Usage statistic and used traffic (GBs) tracking
  • Unused GB (traffic): what will happen

Proxy location: country / city


With a residential plan, you can choose from 195+ different locations and 8 cities. Also, we added all fifty states of the USA to our proxy location list. As for the datacenter plan, we offer reliable and fast proxies from US datacenters.

We are continually adding more IPs to our network! To find all locations available, login to your dashboard, open the Endpoint generator tab or simply check here.


Any city worldwide is available, including: New York | Los Angeles | Chicago | Houston | Miami | London | Berlin | Moscow

Open the Endpoint generator tab in the dashboard to filter proxy address (location) and port (session) that you will use while connecting to a specific proxy pool via the domain:port format.

Use the proxy location filter to find a specific country or city.

proxy sever location list

Residential proxies can be accessed through country-specific or city-specific ports by using your login credentials : username and password or via whitelisted IPs.

You can also access your proxies through a single backconnect In this case, you need to pass the country/city parameter alongside your username and password.

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