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Access whole network for the lowest price.

$50 + VAT

Billed monthly

Traffic limit100 GB
Extra GB Price$1
Proxy User Limit1
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Billed $50 + VAT monthly



Best option if you run several projects.

$100 + VAT

Billed monthly

Traffic limit200 GB
Extra GB Price$0.8
Proxy User Limit3
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Billed $100 + VAT monthly



Perfect for most scraping businesses.

$200 + VAT

Billed monthly

Traffic limit400 GB
Extra GB Price$0.6
Proxy User Limit5
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Billed $200 + VAT monthly



Great for businesses with large teams.

$500 + VAT

Billed monthly

Traffic limit1000 GB
Extra GB Price$0.4
Proxy User Limit10
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Billed $500+ VAT monthly


Unlimited Connections and Threads

40,000 datacenter proxies in the US

30 min. sticky session

3 Day Money Back Guarantee (Except for BTC payments)

Recurring payments

Accepted payment methods:

Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. SSL Secure Payment. Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

Datacenter proxies are full of effectiveness

Unlimited Smartproxy proxies

Unlimited targets

40k Rotating smartproxy datacenter proxies

40k Rotating proxies

Hundreds of datacentere subnets with Smartproxy

Hundreds of subnets

US datacenter proxies with Smartproxy

Located in the United States

30 min. sticky sessions

30 min. sticky sessions

Fast datacenter connection with Smartproxy

Fast connection

Awesome Smartproxy 24/7 customer support

Awesome 24/7 customer support

1.6 s average response time

1.6 s average response time

Easy smartproxy proxy setup

Easy proxy setup

Traffic usage statistics in smartproxy dashboard

Traffic usage statistics

Awesome smartproxy customer support

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Next generation IP pool

Diverse datacenter IPs

Our shared US proxies have hundreds of subnetworks, so you will not be blocked or cloaked easily.

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Each plan creates an auto-renewal monthly subscription. Payments are made on a monthly basis at the beginning of every billing cycle.

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3 day money back guarantee

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