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May 28, 2021
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Buy Proxies for ScrapeBox

ScrapeBox really is the Swiss army knife of SEO. It lets you do dozens of tasks that an SEO agency would charge a premium for. And the best part – the whole suite is a single-payment deal. Still, there is one part of Scrapebox that isn’t included in that payment. That part is a good proxy network. You see, everyone has to buy proxies for ScrapeBox to work with it properly and unlock its true potential.

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ScrapeBox proxies

Scrapebox is a tool that lets you scrape sites, gather link building data, among many other things. It does this by running scripts that connect to servers and retrieve the information you need. The downside to doing this all on your machine is that it will be sending out too many connection requests to the target you are scraping. In most cases, ScrapeBox will leave your IP blocked. Sometimes, your proxies will be cloaked and ScrapeBox will retrieve bad information.

Learn how to set up proxies on ScrapeBox in our FAQ section.

In theory, ScrapeBox proxies let you scrape without limitations. But there is one vital thing to keep in mind before buying a proxy for ScrapeBox.

You have to consider the type of proxies you use for scraping, otherwise you might get banned almost as quickly as when you use it without any proxies. This happens when you set up ScrapeBox with datacenter proxies, which share a subnetwork. A subnetwork lets your scraping target detect and ban the whole subnetwork easily. You should strongly consider residential proxies, which do not share any subnetwork.

proxies for scrapebox

Picking the best ScrapeBox proxies

Residential proxies are the best ones to use with ScrapeBox, because they are IP addresses of real devices. These real devices do not give away your scraping intention, and cannot be banned outright. If you are thinking about buying residential proxies for scraping, know that the number of proxies you use is also very important. Scraping is easiest with the largest IP pool, because you can send many requests at once and not cause any suspicion. If you buy a fixed number of proxies, you limit yourself to a set number of connections before you are discovered. This is why experienced ScrapeBox users choose unlimited proxy networks: they change IPs and let you use the whole proxy pool.

A good network will also let you rotate proxies automatically to make your life easier and let you avoid manual proxy list generation. Every connection request sent through a rotating proxy network will have a new IP, masking your scrape.

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Buy proxies for ScrapeBox

If you are looking to buy ScrapeBox proxies, you came to the right place. We have the best rotating residential proxy network online. All of our plans let you access over 10 million ScrapeBox proxies with DOUBLE the industry average speeds. Set up ScrapeBox properly and use our proxies with ease. Pay only for traffic used on any target you want! ScrapeBox’s settings will let you reduce your traffic load and make the most of our extensive proxy network. See our pricing plans for more information.


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