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Ethical Residential Proxy Sourcing and Usage

Smartproxy is dedicated to delivering value while upholding the principles of fairness, transparency, and industry best practices. We aim to cultivate a trust-based and sustainable industry where end-user awareness, consent, and equitable reward are the standard. Learn about our residential proxies’ procurement processes and policies.

Ethical Residential Proxy Sourcing and Usage

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How do we acquire proxies?

As a member of EWDCI, we ensure sourcing our residential proxies in an ethical and sustainable way. We firmly believe in transparency, respecting user privacy, and promoting a fair ecosystem. We’ve implemented a set of ethical practices that guide our choice of providers and ensure the responsible acquisition of residential IP addresses.

How do we acquire proxies – Providers


To ensure the integrity of our residential IP addresses, we partner with reputable providers who engage in thorough verification processes to ensure that users willingly participate in their networks and have a genuine understanding of the data collection involved. By collaborating with such providers, we make sure that IP addresses come from legitimate sources.

Moreover, we enable users to earn money by participating in a peer-to-peer network, where they share the internet connection. Users receive earnings based on the amount of data traffic they contribute to the network, calculated in GBs. This approach fosters a collaborative community while allowing users to monetize their internet resources.

E.g., our partners allow people to choose the conditions under which their IP addresses could be used. 

How do we acquire proxies – data protection

Data protection

To safeguard the owners of residential IP addresses, we employ robust security measures, including data encryption, secure storage, and regular audits of their systems. These measures ensure that only essential data for our residential pool functionality is provided to us.

E.g., as an IP address doesn’t reveal personal information, Smartproxy's customers can’t establish a link between an IP address and an individual user.

How do we acquire proxies – laws and regulations

Laws and regulations

Lastly, compliance with applicable laws and regulations is paramount in our ethical sourcing efforts. We stay up to date with evolving legal requirements related to data protection, privacy, and user consent. Our practices are designed to align with these regulations and ensure that we meet our ethical principles. 

E.g., We’re committed to ethical practices and compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, and other current legislations.

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