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The Best Residential Reddit Proxies

Unblock Reddit’s full potential with premium residential IPs. Access and automate Reddit with Smartproxy today! You are safe with a 14-day money-back option.

14-day money-back option
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    55M+ ethically-sourced IPs
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    Unlimited connections and threads
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    Advanced rotation
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    0.61s avg response time
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    99.47% success rate
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    24/7 live chat
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    Pay As You Go option

Reddit proxies

unblock reddit

Unblock Reddit with residential proxies

Bypass Reddit blocks with residential proxies. Unblock Reddit in China, Indonesia, Turkey, and anywhere else. Access your favorite subreddits from anywhere in the world and hide your IP in the process.

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How residential proxies work for Reddit

With our residential proxy network, you can route your connection to Reddit through 55+ million residential IPs and keep your browsing private. Don’t let your ISP see what you’re accessing and hide your location from Reddit. Everything with 99.47% success rate, 0.61s average response time, and 99.99% uptime!

Works with all major browsers

Works with all major browsers:



What is Smartproxy?

What is Smartproxy?

Smartproxy is a highly reliable residential proxy network with industry-leading speed (0.61s) and a success rate of 99.47%. We offer over 55 million unique IPs in more than 195+ locations, including any city in the world and 50 US states.

We make it easy to use sticky (timed) or rotating (IP changes with every request) sessions to access localized data, manage numerous accounts, and stay undetected in the process.

Our users get guaranteed 99% uptime and use unlimited concurrent connections and threads with country and city-level targeting. See our location list for more info.

Get proxies!

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You're 100% safe!

Get proxies now. You're 100% safe!

Enjoy maximum performance without any pressure. Buy any of our proxy plans and take up to 14 days to decide. If you're not impressed, we'll refund you (terms apply).


Scrape Reddit faster

Get Reddit data faster by making more than 60 calls every minute. Rotating residential proxies allow you to vastly improve your Reddit data mining efficiency.


Automate Reddit

Thousands of growth hackers, marketers and corporations automate accounts on Reddit. Create multiple accounts safely and boost your subreddit today.

Reddit Upvote

Reddit upvote bot

You can use upvote bots to get to the front page of Reddit faster. You will need our high quality residential proxies for your accounts to gain the viral push every successful Reddit post needs.

Reddit Downvote

Reddit downvote bot

Take advantage of downvote bots to damage your competitors on Reddit. As with upvote bots, you not only need the bot software and accounts – you also need high quality residential proxies.

Fastest residential proxies

Pick a plan that suits you. Get ahead with unblockable and stable proxies.


No commitment




2 GB

Save 18%



Total: $17

$14 +VAT billed monthly

8 GB

Save 24%



Total: $68

$52 +VAT billed monthly


25 GB

Save 29%



Total: $212.5

$150 +VAT billed monthly

50 GB

Save 34%



Total: $425

$280 +VAT billed monthly

With each plan you access


55M+ ethically-sourced IPs


HTTPS & SOCKS5 support


99.47% success rate


24/7 tech support


Unlimited concurrent sessions


Country & city-level targeting


<0.6s average response time


Rotating and sticky sessions

100 GB

Save 39%



Total: $850

$520 +VAT billed monthly

SSL Secure Payment

Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL

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