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Tired of slow proxies? Want to scale your scraping? Let us give you access to 40,000 shared datacenter proxies for a fixed monthly bandwidth payment. Send unlimited concurrent connection requests to any site on the internet and get access to data quickly.

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  • Proxy servers in the US and EU.
  • No connection limits.
  • No IP limits.
  • Rotating IPs and extended sticky sessions (30 min) available.
  • Authenticate and integrate into any software.
  • Best 24/7 support in the world.
  • HTTP(s) and 99.99% uptime.

Datacenter proxies

Use datacenter proxies from US and EU datacenters – ensure a reliable and extremely fast connection to your targets. Our network offers over hundreds of subnets, so you can be sure you will not be blocked or cloaked. If you want IP addresses of real mobile and desktop devices, see our residential proxies.

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Fastest US proxies

Our datacenters for shared US proxies are close to the servers of all major targets like Google and Amazon.

Datacenter Proxies Pricing Comparison

Recurring monthly subscription

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Smartproxy testimonials "The proxies worked really well. The whole process of account creation for all services worked so smoothly as I have never seen before. "

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Cheapest datacenter

We are the only major shared proxy provider that lets you use the whole proxy pool at any price level. Over 40,000 proxies are available right now, and that number is growing. This is your best choice if you want to save money on proxies.

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Shared datacenter

Shared proxies let you save money and use more IP addresses at the same time. It does mean that several users might sometimes use the same proxy. Unlike other proxy providers, we let you use all IPs for the same price.

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Advanced rotation

Get a unique new proxy for each connection request thanks to our advanced proxy network. Don’t like the rotation? No problem! We offer extended sticky sessions, so you can use the same IP address for 30 minutes!

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Unlimited threads

Scale your proxy use with ease. Use any number of connection requests through our proxy pool without any limits on the number of IPs. Scrape and automate anything with rotating IPs or extended sticky sessions.

Extended sticky IP sessions

Use extended 30 minute sticky session for a stable IP.

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Smartproxy testimonials "I just love the way you guys and girls
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A bit more about our datacenter proxies

Datacenter (DC) proxies are the classic proxies that change your IP address to protect your personal information and location. DC proxies are virtual IP addresses created at powerful data centers. They have been on the market for decades, and our advanced network is bringing a new quality to the industry.

Since these IP addresses are running on insanely fast machines, connections through the Smartproxy datacenter proxy network are very fast. We know that the connection speed is what can sometimes make or break your scraping project or automated purchase orders, which is why we created this DC proxy pool for exceptional speed and advanced usability.

Advanced network

Our DC proxy network is exceptional for its new generation proxy pool. It lets users access every proxy in the pool concurrently, which means that our proxy network offers unrivaled scale. In addition to that, our datacenter proxies can be set to rotate automatically, which means you can use new IP addresses from the pool for every connection request.

Most datacenter proxy networks do not have any robust protections from getting blocked on various servers. This happens because data centers have a very limited offering of IP address blocks, and targeted servers often have protections in place to detect whether the client IP addresses are coming from the same group, or subnetwork.

However, this is not the case with our network, as our next generation datacenter IP pool is set at over 100 subnetworks. This makes detection very difficult. And, while datacenter proxies have exceptional speed, you can combine them with residential proxies for advanced flexibility.

Our DC proxy network has inherited some features of its structure from our residential proxy network, which is quickly becoming the first choice of most businesses that value flexible, robust, and streamlined proxy solutions.

Data center selection

When we set out to create this proxy pool, we focused on bringing the highest quality experience. This is why, to this day, we carefully select and thoroughly test every data center before adding its IP block to our proxy pool.

We do this by running a separate test pool and using it for the highest value targets, such as Google and Amazon. Then we check the success rate to see whether each proxy block is actually made of virgin datacenter IP addresses.

Every DC proxy in the Smartproxy network is tested for speed to ensure that our clients have the best product available on the market.

Shared datacenter proxies

Our elite data center proxies are very affordable because the network is shared among several clients. This helps us to bring down the price for you, while not making any sacrifice on quality – the number of users that can access and use an IP address at the same time is set to provide the best performance and speed. Since most clients use rotating proxy sessions, IP addresses are never truly unavailable.

Sticky IP sessions

The sticky IP session is well known for Smartproxy users. It lets you use the same IP address for a longer time period. This is extremely helpful to people who want to perform several actions from the same IP continuously. Sticky IPs are important to users accessing ecommerce sites and other valuable data sources.

Other datacenter proxy uses

Datacenter proxies are very popular. You might not know that all major VPN products are actually datacenter proxy networks with added encryption. It makes sense when you think about it – they need to funnel millions of people through the handful of IP addresses that these VPN companies have. The fact that these products are viable is a testament to how powerful data centers have become and how much bandwidth they can handle at any time.

Most companies that try to create their own proxy networks often fall back on data centers. Since their networks are exclusive and dedicated, the costs are enormous. An average company will have up to a handful of target sites (at best) for their proxy network. Compare this to a robust shared proxy network that allows several users to combine their targets and access data on hundreds of servers and share the costs.

US datacenter proxies

If your target site is located in the United States, you should consider using datacenter proxies for their speed. The closer a proxy is to your target, the faster you get a response. While it is true that datacenter proxies are not the best choice for retail purchases, their speed is a great advantage for many other projects.

Buy datacenter proxies

If you are thinking about buying DC proxies, you must use this opportunity to get 40,000 IP addresses for a fixed monthly payment. The vast majority of datacenter proxy providers would not be able to provide such a number, let alone sell it for as low as $50 per month.

With prices as low as $0.5 for 1 GB of traffic, our proxies are the most affordable high-end datacenter proxy solution on the market right now. Do not hesitate to start using the best product on the market.

Simply register on our site and select a datacenter proxy plan that is best for you. Our pricing plans are extremely flexible, especially when you consider the quality of our advanced proxy network. All plans also have a self-service option to add additional traffic for a per GB rate.

As always, you are safe to test our product with the 3-day money back guarantee (except for BTC payments).

Frequently asked questions about datacenter proxies

Where are these datacenter proxies located?

Smartproxy's datacenter proxies are predominantly located in the US, but some subnetworks are also in EU countries. We are constantly expanding our datacenter IP pool in countries with demand from our customers.

Can I track my proxy usage?

Yes you can. Once you have a subscription plan in the dashboard, go to the Subusers tab and create a subuser. You will be able to set limits, dedicate traffic for different tasks, locations, etc. for every subuser.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments with Credit Cards, PayPal, and BTC. All orders are processed by our online reseller Paddle.com which is a Merchant of Record for these orders. To contact Paddle’s support team reach out via Paddle.net

Where can I use datacenter proxies?

You can use our proxies with almost any application that supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxies. Smartproxy IP addresses work great with all search engines, ScrapeBox and many other bots.