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Tired of slow proxies? Want to scale your scraping? Let us give you access to over 40 million shared residential and data center proxies for a fixed monthly bandwidth payment. Send unlimited concurrent connection requests to any site on the internet and get access to data quickly.

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  • Proxy servers around the world.
  • No connection limits.
  • No IP limits.
  • Rotating IPs and extended sticky sessions (10-30 min) available.
  • Authenticate and integrate into any software.
  • Best 24/7 support in the world.
  • HTTP(s) and 99.99% uptime.

Buy semi dedicated proxies

If you want a dedicated proxy performance for the price of shared proxies, you are in the right place. We ensure a reliable and extremely fast connection to your targets by sharing each proxy for only a handful of users.

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Basically you get a dedicated proxy network for a huge discount. Both our products (residential proxies and data center proxies) work like semi dedicated proxy networks: you can use the same IP for a longer period with a sticky session, they are cheap like shared proxies, and high-performing because only a few clients can use the same proxy at any time. We’ve managed to create this semi dedicated proxy network by adding over 40 million of residential IP addresses to our residential proxy pool. Since the model worked well, we’ve launched data center proxies for a simple, cheap and efficient way to use Smartproxy.

Fastest shared US proxies

Our datacenters for shared US proxies are close to the servers of all major targets like Google and Amazon. Residential proxies are great for a cheap and efficient way to access more data online.

fast smartproxy USA proxies

Get monthly shared proxies

All shared proxy plans are based on a recurring monthly subscription. We never limit the number of shared proxy ports you can use or how many IP addresses you access.

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Cheapest shared proxies

We are the only major shared proxy provider that lets you use the whole proxy pool at any price level. Over 40 million proxies are available right now, and that number is growing. This is your best choice if you want to save money on proxies.

Shared private proxies

Our proxies are not public. Only paying clients get access to our IP addresses. Shared proxies let you save money and use more IP addresses at the same time. It does mean that a couple of users might sometimes use the same proxy. Unlike other proxy providers, we let you use all IPs for the same price.

Advanced rotation

Get a unique new proxy for each connection request thanks to our advanced proxy network. Don’t like the rotation? No problem! We offer extended sticky sessions, so you can use the same IP address for 10 minutes!

Unlimited threads

Scale your proxy use with ease. Use any number of connection requests through our proxy pool without any limits on the number of IPs. Scrape and automate anything with rotating IPs or extended sticky sessions.

Extended sticky IP sessions

Use extended 10 minute sticky session for a stable IP.

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A bit more about our shared proxies

Shared proxies act just like any other anonymous proxies: they change your IP address, protect personal information and hide your location. The core defining feature of what makes a proxy shared is the way our network lets you access it. Our advanced proxy network technology allows a small handful of users to share the same IP address at a time, thus more users can create successful connections through our network without paying a premium price.

Since we only let a couple of users share a proxy on Smartproxy at any time, your connection speed stays unaffected. We know how you value speed and quality of a proxy, which is why our shared proxy network is semi dedicated and we assign only pre-checked IP addresses to our clients. You save money and get the highest quality on the market.

Advanced network

Our shared proxy network has the best proxy pool technology. It lets you use every proxy in the pool concurrently, which means that you can use millions of IP addresses. You also get free advanced proxy rotation with every plan, which gives you a new IP address for every connection request.

There are two IP pools in our network. Datacenter proxies have exceptional speed and an even lower price, and buying residential proxies gives you some advanced flexibility. Most setup features work for both pools, which means you can start off with some datacenter proxies and later upgrade to use residential IPs.

The shared residential proxy network is quickly becoming the top choice for most businesses that value flexible, robust, and streamlined proxy solutions. Our network supports proxy usage for data scraping, ad verification, various bots and automation tools. Adapting our network to a variety of different use cases ensures that sharing any proxy between a couple of users does not impact the connection success rate to any target server.

Shared residential proxies

Residential proxies are the highest quality IP addresses that are associated with real ISPs. These are the most expensive proxies on the internet, which is why using sharing these proxies makes sense: you save a lot of money. The quality doesn’t go away because the IP address is shared: even if one user is buying a pair of sneakers through a cheaper residential proxy, another one will be using it for data scraping. These proxies have the lowest blocking and captcha rate on the market.

Shared datacenter proxies

We made our elite data center proxies very affordable because the network is shared among several clients. This helps us to bring down the price for you, while not making any sacrifice on quality – the number of users that can access and use an IP address at the same time is set to provide the best performance and speed. Since most clients use rotating proxy sessions, IP addresses are never truly unavailable.

Sticky IP sessions

Sharing proxies is one thing. The sticky IP session is a well known feature for Smartproxy users. It lets you use the same IP address for a longer time period. This is extremely helpful to people who want to perform several actions from the same IP continuously. Sticky IPs are important to users accessing ecommerce sites and other valuable data sources.

Dedicated vs. shared proxies

Dedicated proxies are a worse product than shared proxies. You pay a higher price and, whenever a proxy dies, you need the network to assign a new IP address to you. Also, when you use a dedicated proxy plan, you pay a premium and get a lower number of proxies.

On the other hand, a shared proxy plan is cheaper. It’s also more convenient when you need a large pool of IP addresses. And, lastly, it saves you time dealing with dead proxies – you can always get a new one in no time!

Most proxy networks struggle to provide real dedicated proxies. Just imagine managing 40 million servers, each of which might go down at any second. Do you think you can ensure a stable and dedicated connection at all times? No. You cheat. You tell users that their semi dedicated proxies are dedicated, you give them data center proxies instead of residential proxies or you create a separate and extremely expensive proxy pool. None of these options really work for the benefit of the client.

Buy cheap proxies

If you are thinking about buying the cheapest shared proxies, you should try our 40,000 data center IP addresses for a fixed monthly payment. The vast majority of datacenter proxy providers would never sell it for as low as $50 per month. With prices as low as $0.5 for 1 GB of traffic, our proxies are the most affordable high-end shared datacenter proxy solution on the market right now. Do not hesitate to start using the best product on the market.

Simply register on our site and select a datacenter proxy plan that is best for you. Our pricing plans are extremely flexible, especially when you consider the quality of our advanced proxy network. All plans also have a self-service option to add additional traffic for a per GB rate.

As always, you are safe to test our product with the 3-day money back guarantee (except for BTC payments).

Frequently asked questions about shared proxies

Where are these shared proxies located?

Smartproxy's shared proxies are located all around the world. We are constantly expanding our IP pool in countries with demand from our customers. There are currently 40 million global residential proxies and over 40,000 US data center proxies in our shared proxy networks.

Can I track my proxy usage?

Yes you can. Once you have a subscription plan in the dashboard, go to the Proxy Users tab and create a Proxy user. You will be able to set limits, dedicate traffic for different tasks, locations, etc. for every subuser.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments with Credit Cards, PayPal, and BTC. All orders are processed by our online reseller which is a Merchant of Record for these orders. To contact Paddle’s support team reach out via

Buying cheap proxies

Want to save big on proxies? Get 40,000 IPs for as low as $50/month. To buy our data center proxy plan, register on the dashboard and select your plan. You can use our proxies with almost any application that supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxies. Smartproxy IP addresses work great with all search engines, ScrapeBox and many other bots.