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Sep 23, 2022
5 minutes read

How a Residential Proxy Network Helps to Scrape Amazon

The American company Amazon and its founder (the second richest and possibly the first most disliked person in the world) don’t need long introductions. Today Amazon is a giant in e-commerce, cloud storage, digital streaming, artificial intelligence, logistics, etc.

We’ll focus on the e-commerce side of Amazon. Simply put, it’s the world’s leading online retailer. According to certain statistics, 90% of shoppers compare the price and quality of a product on Amazon even if they find it on another website. So if you’re a seller, you’ll be interested in following the trends on Amazon to be able to adapt to the market.

In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of scraping Amazon and how to do it right.

Scraping Amazon with residential proxies
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Get with the times and scrape Amazon

Perhaps you’re interested in Amazon for its wealth of products, prices, product reviews, ratings, or special deals. You can look up and copy the information down by visiting each Amazon directory of interest. If you don’t have crazy amounts of time on your hands, however, an automated solution is what you’re looking for.

Web scraping is an automated process of gathering publicly accessible data in bulk. In other words, when scraping, you’re extracting valuable info from a certain website by automating the acquisition process.

Anyone who has a business and isn’t scraping public data nowadays is at an obvious disadvantage. By scraping Amazon, you can extract relevant data, save it, for example, in a spreadsheet, and track the ups and downs happening in your market.

There are handy scraping tools to facilitate the process. You can get dedicated applications to collect any data with the utmost convenience. When it comes to Amazon, an all-in-one tool that could help you out is our eCommerce Scraping API. It does brilliant work when faced not only with Amazon but also with Wayfair.

If you already have a scraping solution, that’s awesome. Just know that the winning secret of our eCommerce Scraping API is that it combines a web scraper and parser with a massive network of residential and datacenter proxies. Thanks to proxies, our scraping tool ensures a 100% success rate every time.

Why are residential proxies best for scraping Amazon?

Amazon is a complex website and will block any web scraping attempt they can. The best advice we can give you when scraping Amazon is to use residential proxies. Make sure to choose a reputable proxy provider that offers high-quality residential IP addresses. Here are a few reasons why elite residential proxies are so crucial when scraping Amazon:

  • Residential proxies will allow you to send a large quantity of requests without getting your IP blocked by the target website. 
  • Residential proxies will ensure your scraping API does its work undetected.
  • Residential proxies will allow you access to geo-restricted content or to access content meant for a specific region.
  • Residential proxies will ensure your safety and anonymity from third parties.

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If Amazon detects a bot coming their way, they will flag such activity and either ban the IP address or start feeding you fake information instead of what you were trying to collect. Thus, you would end up with useless data. 

But with residential proxies, you can relax as they will help you scrape Amazon without difficulty. These proxies grant the user residential IP addresses that belong to real mobile or desktop devices. The user can even select the country and city of their IP.

Residential proxies are great for scraping websites that are extra sensitive to automated activity. They ensure the delivery of the most accurate results, are best for accessing high-value public data, and avoid any detection or blocks.

Aside from scraping tasks, residential proxies are perfect for bot automation, ad verification, creating stealth accounts, etc. You can buy residential proxies and use them for various projects with any software script, scraper, crawler, browser, or device!

How to scrape Amazon

Choosing the right proxy provider

A free proxy option may be tempting, but it’s a dangerous game. Creating and maintaining proxies is expensive, so free proxy providers can make up the difference through harvesting and leaking the user’s personal data. 

Additionally, free random proxies on the internet are counterproductive. Usually, they are laggy, inefficient, and easily detected by the targeted websites.

We believe that proxies should be fast, anonymous, and undetectable to do the job right. When you go for a reliable proxy provider, you get quality, longevity, security, and possibly other useful perks.

You can get quality proxies with a high success rate from a reputable proxy provider like Smartproxy. And one serious perk you get with us is 24/7 attentive care from our customer support team!

Final thoughts

We all can agree that the road to a flourishing business often leads through valleys of scraping Amazon with residential proxies. The importance of residential proxies for the success of your projects can’t be stressed enough.

Smartproxy has one of the largest residential proxy pools with over 55 million IPs from more than 195 locations worldwide. If we’ve already caught your imagination, check out our pricing page to get yourself some residential proxies at a discount! Yup, it's only from $4/GB*.


Ella Moore

Ella’s here to help you untangle the anonymous world of residential proxies to make your virtual life make sense. She believes there’s nothing better than taking some time to share knowledge in this crazy fast-paced world.

Frequently asked questions

Are residential proxies illegal?

Rest assured that residential proxies are perfectly legal. Matter of fact, using residential proxies is essential if you wish to be safe online. However, keep in mind that proxies won’t protect one from detection if they commit a crime online.

What are rotating proxies?

A rotating proxy is a type of proxy that gives its user a new IP address for every connection request. You can also choose to keep the same IP address for up to 30 minutes during a sticky session.

Can I use multiple residential proxies?

Sure, you can use multiple residential proxies by using the same gateway address but changing the port numbers.

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