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Proxy Integration with Scrapy Proxy Middleware

Learn how to set up residential proxies with the Scrapy proxy middleware.

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Proxy Integration with Scrapy Proxy Middleware

What is the Scrapy proxy middleware?

Scrapy is an open-source web crawling framework for Python that extracts data from websites, processes it, and stores it. The proxy middleware enables it to bypass IP-based rate limiting and access geographically restricted content, improving the efficiency and reach of web scraping and crawling tasks.

Asynchronous scraping

Asynchronous scraping

Ensure lightning-fast data collection by allowing multiple requests to be processed simultaneously.

Built-in selectors

Built-in selectors

Streamline data extraction by quickly and accurately gathering the information you need from web pages.

A range of add-ons

Middleware support

Integrate proxies in just minutes thanks to simple middleware support.

Why residential proxies?

Why residential proxies?

A residential proxy serves as a mediator, allowing users to get an IP address from an authentic desktop or mobile device connected to a local network. Due to its origin, residential proxies are a perfect match for overcoming geo-restrictions, bypassing CAPTCHAs, managing multiple accounts, and conducting web testing with the CapSolver platform.

Smartproxy offers top-notch residential proxies with an extensive IP pool of over 55M IPs across 195+ locations. With an unparalleled responsive rate, clocking in at under 0.6 seconds, a success rate of 99.47%, and an affordable entry point with Pay As You Go, Smartproxy is a great deal for hustlers and fast-growing companies.

Set up Smartproxy proxies with Scrapy

To install the Scrapy proxy middleware, you’ll need to set up a Scrapy project first. Follow the official installation and documentation to create your project. Then, follow the instructions below to set up the middleware:


Getting residential proxies

Log in to your Smartproxy dashboard, find residential proxies by choosing Residential under the Residential Proxies column on the left panel, and select a plan that suits your needs. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Proxy setup tab.
  2. Navigate to the Endpoint generator below.
  3. Configure the parameters. Set your authentication method, location, session type, and protocol
  4. Select the number of proxy endpoints you want to generate (default – 10). 
  5. Copy the endpoints by clicking the Copy button.


Once you’ve obtained the endpoint information, you can install the middleware:

  1. Open your terminal tool and navigate to the project folder using cd yourprojectname.
  2. Download the proxy middleware using the following command: curl > or get it from the GitHub repository.


1. Open the file in your project folder.

2. Edit the file by adding the following properties at the bottom:

'scrapy.downloadermiddlewares.httpproxy.HttpProxyMiddleware': 110,
'yourprojectname.smartproxy_auth.ProxyMiddleware': 100,

SMARTPROXY_USER = 'username'## Smartproxy username
SMARTPROXY_PASSWORD = 'password'## Smartproxy password
SMARTPROXY_ENDPOINT = ''## Endpoint you'd like to use
SMARTPROXY_PORT = '7000'## Port of the endpoint you're using

3. Change the yourprojectname in the above to the name of your project folder.

4. Enter the Smartproxy credentials and endpoint information you’ve received from the dashboard.

5. Your web crawlers will now be going through Smartproxy proxies.

Configurations & Integrations

Easy Smartproxy proxy setup with popular applications and free third-party tools. Check out these guides to get started right away.



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Frequently asked questions

What is Scrapy?

Scrapy is an open-source web crawling framework for Python designed to extract, process, and store data from websites.

What is Scrapy used for?

Scrapy is used to create web crawlers (spiders) that define how to navigate and scrape web pages, making it a powerful tool for web scraping and data mining tasks.

Be aware that any tools mentioned in this article belong to a third party, not Smartproxy. Therefore, Smartproxy will not be responsible for any of the services offered by the third-party. Make sure to thoroughly review the third-party’s policies and practices, or do your due diligence, before using or accessing any of their services.

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