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Does every IP need a proxy checker?


No. If you use a highest quality residential proxy network like Smartproxy, you only need to check it once to find out whether you’ve set up proxies on your device and/or browser properly. If you see the IP of a location you wanted, you are good as golden to rotate through proxies or use the same address for up to 10 minutes with a sticky session.

Use free proxy management tools

generate proxies

Use a free proxy extension
Smartproxy is a paid proxy network that gives you free access to a Chrome proxy extension for easy proxy setup on your browser.

Generate residential proxy lists on demand
Use our desktop proxy generator to generate large proxy lists for sticky (non-rotating for up to 30 minutes) sessions for any country.

Frequently asked questions about IP addresses, proxies and browser fingerprinting

What can someone do with my IP?

Institutions around the world use IP addresses to identify users and make them legally liable for anonymous comments, downloads and other claims. Stalkers, hackers and scammers might use your IP address to find out what city you live in, what internet service provider you use and use that information in combination with any other personal information they have about you to dox, scam or hack you.

How to check if a proxy’s IP is residential?

Easy: look at the ISP information to find out whether it is a residential internet service provider or a data center. Use this information to check all residential proxy providers before you commit your hard-earned money on their IPs.

Is hiding my IP address enough?

Most of the time – no. Modern websites are using increasingly sophisticated detection systems to track users. We recommend creating and using a database of unique browser agents and cookie profiles for browsing, multiple account management and web scraping to protect your identity.

Getting a free IP address lookup

Use the free Smartproxy checker to look up your IP address and see some additional information about your connection. If you are using a residential proxy, make sure that your information is not leaking before you open any other site.

How to check your device fingerprint?

Every website you connect to can see your operating system, browser version and other information. In addition to checking a proxy or IP address, Smartproxy checker shows some of that additional information for free. Remember to take your browser fingerprint into account before jumping into a web scraping project.

How to check proxies online?

Check any proxy to make sure your real IP is protected. Many proxies online can have leaks, transparent headers and sketchy settings. If you don’t trust your proxy provider, check your proxies before committing.

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