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High-quality Netherlands Proxies

Fuel your business growth and scale online activities with industry-leading proxy performance and reliability. Our residential, mobile, and datacenter Netherlands proxies will meet your most demanding web scraping and eCommerce projects.

City-level targeting
Advanced rotation
Pay As You Go option
24/7 tech support
99.99% uptime
14-day money-back option
Premium Netherlands Proxies

Leverage effective Netherlands proxies


Unlock the potential of residential IPs in the Netherlands 

Our extensive collection of residential IP addresses in the Netherlands provides a range of benefits for both your personal and business goals. Whether you’re engaged in web scraping, market research, SEO monitoring, or data analysis, our award-winning residential proxies will revolutionize your online experience.

If you need to access specific information within the Netherlands, such as local prices or geo-restricted content, we invite you to access the target from locations like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht from the comfort of your home. And since our Netherlands residential proxies are sourced from everyday households, you can easily maintain anonymity while appearing as a regular Dutch resident.


Elevate your online tasks with Netherlands mobile proxies

We also offer a selection of 3G/4G/5G Netherlands mobile proxies. Use these proxies to perform online tasks such as mobile app development, AdTech, web scraping, social media automation, and SEO monitoring.

But it’s not only about location and use case variety with our mobile proxies. It’s also about performance and features. Enjoy advanced city-level and country-level targeting options, OS filtering, and access to over 700 ASNs, which will further enhance your ability to bypass CAPTCHAs and avoid IP blocks.

Netherlands datacenter proxies

Reliable datacenter proxies from the Netherlands

In addition to residential and mobile proxies, we offer Netherlands datacenter proxies for those pursuing high-speed performance. Our datacenter proxies are finely tuned to ensure reliability, stability, and lightning-fast speeds of under 0.3 seconds.

To top it all off, you can choose between two payment options: pay per GB or per IP.

What are the benefits of using Smartproxy?


Award-winning provider

Awarded multiple times by Proxyway for best value and service, you’re guaranteed to get top performance with us. No wonder our customers are raving about Smartproxy on Trustpilot, with over 1K positive reviews!


Ease of use

There’s no rocket science here with us. We made the proxy setup process a walk in the park with our user-friendly documentation, quick start guide, and 24/7 LiveChat support.


High success rate

Our proxy servers are like well-oiled machines, delivering a high success rate of 99.47% with every request. No more frustration, just a smooth, uninterrupted proxy experience.


14-day money-back

We're confident you'll love us, so we offer a 14-day money-back. And in case it’s not a match, we’ll refund your purchase (terms apply).

Start using premium Smartproxy proxies

195+ locations

195+ locations

Amazing speeds

Amazing speeds

Unlimited connections & threads

Unlimited connections & threads

Advanced proxy rotation

Advanced proxy rotation



Intuitive setup

Spartan setup

Awesome 24/7 tech support

24/7 tech support

Sticky sessions

Sticky & rotating sessions

Massive IP pool worldwide

Why using a free Netherlands proxy server isn’t a good idea

Free Mexico proxies

Free stuff is always exciting. But when it comes to proxies, due to various dangers and drawbacks, such as security risks, lack of support, and limited reliability, free proxies do more harm than good. These flaws can result in data breaches, slow speeds, unreliable connections, and your data being sold to third parties.

Investing in a reputable proxy service that prioritizes your safety and privacy is always a smart proxy choice. Our premium proxies offer enhanced security, performance, and 24/7 support to meet your highest expectations.

How it works:

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Flexible proxy plans

Pick a plan that suits you. Get ahead with unblockable and stable proxies.


No commitment




2 GB

Save 14%



Total: $14

$12 +VAT billed monthly

8 GB

Save 21%



Total: $56

$44 +VAT billed monthly


25 GB

Save 26%



Total: $175

$130 +VAT billed monthly

50 GB

Save 30%



Total: $350

$245 +VAT billed monthly

With each plan you access


55M+ ethically-sourced IPs


HTTP(S) & SOCKS5 support


<0.5s average response time


99.68% success rate


Unlimited concurrent sessions


Country, city & ZIP code targeting


Rotating and sticky sessions


#1 IP quality in the market


24/7 tech support

100 GB

Save 36%



Total: $700

$450 +VAT billed monthly

SSL Secure Payment

Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL


Not sure which plan to go for?

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Frequently asked questions about Netherlands proxy servers

What is a Netherlands proxy IP address?

Proxy servers are a middleman between your device and the internet. When you use a Netherlands proxy IP address, your internet traffic is routed through the residential IP address in the Netherlands, and the proxy server makes requests to websites and services on your behalf.

What are Netherlands proxy use cases?

Netherlands proxies serve various use cases. Some of the common ones include web scraping, AdTech, market analysis, and accessing geo-restricted content.

What is the best proxy server for the Netherlands?

We always recommend going with a trustworthy proxy provider. At Smartproxy, you can choose from residential, mobile, and datacenter Netherlands proxies and enjoy their proven effectiveness. If you need a stamp of approval, look at what our users have been saying

How much does the Netherlands proxy cost?

All proxies come with a 14-day money-back option. For residential and mobile proxies, we also offer the Pay As You Go option.

Is it possible to use IP addresses from the Netherlands for accessing content specific to the local region?

Yes, it’s possible. When you use a Netherlands-based IP address, you can effectively appear to be browsing the internet from within the Netherlands. This can be particularly useful for accessing geo-restricted content.

Can I track my Netherlands proxy usage?

Of course! After you've subscribed to one of our plans and accessed our dashboard, simply go to the "Traffic Usage" section. You'll discover a transparent breakdown of your data consumption there.

Award-Winning Netherlands Proxies

See why people rave about our industry-leading Netherlands proxies.

14-day money-back option

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