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Ready to set your browser up with industry leading proxies? Switch your IP with real residential addresses right now with Smartproxy.

We never charge for the number of proxies you use, so use our whole network to unblock data in all continents and browsers. No friction, instant proxies, advanced IP rotation with every plan.

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Proxies for Chrome

Smartproxy extension

Use our proxy endpoints in Chrome to get the best browsing speed and unlock content in any country. See how to set up our proxies on Chrome. Don’t want the hassle? We have a Chrome proxy extension!

Browser proxies for Safari

Access unlimited numbers of IP addresses on any MacOS or iOS device and use Safari anonymously. It’s very easy to set up proxies for Safari.

smartproxy configuration with safari

Firefox browser proxies

smartproxy configuration with Firefox

You care about anonymity and you want to unblock the web. Get highest quality proxies and forget about restrictions and IP tracking. Check out the Firefox proxy settings on our site.

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Using browser proxies

Browser proxies are a great tool to unblock restricted content or avoid firewall blocking. It acts as an intermediary between your browser and the internet. That means no one can see what server you are connecting to, and your IP address remains secret. Any modern browser can use proxies, and Smartproxy offers the highest quality product – real residential proxies that are associated with ISP (Internet Service Providers) to let you stay under the radar.

Our network not only lets you change the IP address to any country you choose, but it also rotates IP addresses automatically for more robust anonymity: set up a proxy endpoint on multiple browsers and stay undetected!

Anonymous residential-IP

Get proxies now. You’re 100% safe!

3day money back

We offer a 3-day money back option (except for BTC payments) for accounts in accordance to our terms of refund policy. Simply order any package, test it for three days and in the unlikely case you will not be satisfied with our product we will refund you.

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Frequently asked questions about browser proxies

How to set up a proxy in the android browser

Android browsers use system settings for proxies. If you use Chrome, see our Chrome settings above. Android proxy settings are here.

How to configure the TOR browser for a proxy

Tor is anonymous in and of itself, and setting a Tor proxy is redundant. This is the only browser where setting up a proxy might be detrimental to your anonymity.

How to change the browser proxy

With Smartproxy, you do not need to manually change proxies – our network does that for you! Find out more about it by reading about rotating proxies.

How does a browser use a proxy

Browsers use proxies by connecting directly to the proxy server and instructing it to connect to another server or website. The server sends back information to the proxy server, and it sends it to you. This way the browser does not reveal its real IP address, unless you use a transparent proxy. Find out more about what is a proxy.