Juggle multiple profiles with X Browser

Our new multi-profile anti-detection management tool will let you use many browsers at the same time risk-free.

Easy multi-profile management

No IP bans or Captchas

Lightning-fast proxy setup

Unique fingerprints galore

xbrowser tool preview

Get unique fingerprints for every profile

Elevate your security by changing not just your IP, but your fingerprint too! You can certainly hide and control your digital tire tracks, but why go through the pain of changing them yourself? Smartproxy will give you a unique fingerprint for each profile, so that all of them can be traced back to different users instead of you.

change fingerprint
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Manage your profiles without any stress

Smartproxy’s anti-detection browser will keep your data safe while you’re researching your market, creating your profiles, and doing anything else online through a browser. 

You can create and manage your profiles through a main window, which will also include proxy location selection, OS type, timezone selection, webRTC, and more! To make the ease of use even more handy and intuitive, we can now offer different browsers for different profiles, so that they don’t all have to be crammed into one window.

Keep your data to yourself

Managing all these different profiles will be a headache of the past, including IP bans and Captchas. If the website’s algorithms see you as a real person, there’s no need to keep checking whether you’re a robot. Keep your ads, posts, and all kinds of activity safe with your shield of protection – the X Browser.

Keep your data to yourself

X Browser is here to challenge the way you think about marketing and retail

Easy management


No IP bans

Unique fingerprints

No captchas

Price intelligence

Monitor pricing changes and cross-compare prices to know all about how you stack up against your competitors. With the help of X Browser, web scraping becomes a safer process – and the business intelligence you gather will remain yours to use.

Crowd marketing

It’s quite hard to post in online communities or forums from the same IP address. Your IP fingerprint can be your demise here. Make sure that your accounts can safely grow with Smartproxy’s latest multiple account management tool.

Affiliate marketing

Create multiple accounts and reach out to your partners with X Browser. Use our tool to raise your profits and attract more clients through your partnership programs. Keep track of your multi-session browser identities and prevent Google and Facebook from flagging them.

Digital marketing

Advertising analysis? Check. Keeping your posts safe from flagging? Check. Better performance and a wider target audience? Check. Finally, if you’re into dropshipping, then controlling your digital fingerprint can make your stores hard to ban.


Online retail is booming, and your competitors are too. Performing retail price scans to stay ahead of the game is the norm, while working with Google Ads is close to inevitable. These jobs get easier with X Browser, the tool designed to help these processes go smoothly. 

Social media marketing

Creating and managing an unlimited number of profiles in the cloud at the same time can be taxing without the right gear (*cough X Browser *cough*). Besides that, the right presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms can help you bring potential buyers to your page – the more online social activity, the better! 

Frequently Asked Questions About X Browser

What is an anti-detection browser?

An anti detect browser in an upgraded regular browser – it protects your privacy while letting you stay undetected with multiple online identities. Your digital fingerprint and your parameters will remain private whenever you visit a site through anti-detection browsers.

What are the use cases for X Browser?

This includes all kinds of legal online activity, including but not limited to:
  • E-commerce
  • Dropshipping
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media management
  • Google Ads management
What the anti-detection browser will give you is anonymity, security, and easier workflow.

What is browser fingerprinting?

Your unique digital fingerprint contains information about you, and the browser fingerprinting technique is used to collect it. Websites use scripts to identify your browser’s parameters, and form your browser fingerprint by using this data.

What is digital fingerprinting?

Digital fingerprinting is a term that is used interchangeably with browser fingerprinting. So, you can call this technique by either term, and you won’t be wrong.

What are the types of browser fingerprinting?

  • Cookies
  • You can easily clear and delete cookies yourself.
  • Web storage
  • Web storage can be either local or depend on the session. It acts similar to cookies, except that local storage can continue after the tab was closed, and session storage is only visible while the tab is open.
  • WebGL
  • WebGL is very similar to canvas fingerprinting, it just doesn’t use plug-ins and renders interactive 3D objects instead of 2D objects.
  • WebRTC
  • Web Real-Time-Communication collects info on your IP address, which can of course be changed with proxies (just make sure you turn WebRTC off when you’re using them).

What is browser stealth mode?

During stealth mode, the browser’s signature gets removed from the HTTP request header. Instead of the unique signature, a generic one appears. Besides security reasons, developers choose the stealth browser for self-examination.

What is a virtual browser?

This is a virtual web browser that works in a virtual environment. This type of browser is isolated either by a virtual machine, or by running in the cloud. It protects the device from malware, viruses, and all kinds of other dangers. This is where it differs from regular browsers, which can’t protect you from being traced.

Which browser parameters can websites see?

You better brace yourself for this one – websites can see your OS, browser version, installed fonts, time zone, plug-ins, pixel ratio, screen resolution, and more. Additional security measures are important, otherwise it’s all out there.