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Scale Your Instagram Marketing Automation And Data Extraction with Tailored Solutions

Looking for the best Instagram proxy network or public data extraction solution like an Instagram scraper? You've landed in the right place – Smartproxy offers tailored products for your case.

Looking for the best Instagram proxy network or public data extraction solution like an Instagram scraper? You've landed in the right place – Smartproxy offers tailored products for your case.

Proxies or a scraping API – which is better for you?

You have your custom infrastructure and need to make it more effective.

Use proxies for scraping, multiple accounts management, and more.

  • Scale your data collection project with flexible subscription plans. Add extra traffic, sub-users, and whitelisted IPs at any time. Don't want to commit? Try our Pay As You Go plan for residential proxies at just $12.5 per GB.

  • Sending too many requests to social media platforms like Instagram can lead to IP bans. Avoid blocks using a rotating proxy pool with 50M+ IPs that will conceal your original IP address.

  • You can seamlessly integrate our proxies with your scrapers or any other tools you fancy. Just grab your proxy credentials from our dashboard and copy them straight into your code.

  • Simply connect to our proxy server in the same country as the website you want to use, and you’ll bypass geo-restrictions. We've got 195+ IP locations, including cities and US states. Plus, you can choose to switch up your IP address with every connection or stick with one for up to 30 minutes.

You need maintenance-free infrastructure for data collection.

Our Scraping API is the best for real-time and on-demand public data collection.

  • With our Social Media Scraping API, you can save big on setting up and maintaining a proxy server and its infrastructure. Benefit from cost-effective public data collection, browser fingerprints, and proxy management – our tool will deal with challenges like JavaScript-heavy targets and CATPCHAs for you.

  • Forget all the running-out-of-traffic issues – pay only for the successful requests. You’ll get a fixed amount of monthly scraping requests based on your preferred subscription plan.

  • Collect publicly available data from various social media platforms simultaneously with our synchronous request method or get on-demand results with asynchronous requests.

  • When a website's HTML structure changes, parsers can break. With our all-in-one Instagram scraper, you don't need to worry about updating data collection pipelines in your web scraping software or your own code. You only need to send an API request, and we'll deliver structured data suitable for further analysis.

Compare your options and find the best match


Scraping API

Main use cases

  • Multi-accounting.
  • Data collection.
  • Instagram scraping.


  •  50M+ IP pool.
  • Advanced proxy rotation.
  • Proxy session control.
  • 195+ locations.
  • 50M+ IP pool.
  • Advanced proxy rotation.
  • Instagram scraper.
  • Browser-like fingerprints.
  • 195+ locations.


  • On a city, state and country level.
  • On a country level.

Unique features

  • 99.47% success rate.
  • <0.6s avg. response time.
  • 99.99% uptime.
  • Up to 30 min. sticky sessions.
  • Pay As You Go option.
  • 100% success rate.
  • Real-time and callback-based data collection.
  • Results in HTML or JSON.
  • High scalability.

Bonus features

  • Free trial.
  • Access to API Playground before purchasing.
  • 3-day money-back option.

Use Smartproxy solutions to level up your Instagram strategy

Struggling with Instagram scraping or juggling between different Instagram accounts? Smartproxy can help you with both.

Multiple accounts management


  • Instagram account localization
  • Managing multiple Instagram profiles
  • Creating multiple Instagram profiles
Social media intelligence

Social media intelligence

  • Tracking Instagram engagement rates
  • Following Instagram account growth
  • Discovering trending content

Recommended products for Instagram

Whether it's accessing geo-restricted Instagram accounts or extracting publicly available data to write high-quality posts – we have a solution for you.

Residential proxies

Residential proxies


City-level targeting

Pay As You Go

<0.6s response time

Each residential IP address is associated with a real mobile and desktop device that pinpoints specific physical locations. It makes residential proxy networks highly effective and immune to blocks and CAPTCHAs, especially targeting social network platforms.

Social Media Scraping API

Social Media Scraping API


100% success rate

Results in HTML and JSON

Synchronous & asynchronous requests

Social Media Scraping API combines 50M+ proxies, an Instagram scraper, and data parsers. With this tool, you can get publicly available data from the Instagram platform with a single synchronous or asynchronous request.

Discover why our customers love us

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Industry experts




Rated 4.7/5 based on 914 reviews.



Rated 4.7/5 based on 914 reviews.

Industry experts


Trusted Vendor 2022

Trusted Vendor 2023

Praised for the exceptional standards of security, anonymity and ethical IP sourcing practices.

Best Value Provider 2022

Best Value Provider 2023

Recognized 3 years in a row for premium quality products with the best entry point.

Quality Choice 2022

Quality Choice 2023

Awarded for the most user-friendly way to access local data anywhere successfully.

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Frequently asked questions about Instagram 

How do you automate Instagram marketing?

You can automate your social media marketing game with residential proxies or Instagram scrapers. Proxies can help you to unblock geo-restricted Instagram profiles or fuel your Instagram bot with IP addresses to ensure smooth Instagram automation. Of course, you can extract public Instagram data with proxies as well. But if you don’t have the capacity to build a custom Instagram scraper, try Social Media Scraping API. This full-stack tool is powered with 50M+ quality proxies, a powerful scraper, and data parsers – it can deliver various data from public Instagram posts just in a single API request.

What is the best Instagram data extractor?

It’s Social Media Scraping API. While collecting publicly available data from Instagram with it, you don't need to worry about blocks, proxy management, data scraping, or parsing – everything is covered in one tool.

How do you unblock Instagram with a proxy?

If you're blocked from your Instagram account, creating a new one or buying an account may not work due to the blocked IP address. However, you can still unblock Instagram using the services of a proxy provider, like Smartproxy. A proxy changes your IP address to a new one, allowing you to connect anonymously and perform functions without suspicion. And with rotating residential proxies, you can even create multiple accounts without worry.

What are the best proxies for Instagram?

You'll need reliable, anonymous, quality proxies to target Instagram successfully. The best solution would be to choose Smartproxy as your proxy provider since its ethically-sourced IP addresses are almost unblockable and work at a 99.47% success rate. With Smartproxy residential IPs, you can easily select from which country, city, or state you'd like to access Instagram, choose a sticky or rotating session, and pick a preferred output format.

Which tool is capable of scraping Instagram?

Instagram scraping requires either proxies or a pre-made data collection tool. If you're unwilling to build your own infrastructure and would rather save time and effort, Social Media Scraping API could be the best option to scrape public Instagram data in bulk. This tool can help you scrape publicly available Instagram profile data, follower count, hashtags, and more. Besides, you can try the tool during a 3-day free trial and see if it matches your needs.

What is Instagram automation?

Instagram automation is a tool designed to manage your Instagram accounts more efficiently. Using Instagram automation, you can easily schedule Instagram posts, manage comments, and create Instagram stories without wasting much time. Moreover, it's a great way to gain new followers for your account.

Besides, an Instagram automation tool enables you to reach your target audience more effectively. By configuring filters and preferences, you can ensure that your content is seen by those who are most likely to be interested in it.

Reach your business heights with Smartproxy

Automate and scale your project with our high-quality proxies and scraping APIs. Access worldwide 195+ locations, including countries, cities, and US states, enjoy a high success rate and complete anonymity. Stay smart in the proxying and scraping game!

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