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The Dopest Rotating Twitter Proxies

Create and manage multiple Twitter accounts without restrictions.

Smartproxy Twitter Proxy Network
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    0.61s average speed
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    99.99% uptime
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    Up to 30-minute sticky sessions
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    195+ locations for geo-targeting
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Twitter proxies

Smartproxy IPs for Twitter

What is a Twitter proxy?

As one of the most frequently visited social media platforms with over 200 million daily users worldwide, Twitter brings a lot of business opportunities. The problem is that it only allows you to create one account at a time. So is there any way to grow your influence on Twitter without a constant headache?

Cue proxy server. This technology acts as an intermediary between your device and any website you want to visit, such as Twitter. You can create multiple Twitter accounts since proxies will hide your real IP address and create flawless anonymity.

How residential proxy network works

Residential Twitter proxy network

For the best Twitter proxying experience, use residential proxies. Unlike datacenter proxies, residential ones are less prone to be blocked by Twitter as they appear like any other real user with ISP assigned IP address.

We have more than 40 million residential IPs from over 195 locations around the world. So, yes, Sherlock, you can look like 40 million average Joes!

By the way, with Smartproxy, you can forget tedious proxy lists. All you need is a single endpoint (think of it as an address:port configuration) that automatically assigns a pre-checked proxy to your connection. That means you almost never get a dead proxy.

How anonymity with residential IPs work

Use rotating or sticky session

Our advanced rotation automates proxy changes, so you only need to choose the session type that best suits your needs. "You can select sticky sessions that can hold the same IP address for 1 to 10 minutes, or up to 30 minutes. These sessions are best for the everyday tasks on your Twitter accounts like tweeting, retweeting, or following. Staying with the same IP address won't trigger Twitter's security, and you won't get blocked.

Just a quick pro tip!

If you're using automation tools, don't collect your followers in bulks! This can quickly get you banned.

If you need to scrape Twitter to collect data for your market research, use rotating sessions. In this case, IP addresses will change with every connection request and will allow you to collect that precious data without restrictions.

How anonymity with residential IPs work

Stay fast and successful

Well, not to brag, but... Our proxy servers have an excellent success rate (99.47%) and the industry-leading response time (0.61s). So, good news – our residential Twitter IPs will work swimmingly every time you use them!

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Use Twitter proxy for marketing

Coming up with those ingenious 280 character tweets can be a stairway to marketing heaven. Really, there are at least several ways how you can improve your influence and performance with Twitter proxy, so listen up! You just need to create multiple Twitter accounts and reap the benefits.

Scale your efforts

Multiple Twitter accounts will help you to maximize your presence in this social media giant. Be sure to create accounts that are at least slightly different from each other. You can keep them in the same niche, just be sure to come up with different content and generate unique landing pages for each account.

Play with data

Having more than one Twitter account will allow you to test best marketing practices and create your success potion. You can try different hot hashtags or keywords in your industry, test how they perform or see when your audience is more likely to read and retweet your tweets.

Be a king of content

Multiple Twitter accounts allow you to tailor different content for individual audiences. In this way, you can reach and attract even more people.

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Unblock Twitter in your country with proxies

Unfortunately, some countries censor Twitter. As it is a great platform to express any political views freely, it's not surprising why people want to access it.

This is where our advanced residential proxies – IPs of real devices – will help you unblock Twitter.  You just need internet, some dope proxies outside the Twitter restricted location, and - voilà! You entered the wonderland of Twitter. Easy, isn't it?

... did you know?

With our top-notch residential proxy server, you can be sure that you'll access Twitter anywhere in the world, even if it's at your home country's office where your employer restricts Twitter access. We got you covered, buddy.

twitter bot

What is a Twitter bot?

A Twitter bot is a specially designed bot software to control a Twitter account. The bot can autonomously access your Twitter account and perform such actions as tweeting, retweeting, following, and unfollowing. Proxy service is vital for Twitter bots as, without it, you won't be able to run multiple Twitter accounts successfully.

Our Twitter proxies work with all major Twitter bots:

  • Socialoomph
  • Dominator House
  • Tweet Attacks Pro
  • WhiteHatBox
  • TwtBoard Pro
  • AccDominator
IPs network to access Twitter on your phone

Enjoy safe Twitter proxy connections

Use Smartproxy's HTTP(s) proxies for Twitter to take advantage of the SSL encryption and keep your data safe. These proxies protect you from harmful content and malware. They can also potentially save you a lot of bandwidth by recognizing and bypassing ads.

Best Customer Service

Unrivaled customer service

We know you’re a special snowflake, and we love you like no one’s business. So our self-service is exceptionally intuitive, we have a super user-friendly API, and our tech team is always there for you in case of an emergency!

Honestly, we win Best Customer Service awards for this stuff.

get proxies

Get proxies now. You're 100% safe!

We offer a 3-day money back option (except for crypto payments) for accounts in accordance to our terms of refund policy. Simply order any package, test it for three days and in the unlikely case you will not be satisfied with our product we will refund you.

Residential proxies for Twitter are full of awesomeness


Unlimited connections and threads


40M+ rotating IPs

IPV4, HTTPs addresses

IPv4, HTTPS addresses

Over 195+ countries

Over 195 countries

Easy proxy setup

Easy proxy setup

Real mobile and desktop devices IPs

Real mobile and desktop devices IPs


Awesome 24/7 customer support

<1.5s average response time

<1.5s average response time

Up to 30 min. sticky sessions

Up to 30 min. sticky sessions

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Traffic usage statistics

  • Marko Campos

    Marko Campos


    Best proxies provider, very understanding. Cares a lot about your customer experience with great prices. Lovely people to work with!

  • Paul Doski

    Paul Doski


    Servers are fast and stable, it covers all locations and the customer service is absolutely friendly and helpful.

  • Sebastian Skura

    Sebastian Skura


    Recommend the service. Just started to use their proxy, and had small difficulties creating it because I'm new to this stuff . Eve from customer service helped me and we resolved a problem effortlessly.


Flexible residential plans – now up to 35% less

  • 3-day money-back option
  • HTTP(s) + SOCKS5
  • Proxies start at $4/GB


Pay As You Go
1 GB
Price per GB
Username: password
Whitelisted IPs


2 GB
$14 +VAT billed monthly
Price per GB
Username: password
Whitelisted IPs


8 GB
$52 + VAT billed monthly
Price per GB
Username: password
Whitelisted IPs


25 GB
$150 + VAT billed monthly
Price per GB
Username: password
Whitelisted IPs


50 GB
$280 + VAT billed monthly
Price per GB
Username: password
Whitelisted IPs

Enterprise plans

100 GB
Total: $520 +VAT billed monthly
Price per GB
Whitelisted IPs
Username: password
Dedicated Account Manager
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SSL secure payment

Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL

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Google Pay and Apple Pay are only available with Smart Wallet

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Best quality-price ratio

Listen, we love you like no one’s business. That’s why we offer you the dopest services for a literal bargain, a bunch of free tools, and customer support that never sleeps. Seriously, we won the Best Value Provider award for this stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions About Twitter Proxies

Which is better for Twitter automation - proxy service or VPN?

Proxies, of course. VPN's lifeblood is data centers, so it has a lot of similarities with datacenter proxies. This means that with VPN you might have the same risks as you would have with datacenter proxies. Also, you can have just one active VPN connection on one device, which makes it impossible for you to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

Can Twitter block my account because I use a proxy?

Yes, it can, if your proxy provider provides you with the overused IP address or your accounts act like bots. So choose wisely, kiddos!

How many Twitter accounts can I open in one browser with different proxies?

There's no limit to how many Twitter accounts you can open in one browser with different proxies. However, we don't recommend doing that because you might be caught through your browser's fingerprint. Want to avoid fingerprinting altogether? Check our X Browser.

Where can I buy proxies for Twitter?

A lot of proxy providers sell residential proxies that can be used for Twitter. So it's essential to pay attention to the quality of your provider's proxy server. Also, you probably want to access Twitter proxies for pocket-friendly prices and choose a proxy plan that suits your needs. Not surprisingly, we do offer just that!

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