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Residential Twitter proxy network

Create and manage multiple Twitter accounts easily with our advanced proxy network. Stay undetected on Twitter with residential proxies. Us IPs of legitimate, unique devices all over the world. Take Twitter to the next level with our 10+ million proxy pool today!

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Smartproxy twitter proxy network

Unblock Twitter with proxies

When you create many Twitter accounts from a single IP, Twitter blocks them very quickly. If you try to use data center proxies, the site will recognize that they all come from the same location and block them all. This is where our advanced residential proxies – IPs of real devices – will help you unblock Twitter. Every IP address in our residential proxy pool is a unique device, making the proxy network unblockable.

How does our residential Twitter proxy network work?

You connect to our proxy server and receive a random proxy address from our whole 10+ million IP pool or an IP from a location you want to target. We offer 195+ locations you can target. You can use sticky or rotating sessions for each connection request.

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Create and manage multiple Twitter accounts

With our pool of 10+ million residential proxies, you can automate any number of accounts, including the entire registration process. Use our proxy network to start an unlimited number of threads and make Twitter automation fast and scalable. We also offer sticky sessions to keep your IP stable for a longer time.

Works with all major Twitter bots:

You can set up our proxy network on any of these major Twitter automation tools and bots:

  • AccDominator
  • Socialoomph
  • WhiteHatBox
  • Dominator House
  • TwtBoard Pro
  • Tweet Attacks Pro

Smartproxy testimonials "At last, a proxy network that works like it’s supposed to. I can finally focus on more important things."

Tammy G., Social media guru

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Unblock Twitter anywhere

If your country, company or institution is blocking Twitter, you can still access it through a proxy. When you connect to Twitter through a proxy, no one can see what you are accessing, which means you unblock Twitter. Proxy networks also let you do this for multiple accounts at once.

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Use proxies to access Twitter on your phone

Setting up a Twitter proxy on your smartphone is easy. All phone manufacturers support proxies, and the set up takes only a minute. We have detailed instructions how to setup a proxy on iPhone and Android devices.

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Unrivaled customer service

Get support 24/7 with highly skilled networking technicians and social media automation experts. Contact us at any time if you need help setting up proxies with your browser or favorite automation tool.

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Safe Twitter proxy connections

Use our HTTPS proxies for Twitter to take advantage of the SSL encryption and keep your data safe.

Fastest Twitter proxies

Want a smooth, fast and reliable connection? Use Smartproxy – the fastest Twitter proxy network available. Independent tests show our proxies are two times faster than the industry average.

Choose a Twitter proxy from any country

You can create localized Twitter accounts for any country in the world. We offer geo-targeting proxies for 195+ locations globally. Just choose a country you want to target and use only IPs from there.

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Choose your plan

You can use an unlimited number of connections, threads, and countries at once as our pricing model is based on bandwidth usage. The cheapest residential proxy plan starts at $75 for 5GB per month. Enterprise residential proxies cost $3 per GB.

$75 per month +VAT
$15 per GB
5 GB included
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$400 per month +VAT
$8 per GB
50 GB included
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$600 per month +VAT
$6 per GB
100 GB included
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All our plans are based on recurring monthly payments

Accepted payment methods:

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