Smartproxy Partners’ Guide

Explore why Smartproxy is loved by 85K+ users around the globe and learn more about our brand, communication guidelines, and exclusive deals for our partners.

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Smartproxy Partners’ Guide

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Smartproxy, established in 2018, is a leading provider of proxy and real-time data-gathering solutions. Recognized as the Best Value Provider by Proxyway for four consecutive years, Smartproxy is the ideal choice for both one-off and large-scale projects that demand efficient real-time data collection solutions.

Our services not only eliminate the need to build custom web scraping solutions but also ensure the highest level of performance for both our proxy and Scraping API line, saving your team time and effort.

Key brand messaging

Explore what makes Smartproxy stand out and why users around the globe value our solutions.


Flexible start options

We offer a 14-day money-back, a 3-day free trial for residential proxies with 100MB, and a 7-day free trial for our Scraping APIs with 1K requests.


Advanced documentation & support

Users can easily plug our solutions with their favorite third-party tools, explore integration guides, and access free 24/7 tech support through live chat.


Fastest time to value

With a user-friendly dashboard, quick -start guides, and zero complicated flows, users can start their proxying or scraping journey within minutes.

Explore our solutions

Scraping API
  • What are proxies?

    A proxy is an intermediary between your device and the internet, forwarding requests between your device and the internet while masking your IP address.

  • smartproxy
    Residential proxies from $2.2/GB

    55M+ IPs from 195+ locations around the globe with <0.6s response time and 99.99% uptime. Quick start guide

    Product page
  • smartproxy
    Static residential proxies from $2/IP

    IPs from premium ASNs like Sprint, Frontier, and GTT with <0.3s avg speed and HTTP(S) support. Quick start guide

  • smartproxy
    Mobile proxies from $4.5/GB

    10M+ IPs from 170+ global locations and advanced targeting options, including OS & ASNs. Quick start guide

  • smartproxy
    Datacenter proxies from $0.09/IP

    500K+ shared & dedicated datacenter proxies with <0.3s avg speed and 99.99% uptime. Quick start guide

  • smartproxy
    Site Unblocker from $6/IP

    Advanced data collection solution with a 100% success rate, advanced fingerprinting, and 65M+ IPs under the hood. Quick start guide

Most popular use cases

Effortlessly collect public data and enhance your competitive advantage by equipping our top-notch solutions discovering valuable insights along the way.



Create and manage multiple accounts for each of your brands, separating personal and business profiles.

eCommerce management

eCommerce management

Access major marketplaces around the globe and track competitor developments or price changes faster.

SEO marketing

SEO marketing

Audit websites, track localized content, and monitor organic and paid results on the SERP.

Data collection

Data collection

Eliminate the need to build costly infrastructure and collect publicly available data effortlessly.



Test ad campaigns, optimize CPA, identify bot traffic from your ads, and save advertising budget.



Run various RPA tools to save time on routine tasks while avoiding CAPTCHAs, restrictions, or IP bans.

Deals and discounts

Empower your audience and maximize your earning potential with our special offers.


Residential proxies 3-day free trial

Allow your audience to test-drive our residential proxies with a 3-day free trial and 100MB. Make sure to retrieve the page below and give it tracking parameters via Impact. Learn more


35% off on all of our proxy products

Offer an exclusive discount for our whole proxy line that boasts over 65M+ IPs from 195+ locations. Fetch the page below and give it tracking parameters via Impact. Learn more


20% off on all of our products

Leverage our cutting-edge proxy and scraping solutions with a partner-exclusive offer. Use the code PARTNERS20 at the checkout to apply the discount for your subscription.

Looking for a tailored offer for your audience? Reach out to us at [email protected].

Marketing assets

Looking for helpful materials on our solutions? Explore guidelines for easier content creation and examples of published content on our partners’ platforms.



Explore guidelines on proxies for scraping, residential proxies, Scraping APIs, and Smartproxy overview to streamline your content creation with valuable insights on the most popular solutions from Smartproxy.


Visual materials

Enhance your listings, blog posts, and landing pages by browsing our extensive visual materials library. Compliment your expertise with up-to-date visual content from Smartproxy.


Advanced tutorials

Check out our in-depth articles on using our solutions with third-party tools, explore our proxy setup, advanced integration guides, or tutorials on our Knowledge Hub and blog.

If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected] or connect with your dedicated account manager.

You can also find us on Impact by searching for Smartproxy (Account ID: 17480).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I promote Smartproxy?

You can promote Smartproxy everywhere. Just remember that people must click your affiliate link for the sale to be attributed to you. Sales made without affiliate links can’t be assigned to partners.

How can I get my affiliate link?

You can generate affiliate links via the Impact dashboard if you have already signed up for our partnerships program and received approval. If you have issues generating affiliate links, reach out to Impact customer support.

Where can I get marketing materials?

You can access marketing materials on your Impact dashboard and browse through Marketing Assets.

How can I access special deals and discounts?

This page's Deals and discounts section allows you to learn more about special deals, limited-time offers, and discounts.

What should I do if I can’t find Smartproxy on Impact or have other issues with the affiliate platform?

If you can’t find Smartproxy on Impact or have other platform-associated issues, contact the Impact customer support team via in-platform chat or email at [email protected].

What if I’m another SaaS tool provider, interested in a different type of partnership?

We’re always interested in new collaboration opportunities! Please reach out to us at [email protected].

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