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Try Fast and Unblockable Residential Proxies for $1

We've earned the trust of over 50K customers – now it's your chance to see why. Start with a $1 trial on any plan.

55M+ proxies around the globe
HTTP(s) + SOCKS5 support
~0.6s response time and 99.47% success
Unlimited concurrent sessions
14-day money-back option
Try Fast and Unblockable Residential Proxies for $1

Awarded residential proxies – now for less

Pick any plan and try all features with 3-day 100MB Trial just for $1.


2 GB

Save 44%



Total: $25

$14 +VAT billed monthly

8 GB

Save 48%



Total: $100

$52 +VAT billed monthly


25 GB

Save 52%



Total: $312

$150 +VAT billed monthly

50 GB

Save 55%



Total: $625

$280 +VAT billed monthly

100 GB

Save 58%



Total: $1250

$520 +VAT billed monthly

With each plan you access


55M+ ethically-sourced IPs


HTTPS & SOCKS5 support


99.47% success rate


24/7 tech support


Unlimited concurrent sessions


Country & city-level targeting


<0.6s average response time


Rotating and sticky sessions

SSL Secure Payment

Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL

Why should you use our residential IPs?

Unblockable proxies

Unblockable proxies

Due to their origin and advanced rotation, residential IP addresses are hard to detect and less likely to get blocked.

Worldwide targeting

Worldwide targeting

Access a pool of 55M+ IPs from 195+ locations worldwide and target based on state, country, or city.

Best value for money

Unlimited connections

Deal with even the most data-heavy tasks. Our proxies are designed to deliver maximum speed, reliability, and performance.

Best value for money

Best value for money

Awarded three years in a row for offering premium quality proxies, user-friendly experience, and affordable prices.

Wide proxy pool with 195+ locations worldwide

Get our proxies and access to the information you need, no matter where it's located.

  • United States

    United States
    7.1M+ IPs

  • Germany

    2.3M+ IPs

  • United Kingdom

    United Kingdom
    1.7M+ IPs

  • India

    9.4M+ IPs

  • Canada

    540K+ IPs

  • Japan

    104K+ IPs

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Try our residential proxies risk-free!

Don't miss out on the chance to give our top-rated residential proxies a go for just $1 during our 3-day 100MB trial with all features included!

14-day money-back option

Frequently asked questions about residential proxies

How much do residential proxies cost?

We offer a range of subscription options to match the needs of every user. With this paid trial, you can pick any residential proxy plan, and try it out for just $1 with all features included.

Can I test your proxies?

Currently, we don’t offer a free trial for our residential proxies. However, you can test our proxy solutions by choosing our 3-day 100MB Trial for $1 with all features included.

How the speed and success rate of residential proxies were tested?

The average residential proxies' response time and success rate provided on our website are based on Proxyway's research. Proxyway is an independent educational platform that researches and tests proxy providers and services.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments with Credit Cards, PayPal, Alipay, and cryptocurrencies. With Smart Wallet, two additional payment methods are available (Google Pay and Apple Pay). All orders are processed by our online reseller Paddle, the complete payments, tax, and subscription solution for SaaS, which is a Merchant of Record for these orders. To contact Paddle’s support team, reach out via Paddle.net.

What are residential proxies?

A residential proxy is an intermediary server between you and the website you’re trying to access. This server has an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), not a data center. Each residential IP is a real mobile or desktop device pinning a certain physical location. To any site, traffic coming from residential proxies looks like a request from an ordinary person residing in any corner of the globe. This makes our residential proxy network highly effective and immune to blocks.

How do residential proxies differ from datacenter ones?

To know how residential proxies differ from datacenter ones, you need to know how they are made. Residential proxies are true mobile or desktop devices that act as your intermediary servers. They have all aspects of real internet users, such as ISP attribution, no subnetworks, or other tell-tale signs of a proxy network. Thus, you can scale any operation almost indefinitely, especially when you can access millions of these nodes.

However, datacenter proxies are usually produced in data centers or cloud hosting services and tied in subnets. Since they aren’t with any ISP provider, datacenter proxies are prone to IP blocks and such. On the other hand, datacenter IPs are faster and more stable.

How do I buy and start using residential proxies?

  1. Create your Smartproxy account, verify your email address, and navigate to the Residential Proxies tab on the dashboard's left-side menu.
  2. Choose the subscription that matches your needs and purchase it using Smart Wallet credits or your preferred payment method. We accept various payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Amex, and you can stay safe and sound – 256-bit SSL protects your information.
  3. Set up your proxies:
    Authenticate your proxies with username: password or whitelisted IPs.
    Select proxy location: random or targeting specific country, city, or US state.
    Choose session type: rotate IPs per request or keep one for up to 30 min.
    Pick output format: endpoint: port, HTTPS, or SOCKS5.
    Integrate proxies with your third-party software, bots, and scripts.
    Monitor statistics of traffic usage, requests, and top targets.

When in need, rely on our extensive help docs or drop a line to our 24/7 tech support.

What are the Terms & Conditions of the $1 trial?

We offer a range of subscription options to match the needs of every user. With this paid trial, you can pick any residential proxy plan and try it out for just $1 with all features included. This paid trial shall be available for 3 days or 100MB of residential proxies usage, whichever comes first. See our plans here. Please note that this $1 trial option is specifically designed for self-service and first-time residential proxy users and is non-refundable. Upon initiating the trial by selecting a plan, users will be automatically billed for the chosen plan after the trial period.

What are blocked targets?

To avoid fraudulent activities, we restrict access to the majority of websites of the following use cases:

  • Banking and other financial activities (anything related to financial institutions and cryptocurrency financing)
  • Government sites
  • Entertainment (e.g., Netflix)
  • Apple/Google stores
  • Ticketing  
  • Gaming 
  • Mailing 
  • Streaming
  • LinkedIn

Learn more about blocked targets by visiting our FAQ page or contacting our customer support through LiveChat.

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