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Making SERPS Scraping Faster

Making SERPS Scraping Faster by 400%

The client:

A well-known SEO service provider who was using a smaller competitor’s service to crawl and scrape search engine results.

The challenge:

They had to retry their scrapes 4-5 times to get the results they needed, as their provider’s IP addresses were blocked by a major search engine. Also, a large percentage of their requests timed out.

SEO SERP scraping challange

What we offered:

We offered the residential proxy network that has proven effective for the targeted search engine.

smartproxy dashboard

The result:

Our client’s scrappers were unblocked and no longer experienced excessive timeouts. They are now able to get results 4-5 times faster while paying only 10% more.

4-5 times faster

As a side note:

The client found the migration from the previous provider easy. They did not face any challenges and found the option to create multiple accounts (we call these sub-users that let clients limit traffic usage for each project) very useful. The client has moved all of its crawlers and scrapers to use our network.

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