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May 21, 2021
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SNKRS Draw: How to Finally Get 'Em with Proxies

Copping Nike on SNKRS can be tricky, especially when going after those hot drops that can be gone in a matter of seconds. To avoid getting blocked or blacklisted, you’ll need to use Nike SNKRS proxies.

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What is a draw on SNKRS?

The demand for limited-edition Nike sneakers is humongous, so Nike came up with a draw on their SNKRS app (and, sometimes, their website). It's a process of selecting the winners who will be able to reserve the hottest Nike shoes. The draw is meant to help level the Nike drops playing field for sneakerheads.

"Draw opens" on SNKRS means that the drawing is live – people have a limited time to join it.

"Draw closed" on SNKRS means that the drawing expired – you can no longer join it.

To join Nike SNKRS drawings, first, you need to become a Nike member. Then, download the SNKRS App and enable push notifications so you wouldn't miss the next big drop. It's also a good idea to follow Nike on their social media, especially on Twitter, to know when drawings go live.

3 main types of SNKRS drops

If you’re looking to grab a pair of hot Nike sneakers, you’ll need to understand their drop system a bit more.

Nike SNKRS does three types of launches:

  1. FLOW - The usual “first-come, first-serve” type of release. Mostly operates on general-release shoes.
  2. LEO - A queued drop that puts you in line and randomly picks winners in 2-3 minutes.
  3. DAN - Used for the most exclusive launches. Unlike LEO, it puts your name in a draw, not a queue. The result comes back in 10-30 minutes.

To be honest, there is no much difference between LEO and DAN.

The queue is just as much of a lottery as a DAN release. However, you can increase your chances by using multiple accounts. We’re onto you, Nike.

skyrocket your sneaker game

How does the draw work on the SNKRS app?

Here's how the drawing on Nike SNKRS works:

  1. Once a draw goes live, Nike tweets about it and sends a push notification to the members of the SNKRS app.
  2. The moment you learn about the draw, click the link that Nike shared to enter it.
  3. Make sure you're signed in to your Nike member profile and have your payment info filled in beforehand - you've no time to waste. Check this section on Nike's website to get their membership.
  4. You'll see a countdown clock showing how much time you still have left to join the drawing. You'll have a very limited time to take action (think minutes, sometimes even seconds).
  5. Then, choose the pair you want to cop and your shoe size. You can't change the size later, so be mindful about what you click on.
  6. You'll be asked to give your payment method (you won't be charged unless you win).
  7. Once the countdown clock shows the end of the drawing, you'll get an order confirmation email within 24 hours in case you won. If you didn't get 'em, you'd be notified, too.

Nike SNKRS draw rules you must know

  1. You need to have a Nike Member profile, a verified mobile phone number, and a valid email address.
  2. You can't submit multiple entries from the same person per launch pair.
  3. You can't edit your entry once it's submitted.
  4. You can't transfer your submission.
  5. Nike has the right, in its sole discretion, to change the SNKRS drawing process any time.
  6. Nike reserves the right to cancel winning entries.
  7. Winning entries are valid only for the indicated timeframe on the launch date.
  8. Winning entries are valid only for the provided shoe size, product, and other consumer information.

How to win on the SNKRS app?

So, how do you win a Nike SNKRS draw? You guessed it, bots. With sneaker bots, you'll be able to set multiple accounts and get in front of your competition.

To have the best chance at copping those Nike sneakers, you need to get your hands on a reliable sneaker bot, such as Another Nike Bot, Nike Shoe Bot, or Better Nike Bot.

copping sneakers with different IPs

Why do I need proxies to cook on SNKRS?

Ok, so the thing is that if you want to use sneaker bots, you won’t get anywhere without proxies.

Nike only lets you participate once per drawing, so if you want to purchase the shoes you've been dreaming of, you need multiple bot entries. But here's the risk – each time you go online without proxies, information about your cookies and browser preferences is logged with your real IP address.

And guess what, if several requests come from the same IP address, Nike can either block you temporarily or blacklist your IP. Residential proxies make it look like each request is from a different real-life person, and it doesn’t flag Nike’s systems. We recommend creating multiple Nike accounts with different residential sneaker proxies attached to each one.

Bear in mind that residential proxies are simply perfect for LEO and DAN drops. They make it look like each hit is coming from a different location. If you want to run hundreds of Nike accounts, residential proxies are king as they're the most efficient. These proxies come in GB packages, so you can think about it as a mobile data plan. The cheapest plan gives you 5 GB of traffic for 75 bucks per month. To put it into perspective, running 1000 Nike tasks on one release uses anywhere from 0.3 to 0.4 GB.

Check out our residential proxy pricing plans to make sure you’re ready to cook the next hot drop.

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Ella Moore

Ella’s here to help you untangle the anonymous world of residential proxies to make your virtual life make sense. She believes there’s nothing better than taking some time to share knowledge in this crazy fast-paced world.

Frequently asked questions

How long does SNKRS take to draw?

It depends on the type of SNKRS drops. For example, with a DAN launch, sneaker lovers have about 10-30 minutes to register their entry. With LEO drops, it may take as little as two minutes. The point is - you need to act fast.

How do I know if I won a SNKRS draw?

If you won a SNKRS draw, Nike would send you an email with your purchase information and order confirmation within 24 hours once the drawing expires.

How long does it usually take for SNKRS to notify you?

Nike states that, once the draw ends, they will notify you within the next 24 hours if you won or not. However, in practice, it usually happens within 15 to 60 minutes.

Can you enter a SNKRS draw more than once?

Technically, no. In their SNKRS drawing rules, Nike states that one person is eligible for one submission per launch product. However, there's a workaround! You can have multiple entries for the same drawing using sneaker bots. Coupled with residential proxies, you'll be able to create multiple SNKRS accounts and increase your chances of copping that pair you've been dreaming of!

What time zone does Nike SNKRS use?

Nike SNKRS app uses your local time, so if you see that the drop time is listed as 6 AM, you can be sure it's 6 AM.

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