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May 26, 2021
9 minutes read

What You Should Know About Nike Shoe Bot – a Review

OK, so you've been trying to get into the sneaker game for some time already. You've heard people talking about sneaker bots, maybe even tried some yourself. Now you're looking for the GOAT one. And that's how you came across Nike Shoe Bot, or NSB. Sounds familiar?

But what exactly is a Nike Shoe Bot? It's a high-performing task software that you can purchase and download straight onto your puter or lap. These bots shine as the best sneaker proxies as they let you cop multiple shoes with unlimited tasks and a great success rate.

Let's go over Nike shoe bots with a fine-tooth comb to figure out if the NSB bot is actually worth your cash.

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Defining the Nike Shoe Bot

Simply put, the Nike Shoe Bot is the premier sneaker bot in the market, available for both Mac and Windows users. It's isn't available on Linux yet, though. Back in the day, it was meant to cop Nike wear but over time, the creators have expanded the list of supported websites.

The Nike Shoe Bot works with major shoes shops and footsites, such as Adidas, Jordans, Supreme, and Yeezy. It also goes along with over a hundred retailers, including Shopify. Ironically enough, the official website of Nike is now the only page that the NSB doesn't support.

These days, the Nike Shoe Bot is one of the oldest and–shhh, come closer, I'll tell you a secret–the best Nike bots out there. How did it happen? Well, you guessed it–the bot has smoothly coped with tough competition and emerged as the crème de la crème in the sneakerhead community.

NSP developers still rigorously monitor their product to keep the app up-to-date. This guarantees that those shoes of limited edition can come out at the retail price.

How to use the Nike Shoe Bot

Using the NSB is plain sailing. Below, we'll give the whole process the once-over.


See, before you start to enjoy the epic benefits of the Nike Shoe Bot, you'll need to buy a copy. Unlike other bots, NSB is always in stock. So, no need to worry about availability. Already a huge plus, right?

The regular price for the bot is $499/year. Yet, if you're a member of some sneaker group, we have great news! You can buy your NSB for $325 during the group purchase.


Hang on, we're halfway there. Once you've purchased your bot, you'll receive a few emails. The most important ones are those that reveal your Discord server token & key and, of course, your downloadable file. You'll need these to access the bot software on your device.

In addition, you'll be able to link your fresh Nike Shoe Bot to your Discord account. Pretty handy!

sneaker bot


After the installation step, you'll be almost ready to use it. But wait! Before enjoying the NSB bot in full swing, give yourself a rundown of the software. There are a few different tabs and options so get a grasp on what they are for.

Here's a pro tip: make sure you understand the features before actually running the bot on the release date. Pal, trust us, if you don't understand the software well, you're risking coming empty-handed during the crop. A stitch in time saves nine.

NSB features

Buckle up, buddy! The Nike Shoe Bot has some great features, four of which we're gonna review below.

Billings tab

You can monitor and edit your billing profiles using this tab. A neat feature here is the Checkout limit. It allows you to set the number of times you can use the billing profile for the checkout. This way, you can withhold multiple billings for the same account. The limit works as 'once per site' or 'once per site per item.'

Oh, and BTW, there are several checkout modes, too. You can use the Fast mode for the fastest checkout. However, we'd also recommend trying out the slower Safe mode, as it should lead to fewer blocks.

On the final note here, there are two Cyborg modes. They mimic human behavior. Though this reduces the risk of getting blocked, it also means that a bot will be a bit slower. Whatever your preference is, choose your character and cook those sneakers!

Captcha solver

As you may know already, Captchas are unavoidable when copping sneakers. And guess what! NSB has a manual Captcha solver to make your job less painful.

The solver lets you automatically generate one-clicks. All you need to do is watch YouTube videos or use an established Gmail account to generate Captcha tokens before the drop. That really doesn't break a sweat.

Accessing sneaker e-stores with proxies

Task modes

Just like on other modern sneaker bots, every task on NSB can run simultaneously. Why's that? The principle is simple: the more tasks you run, the better chances of copping you have.

To create a task, click the Create Tasks button on the task page. Then, enter a site and choose the Checkout mode. Insert the link or keywords and select the billing profile. Finally, choose the proxy list to use. Wham-bam! You're all set.

Just don't forget to create your tasks at the right time, not at the end of a drop. If you want to set up multiple tasks, simply enter the right number in the Number of Tasks field when creating a new task.

Task modes let you test out different checkout strategies with the bot. For example, you can use the fast mode without forcing Captcha or run a Cyborg mode for a slower but less bannable checkout.

Password function

It would be a sin not to mention that the Nike Shoe Bot offers the Inject password function. It allows you to enter a password for a running task. If a release is password-protected, this feature is a must. Besides, many other bots don't have this function at all!

Last but not least, NSB lets you inject an URL in case your monitor picks up on something but the checkout doesn't start.

Pros and cons of NSB

As now you're buddy-buddy with the bot, you may want to know how it actually performs in the market. Get ready for some juicy details below.


  • User friendly. The user interface of the Nike Shoe Bot is simple and straightforward, which lets sneakerheads cook multiple pairs with ease.
  • General releases. The bot does an epic job on general releases that can lead to a bulk number of checkouts if you want to start investing in sports shoes.
  • Affordable. You can compete on footsites and purchase shoes that you wouldn't have been able to get manually for a couple of hundred dollars.


  • Fierce competition. NSB has one of the largest bot user bases on the market – your bot has to compete with many similar bots. It can become fiddly when purchasing hyped shoes while restocks are low.
  • Hard to get the top 10% results. To maximize profits, find your cook group. It'll save you money and help you get into a real sneaker botting game.

What proxies to use with NSB

Proxies make you undetected when your bot runs multiple tasks. Plus, they deffo make the process faster and more efficient.

The task settings for NSB let you set timeout limits for monitoring and checkout tasks. The rate at which you can do this depends on the number of proxies you have. Pair our residential proxies with your bot for your sneaker copping hustle. Don’t forget to choose sticky sessions - ours can last up to 30 minutes!


Not sure what residential plan to pick?

Try out our Product Selector to check the target match.

Here's an example: our proxy network lets you use 10,000 ports for US proxies. So you can use 10,000 tasks with a standard timeout rate or just a few tasks with a high-speed timeout rate.

NSB configuration

And that's not all! Proxy lists are available for each task. That means you can use UK proxies for UK releases and US proxies for US releases. Sounds dope, doesn’t it?

Creating a proxy list is very simple. You need to copy our endpoints list and paste it into the bot. Always test out various locations and global proxies in different lists for the best results.

Rotating proxy scheme


All in all, Nike Shoe Bot is the ultimate pioneer in the sneaker game. But is it worth your cash? Well, we'd suggest trying it, as the bot offers some dope features you might need to cop without any hitch. Experiment—that’s how MVP sneakerheads find their go-to ones too, right?


James Keenan

Senior content writer

The automation and anonymity evangelist at Smartproxy. He believes in data freedom and everyone’s right to become a self-starter. James is here to share knowledge and help you succeed with residential proxies.

Frequently asked questions

Does NSB work?

Yes, and it's one of the best shoe bots around. It gets regular updates and has a number of supreme features, including auto-generating one-click Captcha tokens and link/password insertion.

What are yellow and blue tasks in NSB?

Yellow tasks are regular tasks that use your proxies. Blue tasks, on the other hand, are idle tasks that wait for an event to start. They don't use your proxies as long as they're blue.

Why is my NSB stuck in the acquiring session?

The most likely cause is low-quality proxies. Make sure to take care of that to have the best NSB experience.

How to bypass the queue on Shopify in NSB?

Rocking on Shopify with NSB isn't a nerve-racking ordeal. The Nike Shoe Bot offers a feature that lets you bypass the checkout queue on Shopify automatically.

How to generate cookies in NSB?

First, go to Task creation. Then, select the site you want to generate cookies for and choose Generator mode. After that, insert a random string in the PID or SKU field. Use a billing profile with fake card info. Pick a proxy list, submit, and finally start the task!

How to deactivate NSB?

There are two ways to do that. You can deactivate NSB in the bot–click on the Settings tab and press the Deactivate button. The other option is to use discord–in the bots section, click on Deactivation_bot and type: !deactivate your-license-key. Press enter, and here you are!

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