How IP Hopping Can Help You Bounce Your IP Address

James Keenan

The automation and anonymity evangelist at Smartproxy. He believes in data freedom and everyone’s right to become a self-starter. James is here to share knowledge and help you succeed with residential proxies.

IP hopping is the practice of using one IP address for a little while and then changing it to another one. IP hopping or IP bouncing lets you avoid flags and bans. It is an important part of many online services.

IP hopping with residential proxies

IP hopping in practice

In academia, IP hopping is a defensive mechanism that obscures data exchange. It does that by distributing packages to multiple connections. In this article, we will not be talking about this type of IP hopping or IP Fast hopping. You can read the US patent for IP hopping in data security here. Instead, we are examining another type of IP hopping – the change of sets of IP addresses.

IP hopping is often used in automation and data intelligence. The person or company doing the IP hopping likely sends thousands of connection requests.

Hopping from one IP to the next might seem easy – all you need is a proxy address and you’re set to go, but this usually is not the case. IP hopping is often used in automation and data intelligence. The person or company doing the IP hopping likely sends thousands of connection requests. A single proxy would never suffice.

This is why IP hopping needs a huge number of proxies in practice. Residential proxies are the best for IP hopping, because they are unique addresses from various locations and ISPs. These features let them remain undetected and screen scrape or crawl pages with maximum efficiency.

huge number of proxies for ip hopping

Bouncing IP addresses in a single country

Bouncing an IP address brings risks: if a site detects unusual IP changes for the same user or account, it might ban the user. This often happens with inexperienced IP bouncers, because they forget to clear their cookies before bouncing to a new IP address. To prevent this, we advise an additional precaution – only using IPs in the same country.

If you want to bounce IP address in the same country, you can use a backconnect node for that exact country. It works in the same way as our whole proxy network, with the only difference being that it lets you access only a specific geo-targeted pool. Thus you can bounce between proxies only in New York, for example.

Do you need IP hopping software?

NO! Our rotating proxy network lets you bounce IP addresses with every connection or at a fixed time interval. You can use millions of residential proxies with any script, bot, browser or smart phone, including your iPhone.

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