Proxy address: choosing location endpoint

While using Smartproxy you will connect to a specific proxy pool by using domain:port format (a.k.a. endpoint:port) and authentication.

domain example

To form correct domain:port format you need port number and proxy address. Proxy address (endpoint) is determined by location you want to target. Example: random country rotating session with domain:port format will look like this: 7000

You need to use proxy address to connect to the proxy pool or in other words to connect to specific location. For example: if you need residential IPs from any location you will use random proxy address (endpoint) and for specific location, e.g. USA

smartproxy proxy address

Use proxy location filter to find specific country or city. With residential plan you can choose from 195+ locations and 8 cities while with datacenter plan we offer US proxies.

RESI proxy sever location list

You can find both proxy addresses and ports under ‘Proxy server’ tab in the dashboard. There, accordingly to your plan (RESI/DC) you can filter proxy address and ports and later on use it within your tool / bot or cURL.