Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade My Subscription Plan?

Yes, you can change your plan at any time in the dashboard.

As you upgrade/downgrade:

  • Discounts are not valid anymore (unless stated otherwise)

    If you had a discount, it applies only for a plan that is purchased for the first time. Lets say you have a starter plan with 20% discount for your first month and your subscription is active till 04 10. If you upgrade during your first subscription month to a new plan- discount will apply to new plan too. In case you will downgrade your plan discount will not be applied.

  • The refund policy is not valid anymore.

    The refund policy is only valid for the first order. After you upgrade/downgrade your plan 3-day money back option will not be valid anymore. Find more info about refund policy: here

  • What will happen with my unused GB after upgrade/downgrade?

    When you upgrade your plan all your unused traffic will be transferred to the next subscription period. Find more information on transferring GB here.

    When you downgrade your plan – your GB will be lost.

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