Search Engine Proxies with a 100% success rate

Gather SERP Data with 100% effective Google proxies.

Enjoy reliable data by paying only for successful requests.


100% success rate

Any location

Results in raw HTML or parsed JSON

residential pool in-many global locations

Search Engine Proxies for successful data scraping

This is a scalable and easy to use data extraction tool, guaranteeing a 100% delivery from Google Search Engine either in raw HTML or parsed in JSON format!

Now you can:

  • Retrieve paid and organic data
  • Get data about keyword rankings 
  • Track keyword performance
  • Monitor SEO
  • Monitor prices
scraping proxies
easy integrations

Not all proxies are made equal

Search Engine Proxies have it all as they are:

  • Easy to use – specify your query/URL, and we will return you a well-formatted data. Get the requested data in HTML or JSON format.
  • 100% successful – guaranteed to receive SERPs for any device or browser.
  • Flexible – enjoy country, state, and city-level targeting with ease
  • Scalable – supports high volumes of requests.

How Search Engine Proxies work

It’s a pretty simple process:

  1. Choose your preferred data delivery method.
  2. Specify your target and add extra parameters (if needed).
  3. Target our endpoint with Search Engine Proxies.
  4. We collect the required information with 100% accurate results!
  5. You receive collected Google Search Engine data.
successfull scraping
multiple geo locations

No more IP blocks

We filter the best proxies from our current 40M+ residential proxy pool, and choose only the ones that will bring you a 100% success rate. With these search proxies you can finally gather Google’s SERP results rapidly and without IP address blocks. In addition to high success rates, our network also uses advanced rotation, which will automate proxy changes, so you don’t have to.

It’s easy – just make a request with our single endpoint and get your data.

No more Captchas

We’re sure you’re not using a Google search proxy to get Captchas. However, you can never be sure when you’re using other proxies – they’re not failproof like Search Engine ones. Forget about Google asking for captcha – all you have to do is enjoy the 100% success rate.

no more captchas
easy integrations

Leave the dirty work to us

Our Google proxies work with all software programs, scrapers and scripts. And the best part? You only pay for successful requests, so a smart scrape with Search Engine proxies makes your proxies for Google use cost-efficient. Hide your IP address? Done! Bypass Google captcha? Also done!

Don’t wait and talk to us. Get the best Google proxy network in the world – Smartproxy.

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$250 /month

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Price per 1000 requests$2,50
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$500 /month

Billed monthly +VAT

Price per 1000 requests$2,00
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