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May 27, 2021
2 minutes read

Buying the Best Tinder Proxy For Your Tinder Bot

Tinder is a wildly popular social media app that has brought together countless people over the years. But, as its user base expands, more people are not getting the exposure they want. No more connections after 30 days, super likes not visible, and other issues plague Tinder. Many people choose to register multiple Tinder accounts, use Tinder bots and other methods to make Tinder useful again. Most of these uses need the best Tinder proxies to work.

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Unblock Tinder with a proxy

To unblock Tinder on your phone, you should set up a proxy to change your IP. A proxy changes your IP address, so you can use a residential proxy in your country to connect to people in the same area. Residential proxies are the best for Tinder, because it recognizes them as unique devices. Major social media sites hate data center proxies as they are often used by hackers.

You can visit our FAQ section to see instructions on how to set up proxies on your iPhone or Android device.

Unblocking Tinder in a country that bans it

If Tinder is blocked in your country, you can avoid the block by connecting to a proxy in a different country. Your internet traffic will go through the proxy, so your government or ISP will not see that you are connecting to Tinder. A VPN does not work that well for Tinder, because it has only one or two IP addresses in any given country. Tinder will block those IPs as soon as it detects dozens of accounts connecting with the same IP.

Register unlimited new Tinder accounts

Most Tinder users know that getting new connections is becoming harder with every update to the Tinder drip-feed algorithm. It forces you to stay on the app for longer periods or limits the number of profiles you see each day.

But, new Tinder accounts get to see a lot more profiles and connect freely. This lasts for up to a month on Tinder, and then the drip feed throttling starts to kick in.

Residential proxies are the best, because they are unique devices. Get your proxies HERE.

This is why countless people register new Tinder accounts. They can’t do that indefinitely, though, because Tinder limits the number of accounts you can have on one IP address. How do they avoid this? They use proxies to change their IP address. Some people manage dozens of Tinder accounts to increase their connections.

Unblock Tinder with a proxy

Open new locations on Tinder

Tinder is a fun app to meet new people. They don’t have to be from your local area, though. GPS spoofs have worked on Tinder for a while, but now you need advanced techniques to see profiles in other locations.

A geo-targeted proxy will let you use IP addresses in a specific area, so you can start connecting to people in New York or the UK right now! Changing your location also changes the Tinder algorithm drip-feed rate for your account – you will see more profiles every day.

Stay anonymous on Tinder with a proxy

Your real IP address will give away your location. It is a safety issue you might not know about on Tinder. To stay secure, use a proxy for Tinder.


Master multi-accounting with X Browser!

Use an anti-detection tool, free with any residential proxy subscription, to enhance anonymity, bypass restrictions, and avoid bans.

Why residential proxies are the best for Tinder

We’ve already mentioned residential proxies – IPs of real devices – in this article. But why are they the best proxies for Tinder? Well, it’s simple: Tinder wants real people on its network, not Tinder bots. Residential proxies make your IP look completely legitimate and reliable. Also, a residential proxy network does not have any subnetwork (meaning all the IP addresses do not share similarities and are not detectable as related). Most spammers, Tinder botters and scammers use data center proxies, so you might be seen as one of them. Don’t risk it and use residential proxies for Tinder.


James Keenan

Senior content writer

The automation and anonymity evangelist at Smartproxy. He believes in data freedom and everyone’s right to become a self-starter. James is here to share knowledge and help you succeed with residential proxies.

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