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Finest Indonesian Residential and Mobile Proxies

Hop on our fast and secure Indonesia proxy network. Choose between residential and mobile proxies to suit your specific needs for optimal performance and reliability.

City-level targeting
Advanced rotation
Pay As You Go option
24/7 tech support
99.99% uptime
14-day money-back option
Residential and mobile proxies in Indonesia

Indonesia proxies

Indonesia residential proxies

Blend into the Indonesian crowd with residential proxies

Whether you're a digital nomad traveling the world or just someone wanting exclusive Indonesian content, our residential proxies are an excellent option.

Since our residential Indonesian proxies come from household devices, you can purchase one of our residential proxy plans and appear like a true Indonesian citizen, undetectable by any prying eyes. Become one with Jakarta, Surabaya, Bekasi, Bandung, and many more cities!

A rotating Indonesia proxy lets you anonymously and securely access geo-restricted content, scrape public data, verify ads, monitor SEO rankings, automate bots, perform market research, and do various other tasks.

Indonesia mobile proxies

Go incognito in the Indonesian locale with mobile proxies

You can’t go wrong with our 3G/4G/5G Indonesian mobile proxies, which are superb for appearing like regular smartphone and tablet users because they come from mobile devices connected to mobile carriers.

We offer mobile IP addresses that have a superior IP reputation compared to other proxies and are exceptional at targeting sophisticated websites. Plus, you get free advanced targeting options, including OS filtering, country-level geo-targeting, and 700+ ASNs.

Indonesian mobile proxies can fit various applications: web scraping, ad verification, fraud detection, social media automation, app development, and more!

What’s great about Smartproxy

Pro service

Pro service

Smartproxy is annually recognized as one of the top proxy providers. Rest assured that we deliver the service we promise.

Quick as a flash

Quick as a flash

We stand tall and proud because of our industry-leading proxy speed. The average response time of our residential proxies is <0.61 seconds.

Smooth like butter

Smooth like butter

Check out our step-by-step guides with screenshots in our documentation and make using proxies a breeze!

14-day money-back

14-day money-back

Enjoy maximum performance risk-free. Buy a proxy plan and decide within 14 days. Not impressed? We'll refund you (terms apply).

Indonesian proxies are full of awesomeness

<0.61s average response time

<0.5s average response time

195+ locations

195+ locations

Unlimited connections & threads

Unlimited connections & threads


Advanced proxy rotation



Up to 30 min. sticky sessions

Up to 30 min sticky sessions

Intuitive setup

Intuitive setup

Awesome 24/7 tech support

Awesome 24/7 tech support

Real residential IPs worldwide

Don’t play yourself with free Indonesia proxies

Free Indonesia proxies

It’s perfectly understandable that a free Indonesia proxy may seem like what you desire. But consider the possible repercussions! 

Free proxies can potentially harm your computer and expose your private information. These proxies are typically ineffective, slow, and easily recognized by the targeted websites.

Instead, why not use a reputable, secure proxy provider with 24/7 customer support? Check out the Smartproxy Indonesia proxy network to get your money's worth!

How it works:

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Fastest residential proxies

Pick a plan that suits you. Get ahead with unblockable and stable proxies.


No commitment




2 GB

Save 14%



Total: $14

$12 +VAT billed monthly

8 GB

Save 21%



Total: $56

$44 +VAT billed monthly


25 GB

Save 26%



Total: $175

$130 +VAT billed monthly

50 GB

Save 30%



Total: $350

$245 +VAT billed monthly

With each plan you access


55M+ ethically-sourced IPs


HTTP(S) & SOCKS5 support


99.68% success rate


24/7 tech support


Unlimited concurrent sessions


Country, city & ZIP code targeting


<0.5s average response time


Rotating and sticky sessions

100 GB

Save 36%



Total: $700

$450 +VAT billed monthly

SSL Secure Payment

Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL


Not sure which plan to go for?

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Frequently asked questions about Indonesia proxies

What is a proxy?

A proxy is an intermediary server that allows the user to browse the internet privately under a different IP address than the user originally has.

What is a residential proxy?

A residential proxy allows a user to get an IP address of a real household device located in another city or country. Since residential proxies come from an ISP (Internet Service Provider), the core benefit is high anonymity and a low block rate.

What is a mobile proxy?

Using a mobile proxy, users can access the internet as if they were using a mobile device in a particular place by having a server redirect internet traffic through their mobile device's network connection.

How to get an IP address from Indonesia?

You can use our residential and mobile proxies to get an IP address from Indonesia. They’re easy to set up on almost any smart device and software program, including every major browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. Have a look at the detailed instructions in our documentation.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments with credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. You can also pay with cryptocurrency for all products except ISP proxies and datacenter proxies (Pay per IP option).

All orders are processed by our online reseller which is a Merchant of Record for these orders. To contact Paddle’s support team, reach out via

Buy the Finest Indonesian Proxies

Industry-leading residential and mobile Indonesian proxies – only at Smartproxy.

14-day money-back option

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