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Video: Easy Web Scraping With Python Requests - HTML: Extract and Parse Data

In this beginner-friendly tutorial, we'll teach you web scraping with Python Requests-HTML. Follow the script step-by-step and learn about extracting and parsing web data from static pages.

Martin Ganchev

Martin Ganchev

Feb 19, 2024

2 min. read

What is web scraping?

Data or web scraping is an automated process of gathering publicly accessible data for marketing, e-commerce, and research purposes. CATPCHAs, IP blocks, and rate limitations are some of the most frequent challenges web scrapers face. Use residential proxies to have a smooth scraping experience without getting caught for being a robot. These proxies come from a residential network, or, in other words, are real device IPs. In turn, any residential proxy traffic to a website looks like a request from an ordinary person.

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Martin Ganchev

Martin Ganchev

VP Enterprise Partnerships

Martin, aka the driving force behind our business expansion, is extremely passionate about exploring fresh opportunities, fostering lasting relationships in the proxy market, and, of course, sharing his insights with you.


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