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Do you have any blocked sites?

Like an A-list player, we set up a block or two when suckers force us to. Therefore, due to legal requirements and experienced fraudulent activities in the past, we restrict access to the majority of targets (aka websites) of the following use cases:

  • Banking and other financial activities (anything related to financial institutions and cryptocurrency financing)
  • Government sites
  • Entertainment (e.g., Netflix)
  • Apple/Google stores
  • Ticketing  
  • Gaming 
  • Mailing 
  • Streaming
  • LinkedIn

Scraping Google

We set up a block on Google because it’s a premium target site. If you want to scrape Google without CAPTCHAs and IP blocks, get our full-stack SERP Scraping API – the only solution for gathering data from Google.

Sneaker copping

If you’re targeting sneaker copping at a large scale and need 100 GB per month or more, feel free to contact our sales team for a bigger plan.

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