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Choose the Smartest Way to Connect to Russia

All of our proxies are unique IP addresses of real devices in Russia. When you make a request using a proxy, you appear as a real device to your target website. Residential proxies, unlike datacenter proxies, don’t use any subnets and are incredibly hard to detect. With our proxies, you’ll be the smartest digital ninja: never seen, never blocked. Need to be a bit more specific? Try Moscow proxies.

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Get the Best Russia Proxy Addresses

Want to overcome all restrictions and get access to Runet? You’ve come to the right place. Our unblockable proxies let you get to access Russian content such as odnoklassniki, collect region-specific data, and automate any social media.

Use the Fastest Russia Proxy Addresses

Slow speeds and dead proxies? Yeah, we’re not all about that. With Smartproxy, you can expect a fast and reliable connection. Tests show that our proxy performance is 27% better than the industry average. With great speeds and 99.99% uptime you’ll be glad to have chosen Smartproxy. You’re welcome.

Smartest Way to Connect to Russia. - Smartproxy

avoid free proxies and ips

Why You Should Not Use a Free Russia Proxy

Ever wondered how those businesses that advertise free proxies earn their money? They make you into a product. Most free proxy networks are known to harvest users’ data and insert malicious codes. If you want to stay safe online, choose a trusted Russia proxy network.

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Never get flagged

Avoid getting detected by using our vast pool of Russian IP addresses. Never get blocked with our residential proxies.

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Manage multiple accounts

Use an unlimited number of accounts simultaneously. Keep the same IP for each request or extend it for a longer period with the Sticky IP option.

smartproxy features

3-Day Money Back Guarantee

Simply order any package, test it for three days and in the unlikely case you will not be satisfied with our product we will refund you.

smartproxy features

Exceptional speeds and stability

3.1 average speed, up to twice as fast than the industry average. Our proxies perform 27% better than the industry average.

How it works

All our plans include:

why smartproxy

Safe anonymous proxies

Your connections from our Russian proxy server are anonymous. Your real IP is hidden at all times.

why smartproxy

Works on all devices

Your device is ready to use our proxies. If you’re not sure how to do it, you can check our configuration page.

smartproxy IPs

Simple to use

Access our Russia residential proxies within seconds from whitelisted IPs or by using your username:password. Use a new IP for every connection or get a unique IP for up to 10 minutes.

smartproxy features

Works with all major software/bots

Get your automation software, bots and scripts running instantly with our Russia proxies. To see more details instructions, check integrations.


What is a proxy?

A proxy is an IP address that connects to your target location on the internet as your intermediary. When you use a proxy, your IP address is not visible to the server you are accessing. Your internet service provider (ISP) only sees that you are connecting to the proxy address and is unaware of your true activities.

How do I use proxies?

To use a proxy, you need to set up your software or device to connect to the internet through a proxy address. In most cases, these settings are easy to find and use. See our FAQ for your preferred solution.

Can I unblock mai.ru and Odnoklassniki?

Yes, you can access anything on Runet with our proxies. If you want, you can tweak the geo-location and get IPs specifically from Moscow.

What is a residential proxy?

Residential proxies are IP addresses that are associated with real, unique devices. Unlike datacenter proxies, this proxy server manages unique IPs. This means that your whole proxy pool cannot be banned with a subnet block. To find out more, read our article about the difference between the two.

What is an SSL/HTTPs proxy?

An SSL or HTTPs proxy is an IP address that uses the SSL security protocol for your connection, which protects your data from third parties.

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You can use an unlimited number of connections, threads, and countries at once as our pricing model is based on bandwidth usage. The cheapest residential proxy plan starts at $75 for 5GB per month. Enterprise residential proxies cost $3 per GB.

$75 per month +VAT
$15 per GB
5 GB included
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$400 per month +VAT
$8 per GB
50 GB included
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$600 per month +VAT
$6 per GB
100 GB included
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All our plans are based on recurring monthly payments

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